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The ancient city of Jaswap has withstood invasion and occupation from a dozen different nations.  It lay near the edge of the desert, 100 hundred miles east of the ocean, and 150 miles north of the jungle.  Its people are mostly human, but accept anyone who has proven that he possesses strength and perseverance.  The actual city of Jaswap has a population of over 300,000.  The city has taken control of the surrounding cities over the past century, during which they have managed to stay free of the control of other nations.  Jaswap is the home of the high temple of Tyrogatore and the birthplace of the Graplore and the Jaswapan Striker.



Once the center of the Umanin Kingdom, Kendall is now the last semblance of that nation.  It is a gloomy city where the inhabitants speak of glorious days of old and of better days that will come.  Only humans are welcome.  The only known worshippers of the Cult of the Slaughter live here.  The people of Kendall do everything they can to keep the buildings and their way of life from changing.  The influence of the Umanin Kingdom can be seen in the lands surrounding Kendall, but only in the city itself is the spirit of that nation still alive.


The city of Lynkeed is a stopping point for any travelers going to or from the Orcish Empire.  It was an Orcish city, until the war of Technology drove the Orcs from the land.  The city stood under the control of the other races that chose to stay there.  Since then, it has remained under the control of the wealthiest merchants of the city.  The Orcs have never tried to reclaim the city, and no other nation has ever tried to take it.

Cities of the Great Plateau

Once a kingdom, then the seat of power for the Tinkocracy, the Great Plateau is now the home to six cities that govern themselves.  Highland, Tsetop, Kup, Nomsincherg, Tenewton, and Bellin were all once magnificent cities and grand examples of the heights of technology.  Today, only Highland remains a place where the technology continues to work and prosper.  The other cities have fallen back to more traditional ways, although not as far back as to be on a level with the rest of Habololy.  The cities are autonomous, but generally share the same system of laws and rules, which date back to the Tinkocracy and the kingdom before that.  Most nations and races do not visit or trade with these cities.  They defeated them in the War of Technology and see any further involvement as corrupting.  For this reason, the cities have little trade with any land off of the Great Plateau.

Port Talp

After the War of Technology, the twin citiesof Port Talp and Port Palt, which had warred for centuries, ended their strife and united under one name.  Despite the presence of both technologists and magic users, the city has slowly grown into the largest port on Habololy, sporting a population of nearly one million.  A great bridge connects the two parts of the city, which each sit on a peninsula.  Magic users dominate half of the city, while technologists dominate the other half.  Port Talp is the home of the high temples of Tfop, and also the home of Alchemy.  The Alchemists do their best to keep the two halves from open hostilities against each other.  Port Talp is the main producer of the liquid used in Epbuls, known as Hael, which makes it both a wealthy and disliked city.



Once part of the Kingdom of Yellowia, Undrile lies on the southern coast of the main continent on the east side.  It is a small city of humans and Vass.  It is the only large port in that part of the main continent and makes its way by exploiting that fact.  The laws of Tyrogatore govern the city.  The merchants hold counsel and make any important decisions that affect the entire city.