Astilan Campaign Logs

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Listed are the occurrences in the Astilan campaigns. They describe the dates, characters, and events of each campaign.

The Astilan Campaign Timeline

An effort to explain how all of the campaigns fit together with the goings on of Astilan.

Making History

The adventures through the history that shaped how the world is in the current time.

Skadigav - Where All Paths Meet

The goings on in the city of Skahdi Gavppaseeapmi

Explorers from Lakyobok

After decades of strife, the State of Lakyobok sends an expedition over the gorge to find out about the rest of the world.

Quests in Chenjorvu

Coming together in the land of Chenjorvu, heroes look to help each other complete their personal quests.

Relationships in Seavgopneidu

Life gets complicated in the land of Seavgopneidu when threats and accusations lead to danger for a few acquaintances.