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The cult’s name tells all that is necessary for most to know about the deity.  He desires nothing more than power through the states of anarchy and chaos.  His faithful are looking for the same things.  Together, the power-hungry, crazed mortals and their deity have tried to bring the world into the

grasp of those forces.


Chaos has been an agitator, corrupter, killer, and tempter on Habololy for near a thousand years.  He is the embodiment of what he tries to create, with plans in plans in plans with no end and little connection, save for the goal of creating chaos.  His faithful preach that the greatest glory for their master would be the chaos created by the destruction of Habololy.  For this reason, no other deity has dared ally themselves with Chaos or his cult.


Because of that, Chaos’ influence is limited, as he has never dared to appear to his cult in the mortal world.  Despite his limited influence, once every few centuries, a Wild Caster or two will garner enough power to bring the world closer than any would like to the ultimate goal of Chaos.


Symbol of Chaos

Power:  Lesser God' 

Symbol: A skeletal hand grasping a star filled glass sphere.

Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral (evil)

Aspects:  Chaos, Wild Casters

Plane of Existence:  Pandemonium


Domains:  Corruption, Madness. Magic, Transformation

Prayer Time: Any time, but only once every 24 hours

Favored Weapon:  Staff

Turn Undead:  Wild Surge feat*

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Sorcerer


High Templeunknown

High Cleric:  unknown

Number of Faithful:  25,000

Associated Groups:  Wild Casters


            Dogma:  The world must be turned to chaos.  Only then will the true power be set free and the devout reign supreme.  Death is the end.

            Feast Day: none