Chracters in Skadigav

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Return to Skadigav - Where All Paths Meet

Kain - The tallest elf ever to leave the jungle, he is devoted himself to the protection of others and is in Skadigav at the request of his mentor to fulfill that mission. (sessions 1,2,4+)

Fet - A nipit hustler that is looking for wealth in the city. (sessions 2,4-6)

Sliv - An athlete that left his home after an accident ruined his reputation. He looks to gain fame in a new place, the city of Skadigav. (sessions 2,4-6)

Ulfric - The last survivor of a tribe of humans that lived in the desert at the edge of the mountains. He has made his way to the city seeking adventure and eventually vengeance. (sessions 3,4)

Valentino - A nipit serving his patron, the Tyrant, who has come to the city looking for those he can control and manipulate. (sessions 1+)

Chad - A noble human and long time resident of the city who is a paladin making sure the city never falls under the control of any outside force. (sessions 4-6)