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Return to Children of Tyrogatore

Session 1: Birth of the Children (Wavery 744 to Pramon 780)

• All of the children discover how they and their 'brothers' came to be at the orphanage of Tyrogatore.

• Haas is a war orphan of the last Jumping War. His is a dwarf of the Tuskenhammer clan that has been at the temple for much longer than any of the others. He is on his way to becoming a cleric.

• Carlton, is a native of Lynkeed whose mother left him at the temple. Is constantly disciplined by the teachers. He is a tall thin human.

• Roland is dropped of by a Sakor'akai and Nipit after his parents were slain in the Nation of Amansky. His parents were racists of Horarian and Umanin descent. They were killed for their beliefs. Roland has a sword and book that are his prized possessions.

• A young Gatori is brought to the temple by halflings who had found him at a Wug camp. His name will be Pith, but for the first year he must be confined to a room. His first years of life were torturous under the Wugs who had taken him as an infant. It is said that Pith with grow to near monstrous size.

• A half-orc child is brought to the temple by orcish scouts. His name is Lennie and he too is very large for his age.

• Two dwarves, Daane and Allar, drop off a young Vishtoo. The Vishtoo's parents were slain by the dwarves and they hope the temple can create a useful creature out of the infant. The dwarves call him Raven.

• As the years pass, the children befriend one another. Haas, the oldest and the only cleric, takes the role of the leader, while an older 'brother' named Jacob is their teacher and mentor.

• An orc named Riot, who had competed for the honor of representing the temple at the Graplore, was found to have cheated. He is forcibly removed from Lynkeed after a fight with the high cleric Adrian. He is banished.

• In 775, the children are allowed to compete against other groups of orphans for the right to journey to the Graplore. Despite being the youngest group, Haas and his 'brothers' win. They travel to Cadullon in Thalmeret where the tournament is held. While there, they encounter every type of martial combatant. Jacob encounters Kahele Vaei, the father of Memtanjuan. who is selling a student into bondage. Jacob cannot stop it. The children are accosted by towns guards who accuse Carlton of stealing. They begin to fight the guards and Carlton kills one before the fight is broken up by Lair Davius, a competitor in the Graplore. The local magistrate allows the clerics of Tyrogatore to discipline the young Carlton. The children return home.

• In 777, Jacob has the children watch the temple from the outside. It is the first time they are allowed out of the orphanage without an escort. They find a human who is spying on the temple. He turns out to be a spellcaster, and after many distractions and delays, the massive Lennie corners and captures the spy.

• Over the next five years, the children continue their training.

Session 2: The Hard Life of an Orphan (Pramon 780 to 4 Pramon 782)

• In Pramon 780, Jacob introduces the other to their newest 'brother'. Jacob, after five years, has earned enough coin to buy the young islander student he could not rescue years earlier. His name is Tau.

• The children are now allowed to leave the temple for a few hours every day. Lennie takes the most advantage of this by working as a laborer and eventually earns enough to buy a large halberd. Carlton takes the opportunity to run away.

• In Baston Sun 781, the children are told that soon their group will be old enough to leave. Before they go, they will all be given blessed tattoos to help them in life and remind them from where they came. Raven already has his, a massive Tyrannosaur that covers most of the left side of his body. Before they leave however, they will have a traditional competition.

• In the competition, Pith and Haas are the final two, and the massive Gatori wins.

• All of the children are given their tattoos. Haas is given the Juggernaut, Roland the Feathered Serpent, Pith the Noble Spider, Lennie the Phoenix, and Tau the Mighty Boa.

• The children, realizing they have no coin, decide to take Lennie's lead and work. They find employment helping a paladin of Stasis, an orc named Ajax, build a shrine. Ajax informs the children that the orcish empire is coming to annex the city of Lynkeed, which the orcs have not controlled for nearly a century.

• As the children practice one night, they hear sounds from outside. The orcs have arrived. They see Adrian awaiting the commander of the orcish warriors. The transition to orcish rule is expected to go without a problem. The orcish leader, however, turns out to be Riot. Adrian attacks Riot, and the orcish army storms the temple.

• The children are ordered into the practice hall where they encounter two Vishtoo. A fight breaks out. Jacob is knocked out the children are ordered into the Reliquary. Roland does not go.

Session 3: Evicted from the Nest (4 Pramon 782 to 5 Pramon 782)

• Roland fights on and discovers that one of the Vishtoo is Carlton in disguise and that Riot is in league with the Vishtoo, but in doing so his arm is broken and he is almost killed. The keeper of the reliquary, a gnome named Gnettin locks them into the Reliquary. Gnettin uses a relic to rescue Roland. The Vishtoo and Carlton begin to break into the Reliquary. Gnettin orders the children to collect relics and prepare to escape. The Vishtoo break into the Reliquary. Gnettin holds them off while the children escape with ten relics. They escape into an underground river which is home to a monstrous alligator servant of Tyrogatore that guards their escape.

• After traveling for a mile, the children find a cave out. They see a group of orcish soldiers guarding the cave. Lennie charges out and a fight ensues. The children are defeated, but not before the battle is overheard by Ajax, who arrives to stop any more blood shed. The children explain themselves and Ajax leaves to determine what has happened.

• Hours later, a messenger arrives with word from Ajax for the children to leave the city. They are to go to another high temple of Tyrogatore. Hass decides upon the high temple at Jaswap. The orcish guard captain, believing their story, allows them to leave with supplies.

Session 4: Has Anyone Ever Survived in the Wilderness (5 Pramon 782 to 10 Pramon 782)

• The 6 day journey between Lynkeed and the Boiled Forest is generally safe, but not for six orphans that have never been on their own. The decide to camp off of the road to avoid any travelers.

• Examining the relics they have for the first time, the children recognize that they have a set of stone bracers which Haas has heard once belongs to an orcish warrior crimpled in battle. They allows him to fight through the grievous wounds. Roland puts them on and although they do not heal his broken arm, they allow him to use the arm normally and without pain.

• They are first set upon by a nest of scorpions to which they had camped too near.

• During one night, it is only at the last second that they notice a thief taking the last of the relics. While they are not able to hurt the thief, Pith is able to wrestle him to submission before magic takes the thief away. They recover the relics from a hiding space nearby.

• On the fourth night, they see giants walking the road from their camp. They approach the giants and discover that they are merchants delivering goods to the orcish soldiers near the boiled forest. The giants are also worshippers of Tyrogatore, and when they hear the tale of the children, they agree to travel with them as far as the forest.

Session 5: Impossible Battles (10 Pramon 782 to 14 Pramon 782)

• When they reach the inn at the edge of the Boiled Forest, the children look to quickly get supplies. But their efforts are not quick enough. An orcish patrol approaches, and a frightened Lennie attacks. The children fight valiantly, but are no match for a trained contingent of orcish soldiers. They are captured and taken to the orcish camp to see the commander, Grus Cannus Andonis Vaerdae dofKet.

• The Grus Cannus tells the children he has orders to return them to Lynkeed. They argue to no avail. As he is about to send them back, darkness falls and the children are rushed magically away by who they believe to be Jacob. Appearing in the Boiled Forest instantly, they discover that it is Carlton and the Vishtoo. The fight begins when the Grus Cannus steps out from the shadows. Carlton is driven off and the Vishtoo magically flees. The Grus Cannus is badly wounded and tells the children that he cannot stop them now, but he will find them.

Session 6: Attack of the Wugs (14 Pramon 782 to 24 Pramon 782)

• The children stumble their way through the Boiled Forest, making their way to the only road through it. For many days, the travel with little to eat. They finally see the end of the Boiled Forest when a raiding party of Wugs attacks. In the distance, a halfling commander and his assistant, Jol and Korda see the fight on the road. The two charge to investigate while ordering others to follow. Jol and Korda reach the fight in time to turn the tide. The Wugs retreat. One of the Wugs wielded a greatsword of great quality which Lennie claims.

• The children tell their story to Jol. He agrees to help them get the relics to the high temple in Jaswap by supplying them with food and sending Korda with them. They all agree upon this and decide they will leave in two days.

• During those days, Roland notices that Korda is Umanin and challenges him to a duel. Korda accepts, and the two implacable warriors meet. Haas officiates over a match using Graplorian Rules. Roland narrowly wins. When Korda awakes, Roland says that for sparing his life, Korda must serve him for a year. Korda agrees.

Session 7: Curses (24 Pramon 782 to 4 Wavery 782)

• The day the children leave Jol, they discover that the bracers Roland had been using stop working. Roland's arm is useless and in pain.

• While walking along the long road through the forest the children encounter many groups of halflings using the road. Roland asks every group if they can heal his arm, while Raven asks every group if they would like to trade for some Wug made jewelry they found in the boiled Forest. One group of halflings was able to tell the children that the greatsword that Lennie was carrying caused the wielder to instantly go into a berzerking rage. They told Lennie that he was to only use it if there were many enemies around.

• The children came across an elf who tried to buy the relics from them. He said his master, the master of the forest had an interest in them. The children said no.

• On a rainy travel day, they heard a scream from the side of the road. Roland and Raven investigated to find two humanoid badgers attacking a halfling. Raven called for assistance. Lennie charged in, having forgotten the admonition about the sword. Lenny preceded to go berserk and to his credit took out the badgers in short order. However, he then turned on his brothers. Korda and Pith move in to try and wrestle the sword away from Lennie, after he had nearly killed Haas and Raven. Korda charged in. Taking a vicious blow in the process he tried to stun Lennie to get the sword away from him. That plan did not go work, and Lennie shrugged off the attack and cut Korda in half. Pith and Roland were then able to subdue Lennie.

• After recovering, the halfling they had saved told them his town, Lowfield, was under attack by these cursed halflings, who had been turned into badgers. The remaining children charged to the town, lead by a furious Lennie. They cleared dozens of the cursed halflings out. Colin, the captain of the watch, thanked them and offered a place to stay.

• The next day, the town guardian, a cleric of Habastly named Bryan arrived. The halfling cleric tended to the children's wounds and told them that the badgers were halflings cursed by Dresta with Lycanthropy. He believes they had attacked when they discovered he was not in the town. Haas told Bryan of their mission and asked if there was anything he could do for Korda. The cleric agreed because of the aid they had given to Lowfield and because he believed their mission was important to the deities of the counsil.

• Korda is reincarnated by Bryan, but returns as a Southern Barbarian.

• The town gives the children a wheel barrel of food and sends them on their way after several days.

• Two days out of Lowfield, a voice says to the children while walking: "We tried to take them by trade or gift, now we will simply take them." The are attacked by a dozen Owlbears and a dozen antlered hawks from the forest, as well as by a spellcaster with lighting and cold. The children were able to hold on until the creatures, obviously summoned disappeared. But before the fight was over, Pith was dead.

Session 8: The Halfling Horde (4 Wavery 782 to 29 Wavery 782)

• The children heading back to Lowfield. They met with Bryan the cleric to see if he would reincarnate Pith. He decided to try since he felt that they were on such divine quest. However, he told us he needed for us to pay for the items he needed to try the reincarnation. They gave him the berserking great sword as payment. The reincarnation failed.

• Bryan then decided that since this quest was so very important and Tyrogatore was a council god that he would send someone else to help us. Bryan searched the nearby towns he knew until he found a cleric who was also native to Intoria, where the children were heading. The cleric of Dedestroyt named Ikraam joined the children, and oddly he was wielding the berserking great sword.

• The children left Lowfield and continued to travel. Still proving they were not good at surviving the wilderness, Lennie stepped in a spider nest. Swarms of spiders poured out. Lennie demonstrated his divine favor for the first time and grew in a giant version of his already large size to help defeat the spiders.

• Many days passed and the children stopped at a town, named Tenpines, to get supplies. The guard at first would not let Raven in, but after some amazing works of diplomacy by Raven they finally agreed to let everyone in the town. We then went to get our food. The merchant said it would take about 15 minutes for them to gather all the food. We waited in the town square and after a few minutes Lennie got bored and wondered off. Ikraam followed him to make sure he would not run into any trouble. Back in the town square a halfling named Rick appeared on top of the inn and confronted the group. He said he wanted to take the artifacts for his greater glory. As he was talking a female Halfling appeared on the roof next to him and began to play a flute. Then over 50 Halflings surrounded the area and blocked any means of escape from the town square. More then appeared in the windows of nearby buildings with crossbows. A fight began. Hearing all the noise, Lennie and Ikraam came back the town square to find Raven and Tau knocked out and Haas holding off the hordes. Lennie charged in again twice as tall as normal and the Halflings were taken back by his sheer girth and size. The Halflings almost ran away but the Halfling women with the instrument played on and they stayed. Lennie was cutting many a halfling down but was starting to get overwhelmed. Ikraam summoned some fiendish hawks to distract the halfling lady with the flute who seemed to hold some sway over the Halflings and then charged after Rick. The two fought while Lennie dealt with dozens of halflings. Ricky took vicious shots from Ikraam and broke some of Ikraam's ribs in return. Ikraam took one more shoot that would have finished off Rick, but Rick grabbed the sword and blocked it. Luckily, Ricky forgot about the fiendish hawk which swooped knocked him out. Ikraam still not satisfied and still berserking continued to mow down Halflings on the magical power of the sword.

• After the battle, only Ikraam and Roland were mobile. The two began to aid the others. By the time they were all conscious, a group of halflings from the town had gathered to find out what was happening.

Session 9: Korda's Homecoming (29 Wavery 782 to 12 Leenot 782)

• The halflings of Tenpines send the children on their way quickly, with supplies from the thankful inn manager, but without time to heal.

• After nine days of travel with no serious occurrences, the children were running low on food so they stopped by a town to purchase more. Korda and Ikraam went into an inn located on the outskirts of the town to purchased food. While there Korda discovered that there was a cleric of Tommimao also at the inn. The Cleric noticed the eclectic group and revealed that an Orcish garrison was waiting for them at the edge of the forest. The Cleric of Tommimao told the children there were two other routs around the garrison. The northern rout would take the children past the town of Bemord, which turned out to be Korda’s home town. The children travel to Bemord.

• During the trip, Korda tells Roland that the town is full of Umanin. Roland agrees to be blindfolded, so he will not be able to tell if those we encounter are actually Umanin and therefore would not have to break his oath. The non-human children receive a cold reception from everyone in Bemord except a female half-elven cleric named Jezzalia and her apprentice, Brendon. She drinks and talks with them at the “Last Hope” Inn, which is where the children stay for the night.

• The next day they leave the town, but two hours into the walk, a horse gallops up to them from behind. It is Brendan. He has been told by the leader of the town Samuel that the children have kidnapped or killed Jezzalia, who has gone missing. The children return to Bemord.

• They are met in the town by Samuel and his personal guards. After a quick fight, the children defeat Samuel and interrogate and the execute him. Samuel admits before death, that he has been in league with the Jackalweres that have been terrorizing the town. He does not know where they camp.

• The children ransack Samuel's house while the rest of the town cowers. They discover a woman who reveals little and used scrolls that Samuel used to communicate with the Jackalweres.

• As they are deciding what to do Lennie bellows into the town “Where are Jackals?” An arrow hits into the front door of Samuel's house with a note on it that says “We know where they are.” Roland, who read the note, bellows, “That’s great! But we don’t know where you are!” and a short time later a large bugbear comes into view.

Session 10: The Slave Camp (12 Leenot 782 to 15 Leenot 782)

• The Bugbear's name is Knot, and he is accompanied by a Sandoo named Rhyssh. The two are associates of Jezzalia and enemies of the Jackals. They agree to help the children find Jezzalia in exchange for their aid in killing the Jackals and freeing any slaves they have.

• Knot and Rhyssh lead the children for three days into the desert until they come to the camp. Out side of the camp, they are attacked by undead, which are easily destroyed.

• They all assault the quiet camp, quickly killing the Vass guards and then searching for the Jackalweres. They free and arm nearly one hundred prisoners. The Jackalweres are prepared and launch a magical assault of dehydration, fire, sleep, and sand. After a long battle, two of the three Jackalweres escape, but the third is cleaved by Knot's Hekuta. During the assault, nearly half of the prisoners are killed by fire.

• The children quickly search the camp, and find that the prisoners are excavating a building. Near the entrance, they find a sleeping Jezzalia. When they wake her, she warns them all that they must go because a powerful elven wizard may soon return. She collects her belongings and tells them all she will magically transport them to a safe city far away. She, however, can not take them all, so leaves Knot and Rhyssh, who can most easily move through the desert. They are transported away.

Session 11: Fight to the Finish (15 Leenot 782 to 21 Leenot 782)

• After arriving at the home of Raygen in the city of Magenthia, they meet the Sorcerer Malek and Raygen's assistant Walid. The children will have to wait at his home until he returns if they want to see him. They decide to wait one full day and if he has not returned, they will continue their journey.

• A mere hour before they are about to leave, Raygen's home is attacked by a Sand Golem and the surviving Jackalweres. They are after the children and Jezzalia. Raygen is alerted to the attack, and he and Koth rush to his house. Koth is much faster and reaching the battle in progress. Before Koth arrives, Ikraam drives off one of the Jackalweres while the other gang up on the golem. Ikraam is in a rage and attacks Koth, who nearly kills him. Koth finishes off the golem.

• Raygen listens to the children's story and heals them. He says that his mission is to defeat Sutyr and slavery throughout Intoria. He offers to teach Korda. They children set off for Jaswap, which is only six days away.

• After four relaxed days of travel, the children are set upon by the Vishtoo, Carlton, and a caravan of mercenaries. The Vishtoo offers to spare them in exchange for the relics, and a fight begins. Haas is killed by the Vishtoo. Roland incapacitates Carlton, who is then beheaded by Ikraam. The Vishtoo is forced to retreat by Korda and Roland after a long battle. The mercenaries run.

• Several more days of travel brings the children to Jaswap. When they arrive, they hurry to the high temple, where they tell their story to all that will listen. The high cleric, Tyle, immediately reincarnates Haas for his service. Several hours later, Haas returns, blessed by Tyrogatore, in the same dwarven form.

• The children gather with all of the clerics of Tyrogatore and one cleric of Everentual named Jacob. Haas and Korda notice something is wrong, as the high cleric is not the greatest warrior, and in fact has a broken back. The cleric of Everentual tries to convince them that all is well, but Ikraam becomes agitated. A fight almost breaks out, but even Lennie realizes that the children cannot win this battle. Korda realizes that the meeting is being held in an arena, and that any cleric of Tyrogatore can challenge the high cleric. Just as hostilities are about to begin, Korda tells Lennie to challenge Tyle, and he does. Jacob manages to clam Lennie before he can fight Tyle, but he is not able to clam Haas, who immediately shouts out a challenge.

• The fight is about to begin when a halfling from the crowd frees Lennie from the calm. Lennie and Ikraam tackle Jacob and hold him while Haas defeats the broken-backed high cleric. The halfling steps out into the arena and announces: "All Hail Haas!"

Epilogue: (21 Leenot 782 to 4 Mafeeti 782)

• The children discover that Tyle has been influenced by Jacob. They punish Jacob with a beating and send him away.

• Not knowing who to trust, the children ask Milo and he suggests the temple's curator. They meet with the curator, David, who has long been suspicious of Jacob. However, Jacob became wise to him and all but forced David into hiding in the reliquary.

• The children discover that none of the other high temples: Undrile, Lynkeed, or Palumbton; has sent a message to Jaswap in some time.

• Haas suggests that David challenge him and take the role of high cleric. David accepts to fight Haas in a week.

• Before the week is up, Haas and David decide to send the other to the high temples to find out what has happened. They order Raven to Undrile and Korda to Palumbton. Ikraam superior in Jaswap, Korbett Ruin, an ally of Tyrogatore, will send Ikraam with Raven. Although Roland and Tau are ordered to go to Palumbton, they refuse. They agree to travel to Undrile with Ikraam and Raven.

• At the end of the week, Haas and David fight. The loser will accompany Lennie to Lynkeed and the winner stays in Jaswap with Milo. Although David loses, Milo immediately challenges Haas. A week later, Milo wins, freeing Haas and Lennie to return to Lynkeed.