Classes on Astilan

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All the basic classes are listed below with changes notes for use in the Astilan campaign setting. If the changes are significant, there is another screen which details the changes.

- Barbarians: All barbarians must take the Berserker path, and the class is referred to as Berserker. On Astilan, the berserker style of fighting is just that, not a cultural or racial classification.

- Bards of Astilan

- Cleric: Each cleric chooses two domains, and the domains are new as described in the chapter on magic. Also, some clerics do not gain Turn Undead, but some other power granted by their deity. The powers given for a cleric are listed with the Deities of Astilan. Some clerics have a different list of weapon and armor proficiency, and again the differences are listed with the deities. Otherwise, clerics are the same as presented in the players’ handbook.

- Druid: There are no druids on Astilan. They are replaced by clerics of the nature deities.

- Engineers of Astilan

- Fighters: Are no different.

- Monks of Astilan

- Paladins of Astilan

- Ranger: The ranger remains almost identical to the one presented in the players’ handbook. There are several small changes. When the ranger gains the Natural Explorer ability for the 2nd and 3rd time, he may instead of selecting a new terrain add an additional +2 to any of the rolls the ability gives a bonus for a terrain the ranger has already selected. The Primeval Awareness ability is limited to only creature types that are a ranger's favored enemy. The Hide in Plain Sight and Land's Strides abilities only apply to favored terrains.

- Rogues of Astilan: The rogue remains the same as in the players' handbook. The Arcane Trickster is now allowed. The Scout archtype from Arcana Unearthed is allowed.

- Psions of Astilan

- Sorcerers of Astilan

- Warlocks of Astilan

- Wizard: The only change to the existing wizard class in the players’ handbook is that each specialist school losses the ability to cast one other school of magic which is generally opposed to the one learned. At 2nd level, when a specialty is selected, choose one of the two below for the wizard’s selected specialty. The wizard cannot cast spells from that school.

Banned Schools
School Possible Barred Schools
Abjuration Enchantment, Necromancy
Conjuration Transmutation, Enchantment
Divination Evocation, Transmutation
Enchantment Abjuration, Conjuration
Evocation Illusion, Divination
Illusion Evocation, Necromancy
Necromancy Illusion, Abjuration
Transmutation Conjuration, Divination

In addition to the schools listed in the players’ handbook, wizards of Astilan may also choose the universal school of magic.

At 2nd level, you may choose the universal school of magic. Choosing this school allows you to continue to cast all schools of magic. In addition, you may select one of the metamagic options listed for the sorcerer. The metamagic options work the same except that instead of using sorcery points to improve the spell, you must use a spell level higher than normal, equal to one level higher for every sorcery point that would have had to have been spent. At 6th, 10th, and 14th level, you may select an addition metamagic option from the list. Unless otherwise noted, you may only use one metamagic option on a spell when you cast it.