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There are two versions of the deity, one as it is known on Habololy and one as it is known on Astilan.

Pronounced [a-lar'-alt]

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Alarault on Habololy

Once a warrior in the 3rd Sledgehammer family; the dwarf Alarault was struck down by a dwarven wizard’s spell during a battle in the last Crusade for Magic. The spell left him without the ability to fight in the formation and order in which he was trained. At first, his anger and depression nearly destroyed him. When he finally returned to the battlefield, he was nearly killed several times trying to emulate his old style. Finally, he could take no more and he threw himself recklessly into battle. He survived, most say miraculously. After several more miraculous fights, Alarault began to think of himself as chosen and blessed. He turned his flaw into an advantage.

Alarault’s belief and apparent luck began to attract other believers. Despite the clerics’ assurances that he was not a descendant of Drunnbar, many dwarves made him out to be divine. The berserkers in the clan, long looked down upon, had a hero and a model to honor and prestige. Alarault led several campaigns against towns in the Dwarven Kingdom and became a hero of the last crusade.

In the century and more since the last crusade, Alarhault continued his campaigns. His popularity among a niche of the kingdom grew to idol-like proportions. Although the clerics of Drunnbar were somewhat disturbed by his rise, they could not deny his goals and results: an onslaught against arcane magic. He has been accepted as a quasi-deity by the faithful of Drunnbar and is considered a follower of Drunnbar and a potential divine ally.

The followers of Alarhault are often the chaotic members of Clan Sledgehammer along with other non-Sledgehammer subjects of Nomagrok that despise arcana. They worship him in loud ceremonies where actual arcana or replicas are destroyed. They worship him above Drunnbar, but most show him respect. There are few followers of Alarhault outside of Nomagrok. A few Renders have left the kingdom to spread the word of destruction to the other parts of Habololy.

Alarhault himself lives in the town of Golouch. The town has been turned into a large shrine to the quasi-deity and to a training group for the most powerful berserkers in the nation. Alarhault does not give much consideration to being a deity. He does what he has been doing and allows the others to follow and rejoice. He has become a true danger to the Dwarven Kingdom and at least two attempts have been made on his life after he and his mob razed a dwarven town of 1,000.

Power: Quasi-Deity

Symbol: A Club Breaking a Rune

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Aspects: Berserkers, Hatred of the Arcane

Plane of Existence: Prime Material

Domains: War

Favored Weapon: Club

Turn Undead: Turn Undead

Back from the Dead: None

Favored Class: Berserker

High Temple: ???

High Cleric: ???

Number of Faithful: 50,000

Associated Groups: Renders of Magic

Dogma: ???

Feast Day: ???

Alarault on Astilan

(Ravager of the Arcane, Lord of Rage)


Power: Lesser God

Symbol: The sun crossed by a staff.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Aspects: Destruction of Magic, Berserkers, Rage

Plane of Existence: Prime Material

Domains: Greed, Hatred, War

Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Melee Martial Weapons

Armor Proficiency: Light Armor, Medium Armor

Tool Proficiency: none

Saving Throws: Strength

Skills: Choose two: Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Nature, Religion, or Survival

Turn Undead: Rage (as per the Berserker ability)

Back from the Dead: None, only vile magic can accomplish this and therefore is can never be allowed.

High Temple: ???

High Cleric: ???

Number of Faithful: ???

Associated Groups: ???

Dogma: ???

Feast Day: ???