CoT Events (season 5: 43-50)

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Return to Children of Tyrogatore

  Session 43:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (3 Mafeeti 788 to 14 Mafeeti 788)

      Session 44:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (14 Mafeeti 788 to 29 Mafeeti 788)
      • The group devised a plan while waiting in the Emporer's hall to have Ash, Vor'Ruk and Saladien leave while Grant, Valizar, Firk, and his Lieutenant faced the music outside.  After leaving the hall, a massive display of Orcish military might was demonstrated as hundreds of Orcs poured into the open area and blocked everyone's escape in perfect formation around the gates and doors.  Ash, Vor'Ruk and Saladien were held up and asked to wait in a rest hall 'for their own safety'.  They tried to argue, but eventually relented.  Once there, they took advantage of the commotion outside and eventually found a way to distract the guards long enough to turn invisible and leave.
      • The rest of the group waited about 4 minutes until they thought their teleporting help would arrive.  Tali never showed and the group was surrounded in a circle and held at spear point.  An Orcish Har Alta or some high ranking official/cleric declared that Firk was under arrest and that the group be charged too if they helped.  They stood their ground and the Orcs formed a barricading wall to stop us.  They pushed through with amazing feats of strength, but never laid a finger on any of the Orcs.  Once they toppled through then orcs defenses, they made a run for it with Firk guiding us out of the city as best he could.  They were surrounded at all angles and boxed in around all the streets, but pressed on.
      • In the meantime, Ash made his way out to his horse and Saladien made his way out of the city and solicited the help of a pigeon to scout an escape route and also to locate the rest of the party.  Vor'Ruk also managed to make his way back to Ash and the two of them attempted to get out of the city.  At this point, the entire city was on lock down, so Vor'Ruk tried to pull rank at the gates to leave.  None of the guards would break orders.  Eventually, a Truthholder was called down to see if Vor'Ruk and Ash were honest.  They passed the test after 4 hours and were allowed to leave the city.
      • Meanwhile, Grant, Valizar, Firk, and the gang made it to an exit, but it was locked and guarded.  Valizar enlarged himself to get everyone to the top of the wall, then they tried to get over and escape past the dry moat.  Valizar was attacked by a ballista and dodged over the wall.  The rest of the group were trapped in a force cage.  The group was approached and guarded while the guards waited for some clerics to show up and subdue everyone. 
      • Valizar attempted to scale the wall and rescue them, but was attacked with a barrage of crossbow bolts and eventually has scalding oil poured over his body once he got to the top.  The oil burned off some of his flesh and scarred his scales, but he lived and fell back to the other side of the moat.
      • After healing himself with potions, Valizar got out of crossbow range and prayed to Tyrogatore for the strength to rescue his companions.  His prayers were answered (or so he thought) when a hundred heavy cavalry rode out to surround/attack Valizar.  He enlarged and cast Mighty Wallop then was surrounded by a smoke screen and a localized rain storm.  Turns out, Saladien had made his way to the fight and was casting some protections on Valizar.  As the horses approached, he cast a sleet storm that knocked 20 out of the fight and disabled dozens of horses. 
      • On top of the wall, Grant and company were waiting it out when Tali popped into the cage with them.  They decided to teleport where Valizar was standing.  Saladien made his way over and the group was reassembled except for Vor'Ruk, Ash, and Rom'Pei.  With too many to teleport, Saladien agreed to meet at a new rendezvous point 50 miles south of the city where they would teleport.  They eventually all made our way out of the hot zone and into safer territory.  Once Ash and Vor'Ruk were released, Grant relayed our position with a sending and we all reunited.  
      • At that point, we rested a couple days and Tali used that time to teleport Firk back to his troops and the rest of us home.  They discussed a plan to meet up again.  Once back, they were introduced to a prominent Stalker of the Dead and a powerful representative of an unheard of deity of Elysium.  This deity has been picking up steam among the Fey since their connection to the Beastlands was cut.  They made plans to meet at a counsel with other patriots and we were all given assignments.

      Session 45:  A Shadow of Death Falls (1 Napay

      • The group met with their allies to form a strategy on how to deal with the agents of Scalehome.  They decide to help Leonard Telltale, the mayor of Owt, and quash the siege going on there.  Once they deal with that issue, they plan on turning their attention to the forest getting turned into a swamp and take out the swamp wyrm.  After that, go after the Weathersingers; freeing them of the fear/mind control that may be forcing them into using their powers, or killing them if need be.
      • Done with the meeting, heard an alarm outside of the meeting place.  They answered the call and found a globe of darkness surrounding a building.  Grant went in and saw a bunch of dead Fironi and was instantly surrounded by shadowy figures.  He defeated them, but not before being drained of strength.
      • Multiple alarms were then heard all throughout the city.  They drug out the dead bodies and brought them to a cleric of Celetal for safe keeping.  They were intercepted by an animal messenger (bird) that told then that they were caught up in a distraction and that the real threat was much worse.  They were told to go to those we were tasked with guarding in order to keep them safe.  They separated to find people, and while doing so, Saladien and the Swanmay cleric were attacked by a giant shadowy cloud and Saladien was brought to the brink of death.  The creature cast mirror image and all hell broke loose.  The cleric turned into a swan, grabbed unconscious Saladien, then flew away.
      • Once they regrouped, the shadowy figure attacked us all.  Vor'ruk charged it at one point, but only destroyed one of it's mirror images.  Ash is peppering it with arrows from afar and Valizar managed to enlarge and cast Mighty Wallop before being drained.  The creature revealed itself as some sort of shadow dragon.  We thought we had made it flee only to find out is simply dissipated into mist and reformed behind us all.

      Session 46:  Swansong to Seige (1 Napay 788 to 4

      Napay 788)
      • Grant summoned Haas to the fight with the T-rex token then battled the beast.  The group wasn't doing well, but as soon as Haas arrived, he giant sized himself and engaged in combat.
      • Ash rode out of danger and took to the roofs after dismounting the horse.  He plugged away with arrows.  The rest of us engaged in melee or cast spells.
      • The Swanmay tried to flee, but she was caught, grappled, then swallowed.  We tried to stop it, but we couldn't.  The shadow creature cast dimensional anchor on her for good measure.
      • Haas eventually banished the darkness with celestial light and hit the creature with a harm spell.  The rest of us managed to get a few lucky shots in, but it wasn't enough to take it out.  Vor'Ruk almost killed it with a mighty charge, but luck was not on our side as the strike hit the last remaining image and not the creature.  It teleported away.
      • They regrouped at camp and Haas spent a day restoring all our lost levels.  They met with the elder council members and discussed our next move.  We debated going after the wyrm after Haas located its position, but instead we decided to move forward with our plans to help Owt.
      • The hummingbird ship took the group to a park in Owt and they made our way to a Halfling sympathizers home.  He directed them to the mayors place, but they were intercepted by the owl guard on the way.  She brought them to one of their safe houses and they met/discussed the status of the people the group was looking for in Owt.  They're all beat up pretty bad and morale is low since nobody knows what's real and what's an illusion.

      Session 47:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (4

      Napay 788 to 8 Napay 788)
      • Haas, Ajax, Grant, Valizar, Ash, and Var'Ruk are called into meet with a defector brought by the gnoll pack.

        Session 48:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (8

      Napay 788 to 10 Napay 788)
      • Haas, Ajax, Grant, Valizar, Ash, and Var'Ruk are called into meet with a defector brought by the gnoll pack.

        Session 49:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (10

      Napay 788 to 13 Napay 788)
      • Haas, Ajax, Grant, Valizar, Ash, and Var'Ruk

        Session 50:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (13

      Napay 788 to 17 Napay 788)
      • Haas, Ajax, Grant, Valizar, Ash, and Var'Ruk

        Session 51:  The Fey War Enters a New Phase (17 Napay

      788 to 20 Napay 788)
      • The group finished up collecting everything and calming down the residents of the Sakor'akai town.  They then greeted the leader.  Haas told him they were friends and that Owt is not the enemy of the Sakor'akai.  He also told him that they were now free and in charge of maintaining their continuous freedom since we were needed elsewhere.  He thanked us and went back to the center of town to reunite with the mayor.
      • Once there, they found out from the owls of the Animal Guard that there were five encampments outside Owt holding the siege of the town.  They consisted of a Human/Elf group, three Kobold groups, and a mixed group.  The three Kobold camps held prisoners of Owt.  They decided to take the Sakor'akai leader to parlay for prisoner release and their exodus from the town.  Their leaders met with them (a Halfing general and Rosetree Elf wizard) and they demanded the release the prisoners and an end to the siege.  They said they would confer with their leaders and get back to us in the morning.
      • They decided not to wait until morning and set off to liberate the prisoners of the camps.  They  met with little to no resistance in two of the Kobold camps and rescued everyone there.  Once at the third, it was abandoned.  The final, all human camp was also abandoned, so they returned to the first camp.
      • Rom'pei used his tracking skills to find where the army marched off to (following the massive trail and crushed grass/trees along with thousands of footprints).  They walked all night and caught up with them.  Again they demanded the release of the prisoners.  The general said he wanted no fight with Hass and company and released the prisoners.  It was around this time that a sending told them that the Gnoll army had arrived.  The Gnolls moved quickly to surround the remaining army and set up camp so they couldn't escape.
      • They returned to Owt with all prisoners and met with the Gnoll general and his lieutenants (the remaining brothers from the Gnoll campaign).