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Haas - The de facto leader of the brothers. Haas is a dwarven cleric who had been at the temple longer than any others. (sessions 1+)

Raven - Left at the orphanage by the very dwarves that killed his family, Raven spent his entire life in the monastery. He is a Vishtoo in a world that hates and fears them. (sessions 1-11)

Tau - Sold into slavery by his former master, the designer of an Islander martial style known as Memtanjuan, Tau was later brought to the monastery by one of the older brothers who saw him and took pity on him. (sessions 1-11)

Lennie - Also left at the orphanage as a baby, Lennie is half-orc and half-ogre. He is a massively powerful warrior that follows Haas' every order. (sessions 1-26, 29-30)

Roland - A half-horarian and half-Umanin, Roland came to the orphanage when he was a boy. He was punished often until he mostly relinquished his Umanin beliefs and fell into line with Tyrogatore. (sessions 1-11, 27-30)

Pith - A monstrous gatori that was first taken capture and trained to be a demolisher by the wugs, Pith was rescued by halflings and left at the orphanage. As with Roland, he was disciplined until he became a devout follower of Tyrogatore. (sessions 1-6)

Korda - Raised by a former orphan of the orphanage, Korda is an Umanin whose parents were taken from his town by slavers. he joined the quest in the great forest at the request of a teacher. (sessions 6-11)

Ikraam - The only member of the quest that is not a follower of Tyrogatore, Ikraam also joined the quest in the great forest at the request of a cleric of Habastly after the death of Pith. Ikraam is of Intorian descent and is a cleric of Dedestroyt. (sessions 7-11, 27-30)

Ajax - After a year building the faith of Stasis in Lynkeed, Ajax is forced to take action with the returning orphans intent on reclaiming their home. (sessions 12-26, 37)

Ash - Having committed unnamed crimes in Yellowia, Ash is forced to flee his homeland again. Knowing few others, and trusting even fewer, he heads to Lynkeed to find Ajax. Once there, he is swept up in the attempt to take back the city. (sessions 12-26. 37+)

Grant - A long time defender of the great forest who went to Palumbton to win the tournament and become a high cleric. He did not win, but met several other clerics who warned of a plot against Tyrogatore. He traveled with two of them: Shadow and Valizar, to Lynkeed to try and help. (sessions13-18, 26+)

Valizar - Another competitor in the tournament in Palumbton that traveled to Lynkeed to aid in defending Tyrogatore. He was required to remain at the Fellos Communities as proof of the groups' intentions. (Sessions 12-15, 31+)

Shadow - An orphan of the temple at Lynkeed from the time before all of the other children except Haas. He had left the city and returned after the children were gone. He met Ajax who told him of the troubles in the city. Shadow agreed to go to Palumbton and compete in hopes of helping the religion. He did not win the tournament, but he was able to recruit help and bring it back to Lynkeed. (sessions 12-17, 21-26)

Keldaan - Inspired to confront a worldwide threat and impress his nation, Keldaan sets out to fight the crusade against Tyrogatore. (sessions 27-28)

Reik - Sent out by his king to fight for the allied faith of Tyrogatore. (sessions 28-36)

Dovan - A Guardian who is sent to aid the children after they begin a war with the fey. (sessions 31-36)

Spaz - An old pixie that takes the side of the children in their battle with the fey. (sessions 31-36)

Vor'Ruk - On assignment from the Orcish Empire, he is tasked with determining if the empire should enter the war. (37+)

Saladien - A defector from Scalehome, he is now hoping to stop the fey from partaking in a vile war. (37+)