Cults of Law Characters

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Grimdrek - A dwarven follower of Drunnbar that is widely touted as a paladin. He set off on a quest for the nation of Nomagork and the cult of Drunnbar to improve relations with other nations and faiths as well as spread the faith of Drunnbar.

Reik - The bodyguard of Grimdrek assigned by the King of Nomagrok to guard him. He is a talented monk and Warrior of Stone.

Solaris - A strange otherworldly human that found common ground with the followers of Drunnbar. He is a paladin and cleric of Hemator.

Harris - A former soldier in the Icefian military and a former convict, Harris signed on with the others when he saw the potential for coin and power. He is a human warrior.

Rathos - A human student at the Bardic College of Icefia who was assigned to watch the cultists.

Gno - A follower of Gnarion that happened to encounter the cultists and took to liking them. He is an Ice Gnome with an affinity for the sea.

Douvan - Much like Rathos, Douvan was sent to watch over the cultists. He too took a liking to them. Douvan was sent by the guardian temple in Icefia. He is an otherworldly human monk.