Chenjorvu Events (season 1)

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Session 1: A Welcome Start in the Grove (4th Barsh to 11th Barsh)

  • Individually, the heroes end of arriving at the grove of Habastly, looking for help and guidance on their quests. Sky arrives first, followed by Aris days later. The Nipits arrive days after that, but are suspicious and flee. The others pursue her, but after not being able to catch the Nipits, they return to the grove. Soon, they hear a commotion and go back to hear calls for help from the woods.
  • After searching and suspicion, the Nipits and the returned Sky play a game of cat and mouse with the other trying to find out who or what it is and if it is being truthful. Finally, they stumble upon a dark gnome, who launches into an attack with crossbow bolts. Aris appears moments later, having been sent by the grovetender. The younger Nipit is hit by a bolt and nearly killed and Aris protects them with a wall of dirt. The gnome stalks them, moving closer as Aris tries to hit him with lightning. For her efforts, she is hit with a blot, but survives to open a pit underneath the gnome, revealing him clearly. Sky and the Nipit move in to attack. The gnome gets out of the pit a whistles. A strong legged, fast Marchikalea rushes out and carries the gnome into the forest.
  • The group returns to the grove.

Session 2: (11th Barsh to 13th Barsh)

  • Back at the grove, Elanora invites them to spend the night and eat and rest peacefully. She introduces herself to Peitra and her brother Eji. They all eat a nice meal, introduce each other and go to sleep.
  • The next day, the gathered new acquaintances discuss what they are doing their, as Elanora agrees to help the travelers. Aris says she is trying to reclaim her crown that was taken from her parents, the king and queen or the Lunalecti. Sky says she is trying to find a way to free her father from a curse. Pietra does not say much about her past, but the others assume she was a slave. Aris and Sky agree that they need to speak with a wizard to help with their problems. Elanora suggests a few options. Pietra agrees to go with them, seeing no better choices and hoping to get away from the bounty hunter. After discussing, they decide to go meet the wizard Marko, an acquaintance of Elanora.
  • Using Habastly's power, the grovetender opens a magical path through the trees and transports the group the next day to a place near Marko's home, a town named after him. They arrive in a rain storm and Sky leads them south where they hope to find him. They come across and orchard marked with a do not touch sign. Farther south, Aris falls into a small muddy hole as the others are doing their best to move stealthily. Thee quickly realize there is something in the hole and try to pull her out as she gets smacked and crushed by mud. Aris finally is pulled out and blasts the muddy creature with a sonic ball, nearly deafening the Nipits. Aris' wolf gets pulled into the mud and Eji drives in to rescue it. Pietra looks around and finds a brown crow watching oddly. Sky calls out to it and it responds to stay there and wait. The mud creature stops attacking and minutes later a human arrives, presumably Marko.