Cot Events (season 3: 27-36)

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Return to Children of Tyrogatore

  Session 27:  The Quest Almost Ends Before it Begins (1st Huenti 785 to 13th Huenti 785)

  • Haas, Roland, Grant, and Firfin leave Scalehome after collecting information and saying goodbye to Claude.  Their plan is to travel to Balinhost, where an older cleric of Tyrogatore is definitely still alive.  They will stop over three days at three towns known to Firfin.  At each town, they will look for evidence of the plot against their deities.  Firinf will lead the way on his mount, while the rest use Windwalk.
  • The first town is uneventful.  In the second town, they are told that the cleric of Stasis, who was known to Firfin and named Robert, is dead.  A cleric of Dedestroyt from Intoria, who was known to the town previously, has taken over the investigation.  They go to the home of the cleric, where they find a face familiar to some, that of Ikraam.  After introductions, they talk about the circumstances.  A dead cleric who was attacked in the forest by unknown assailants and whose body was eaten.  Ikraam has the bones, which they take with them from the town after not discovering anything.  Ikraam agrees to join them, since his assignment is to help against the enemies of Stasis and Tyrogatore.  In the third town, they warn two clerics, one of each deity, and then move on to Balinhost.
  • While approaching Balinhost, the group descends from the wind and walk in, not wanting to set off alarms or be rude.  As they near the city proper, the forest closes in on them.  A voice offers Grant and Firfin an exit for their service to the forest, both refuse.  The group starts to prepare, but are lain into by volleys of arrows.  Roland is not hit in cover, while the others are hurt.  Ikraam falls asleep from poison twice, but is awoken by Firfin.  Haas summons lions to search out the ambushers, and blesses himself with other spells as does Grant.  Arrows continue to rain down.  Haas protects them with a wall of wind.  Other creature move into the group, unseen through the foliage and wound them all.  Once fast one nearly kills grant.  Haas is badly hurt.  He summons a stone wall, which does better than the wind one.
  • In Balinhost, Keldaan arrives and is greeted at first as an honored diplomat.  By the next morning, at breakfast, they realize he is not there in that capacity.  During that breakfast, Martin Bradtree, the host, is alerted to trouble.  He and Keldaan leave swiftly.  They reach the edge of town and as Martin begins to assemble guards, Keldaan rushes out in the forest.  He prepares himself and reaches a thick growth of foliage, moving inside he realizes the forest has changes and is then confronted by a long limbed, red head bandaged, scythe wielding humanoid.  It speaks in language Keldaan does not understand and then attacks.  Keldaan defends himself for several rounds before attacking.  The creature is resistance to Keldaan's blows, but it cannot hit Keldaan and a stalemate ensues.
  • Back in the now stone circle, the group begins to recover when twenty of the green skinned dog faced creatures make it to the top of the wall with their bows.  Haas calls a tremor on the area, causing some to fall.  Ikraam descends on one, Grant on another.  Outside the circle, Roland faces off against the fast fey they had nearly killed Grant.  The two are evenly matched and cannot gain an advantage on the other.  A call goes out to retreat and the others flee.  The fast fey feints a retreat and attacks Roland once more, hurting hm.  Roland tries to retaliate, but the creatures escapes.
  • Keldaan reaches the circle after his opponent also flees, soon after Commander Bradtree and his warriors arrive.

Session 28:  Which Sledgehammer Was That? (13th Huenti 785

to 8th Kiusta 785)

  • Commander Bradtree takes the group into Bainhost.
  • For 17 days they wait.  Roland scouts out the cleric of Tommimao.  Grant crafts gloves for Roland.  Keldaan enjoys his time in Balinhost.  Haas waits in the arena.
  • Keldaan agrees to go with Firfin to Sheppard the clerics from the small towns to Balinhost for safety.  The others set their sites on the realm of the Lizardfolk.

Session 29:  Wouldn't Windwalking Have Been Easier? (8th Kiusta 785 to 18th Kiusta 785)
 Session 30:  What Happens When Lennie Leads the Way? (18th

Kiusta 785)

  • Surrounded by a box of foliage, the group blesses themselves with spells and goes into action.  Lennie begins to hack away at the foliage, later beginning to just muscle through.  Roland climbs to find the wall is only 30 feet tall and thirty feet on a side, while being ten feet thick at most.  Lennie spends a minute pushing through the wall and everyone follows him as he makes progress.  Riek takes a different path.  After rounds of pushing, they are then into a bubble, as the foliage closes behind them.  Then, the other side opens into a dark blue sky and dark green grass.  Endless rolling hills spread out before them.  Roland falls into a shock, unable to move.  It becomes clear as their powerful blessings fade, that the group as left Habololy.
  • Lennie and Haas turn around and begin to make the make back as the other investigate.  Ikraam and Riek step out first and see large red birds circling.  The birds attack, but are defended against easily.  The two then see humanoid animals charging towards them.  They retreat into the tunnel, but after a lightning bolt is thrown into them, Riek and Ikraaam attack.  The fight is engaged, and as the others try to make their way back through the wall, Ikraam and Riek hold them off.  Bear dogs then come over a hill and charge into the fight.  Grant steps out to help.  The battle continues when Lennie breaks through.  Grant is able to make it into the tunnel, but Ikraam and Riek do not.  They are let behind.  A great centipede approaches and charges.  By now, they have driven the other creatures off or killed them.  Ikraam's presence is terrifying as he cleaves through the lesser animals and Riek cannot be hurt.
  • The others in the tunnel, now with an awakened Roland, turn around and begin to force their way back.  While they do that, Riek and Ikraam valiantly fight and kill the great centipede.  Thinking they may be done, the two are confronted with a flock of flying humanoids lead by a glowing androgynous humanoid without wings.  On the hills circling them are a hundred humanoids and animals.  Lightning and arrows rain down on the two.  Riek shrugs off the magic, Ikraam survives but only as he begins to exhaust his healing.  The creatures charge just as the other return.  Lennie and Roland move out to attack.  Roland slaughters a group of them and Lennie dives in, crushing a bear.  Ikraam and Riek are engulfed by a horde but stay fighting.  Lennie is blasted by lightning and almost killed.  Haas starts to make a path back to Habololy in the wall.  The glowing humanoid descends and unleashes a word that banishes Roland and Riek.  The horde drags down Ikraam.  Grants charges out and nearly drags the glowing creature to the ground, but it still manages to knock out Lennie.  With no options left, Grant retreats to the tunnel and he and Haas escape.

  Session 31:  New Recruits (19th Kiusta 785 -

7th Mafeeti 785)

  • Haas magically locates the others.  Roland is somewhere in the Icefian wilds.  Lennie and Ikraam are captured in the Beastlands.
  • The pixie Spaz arrives offering his help.  He does not want his fellow fey following Bannar or the others that would lead them to war.  Shortly after, the fey release Valizar, who had been magically enchanted to wander the forest for years.  He is lead to Balinhost where he meets with Haas and the others.  He is happy to help.  Seeing a planar threat, the waywatchers of the forest reach out to Haas and send one of their own to assist him.  Dovan joins Haas and the others.

Session 32:  Another Attempt to Kill

the Devourer (7th Mafeeti 785 )

Session 33:  Mixed Success

(8th Mafeeti 785)

Session 34:  A Home of Heroes

(8th Mafeeti 785 - 15th Mafeeti 785)

  • The group is greeted when they reach the Fellos' Estate.  They are lead in and taken to a place called Dryoll's Keep.  Only some enter, as the place is claimed to be haunted by the long dead spirit of a great lizardfolk warrior.  It is the most secure place from magical intrusion in the estate.  Valizar finds it very nice, and during their stay there is has many pleasant dreams.

Session 35:  Assault on Tiger Hill

(16th Mafeeti 785)

  • Arriving on the Beastlands, the group scouts around, mainly relying on Spaz.  He finds their target, Bannar and his troop atop a hill.  They get closer, where they can't be seen and wait for the promised distraction by the guardians.  After minutes, a call is heard.  Many of the humanoids, the great tiger lieutenant, and some of the tigers move off in the opposite direction of the group.  This must be the distraction they have been awaiting.  Once they are sure the forces are away, they move to the hill.
  • They approach with some stealth.  When the reach the base of the hill, they are seen and yell their demands.  No good reply is given, so they charge.  Acyll does not realize the danger of the tigers he nears and is torn down quickly.  The others are blasted by spells and attacked by tigers and arrows.  Haas and Grant's spells keep them alive and moving forward.  They fight their way to the top of the hill.

Session 36:  Out of the Battle and

into the War (16th Mafeeti 785 - 23rd Napay 785)

  • Having killed the spellcaster, her head smashed off by Valizar, the collar falls off of her and her body grows enormous, to the size of a titan.  The group begins to go through the tents and the belongings of the dead.  The Roc watches overhead, the tigers wait at the base of the hill, the Asura begins to return.  Dovan makes a loud plea for them to leave, and the Roc heeds his call.  Grant tries to enter the tent, but it dissapears.  In the other tents, the groups finds some coin, which Riek claims.  They spot a ball of light coming towards them.  It is enough to get them to leave, but the plane shift fails.  Moments later, the light lands.
  • The light turns into the form of a beautiful creature, a ghaele, Janelle.  She takes the now breathing body of Bannar and scolds the group softly.  She warns that the lord of the storm giants is coming, as is evident by the clouds collecting above them.  She offers Spaz a way out, and he joins her, leaving the others.  The group sees the lieutenant of the tigers returning from his fight towards the hill.  Realizing their only chance to escape is through him and to the guardians, the group collects Lennie and Ikraam and charges that way.  Slowed briefly by several tigers, the group nearly reaches the lieutenant, when the giant deity arrives, stunning many of them.
  • He berates them, saying that he will no longer allow residents of the Beastlands to go to Habololy.  It is only Dovan's words that convince the deity to allow them to leave, although Dovan waits for the guardians.  The group is dismissed to Habololy.
  • They awaken in Balinhost, because of a misspoken word by Haas.  There, they yet again annoy Commander Bradtree.  At the shrine of Tyrogatore, they rest.  Acyll goes out into the city for a drink, and scares several Fironi before he realizes that they have been gone a month longer than they believed.  The next day, the group goes to the Fellos Estate.
  • They learn that war is coming and the coalition, less the forces of Scalehome, has reformed to fight the fey.  Riek, Valizar, Lennie, Haas, and Grant stay and agree to again join the war effort of the forest.  Acyll leaves, and does Ikraam.  Dovan and Spaz do not return.