Battle in Baenrl

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Return to Children of Tyrogatore

The first session started out with the group gathering information on exactly who our allies are in the war since the Battle of Owt. (24 Huenti 790 to 27 Huenti 790)

  • We found out that neither side advanced much. The Wugs and Orcish legion have been conducting minor skirmishes between sides of the perceived border, trenches and fortifications have been established, and refugees from the area have fled. No other major clashes yet.
  • The Gnolls remain camped just outside Owt and have taken over the surrounding area, guarding against incursions from Scalehome. The residents of Owt are still living in the city and are helping to recover from the recent siege and aid in the war effort from within their borders.
  • Further research revealed that the Rosetree Kingdom has declared Balinhost and their allies unwelcome. They have allied with Scalehome, but continue to allow trade and travel with members of the old alliance, at least for now. They have declared that until Balinhost relinquishes their coalition that includes Baenrl and Garlaccal, as well as the loose allegiance to the humans of southern Yellowia, no formal relations between the two will be allowed. Balinhost, knowing that even if they relinquish those allegiances Rosetree will not join them against Scalehome, has refused.
  • Ellic continues to wander Habololy in search of allies. Yellowia will not join since the southern Yellowia horsemen are part of the alliance. The Orcish Empire is annoyed with us since a rogue legion is on our side. The nations of the Odd Lands remains neutral. The Destroytian Republic is allied with Iott so they can offer no help. Thalmeret sees no advantage to extending aid. Amansky hasn't committed to either side yet, but intel reveals they lean towards Scalehome if it comes down to an ultimatum. Jaswap has officially declared for our side. Treetop, Habastly, Hemator, and Pacyr all remain neutral. Lakius has no interest in the situation.
  • As far as religious leaders that Haas has contacted go, here's the breakdown:
    • Han~Sui pledges allegiance. His faithful are barred from joining Greenfellow (unless grandfathered into alliance previously).
    • Drunnbar supports us.
    • Mouser supports us.
    • Tfop allows each cleric and faithful member to decide for themselves.
    • Gnarion's faith cannot decide since Gnolls and Fire Giants are despised, but Greenfellow is seen as a subjugater.
    • Dedestroyt doesn't pick sides in war.
    • Celetal remains neutral.
    • Smofarf remains neutral.

The second session was spent entirely preparing for combat against the hellhounds and Fire Giant slavers that were headed our way. The group was also planning their liberation of Baenrl. Here is a list of allies and enemies: (27 Huenti 790 to 12 Kiusta 790)

  • Karim is the fire giant ambassador who delivers messages to Balinhost and came to warn us of the hell hounds.
  • Nabil is the current sultan and follower of Tyrogatore.
  • Hafar is the last sultan looking to take back the throne. He worships Sutyr.
  • Gerton Hep is the hobgoblin Tyradin Tyrantmaker.
  • Issam Gutur is the fire giant general who was in command of the outpost in the forest.
  • Darvin Collingson is the high cleric of Han~Sui who sent Haas the letter about scrying and also blessed the crusade in the name of Han~Sui.
  • Jeevone Deluke is the highest ranking cleric of Tyrogatore in the Destroytian Republic.
  • Lukevar Madraker is a destroytian warrior, once of their army and a competitor in the last Suian. He is said to be Martin's equal.
  • Aion Veyro is his squire.
  • Albersi Leera is the Nipit do-gooder who arrived with information about Baenrl.
  • Marco is his bodyguard who we know now to be Keldaane.
  • Jacoob Lexitar is the high cleric of Han~Sui from Jaswap.
  • Caert Fortesur is an orcish warrior from a noble family in Yellowia.
  • Brennan Steelblade is another Yellowian noble with the crusade.
  • Joven is a young follower of Stasis that is clearly not of noble birth.
  • The group was able to thwart the attack of the hellhounds and we were able to save the fire giant villagers in the forest and get them to safety. We suffered no casualties and captured their leader. We then planned our counter-coup against the growing forces in Baenrl.

The final session involved the showdown between Nabil and Hafar's forces. Hafar had many reinforcements marching their way toward the keep, but the Tyrogatore troop was waiting in the wings. (12 Huenti 790 to 17 Kiusta 790)

  • The group split in order to get word to Nabil that we were here, bolster his troops, and sabotage Hafar's troops. We decided to use the blessings of Tyrogatore against the mass of fire giants who were in between shift rotations. Haas confused them with a mighty spell and roughly 200 giants began battling to the death in open practice fields. With the commotion of battle far off in the distance, the rest of the group was able to sneak into Hafar's camp and confront the leaders of the coup. Before doing so, we released the women and slaves then Haas summoned gargantuan hordes of scorpions and other wild beasts to flank the giants who were guarding the border. This caused mass chaos among the troops and took many more giants out of the fight. We used that opportunity to challenge the Tyradin, his captain, and his lieutenants to single combat. The battle ensued, but many of the giants in camp rose to fight us. All of us ripped a path through the giants to get to the Tyradin. Once there, Ajax dismissed his mighty nighmare steed and took the fight to him directly. The rest of us prevented interlopers from interfering and crushed the skulls of anyone who tried. There was so much carnage that giants were fleeing in terror after witnessing the mighty justice of Tyrogatore chop down their ranks with a single blow in some cases.
  • Once defeated, Ajax stripped the Tyradin of his tainted possessions and called for Nabil to judge him of his crimes. After defeating Hafar and his warriors, Haas put up a wall of dispelling and purges the giants in the practice field of their curse. Nabil then came down to witness the aftermath and to chastise those that rose against him. Hafar lies unconscious at the feet of the party.