Day Turned Dark Events (season 2: 12-22)

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Session 12:  Homecoming for One (19 Coustus 780 to 26 Coustus 780)

  • Upon his return to Port Springs, Daane discovers that Montaron has been taken to his father's mountain.  Montaron's father had had enough of a wayward child and sent his two older sons to bring Montaron home.

  • Daane tracks down For'Jeck, Vega, and Matthias.  While they are all meeting at Matthias', they are attacked by agents of the Day Turned Dark.  They manage to defeat them.

  • Not wanting to leave the city unwatched, they decide to split up.  Daane, For'Jeck, Rhyssh, and Malek will go to get Montaron while the other watch the actions of the Day Turned Dark in Port Springs.


Session 13:   Assisted Runaway (26 Coustus 780 to 16 Praemon 780)

  • It takes nearly two

    months for Daane and company to reach Mornur Mountain, home of Montaron and his family.  When the reach the town at the top of the mountain, they ask for an audience with the thane, Montaron's

  • While Daane and company are meeting with his father, Montaron is alerted to their presence by an infatuated servant.  he gathers his belongings and heads for the meeting hall.

  • Mornur, Montaron's father, is about to throw Daane and company in a cell when Montaron bursts into the room.  He begins to argue with his father.  As things are getting dangerously close to violence, Rhyssh decides he has had enough and starts shooting from the shadows.  A fight breaks out and Daane and company are forced to flee the town.

  • As they flee, the group knocks out Harptorn, Montaron's brother, and Rhyssh incapacitates Mornur.  Montaron takes his father's axe, and the group flees the town.


Session 14:   A Habit of Escaping (17 Praemon 780 to 23 Praemon 780)

  • The group rushes down the mountain.  They reach the town of Blegger, where they are forced to stop for supplies.

  • Blegger seems a normal town until they are accosted by a deranged dwarf named Grizby.  He warns them that the thane of the town and many of its leaders are under some sort of control.  Grizby goes on to say that he only narrowly escaped and that his brother remains a slave.  They dismiss Grizby until the thane orders that they must stay in Blegger.

  • While in Blegger, the group tries to determine if Grizby's story is true.  When they find some strange mining operations, they realize it is true.

  • Rhyssh uncovers that a dwarven constable named Coffar is following the group.  They confront Coffar and determine that he is not controlled.  They tell him Grizby's story and he agrees to help them escape so that they can bring help.

  • Once again, Daane and company, must escape a dwarven town.  This time it is somewhat easier.


Session 15:  Kirthmont (24 Praemon 780 to 1 Wavery 780)

  • Rushing out of Blegger, the group continues down the mountain.  They come to the town of Kirthmont and immediately seek an audience with the thane.  Chortine meets with them and agrees to help them free Blegger.

  • The group is shown an underground series of tunnels that lead into the mountain and to Blegger.  It is not often used, as it is a difficult path, not useful for trading.


Session 16:  Scales and Tentacles (1 Wavery 780 to 6 Wavery 780)

  • Almost immediately, the group encounters a Hydra which is far to large to have ever lived normally in the caves.  It was put there intentionally.  They kill the Hydra.

  • Suddenly distrustful of Chortine, the group continues without going back to Kirthmont.

  • After two days, they are approached by a strange snake woman.  While she is able to charm most of them, Grizby is not fooled.  He attacks her and breaks her hold.  Just as they others rush in to finish her, an Illithid emerges and a fight begins.

  • The group kills both Illithid and snake woman, but then discover that they were merely the guards to a larger illithid town.


Session 17:  Illithid Battles (6 Wavery 780 to 7 Wavery 780)

  • After discovering the town of illithids and slaves, the group tries to escape the tunnels.  They are almost out when several illithids and their dwarven slaves catch them.

  • Just after the fight begins, two humans and a strange lanky tan skinned humanoid arrive.  They begin to fight the the illithids.  With their help, Daane and company drive off one illithid and kill the rest and rescue a dozen dwarves.

  • The three introduce themselves, telepathically, as members of <a href="../Prestige%20Classes/Prestige%20Classes%20Main.htm">The Silent Order</a>.  They are always looking out for psionic creatures, especially illithid.  They guard that they had killed was shielding the town from being detected.  When he was killed, the order became aware of its existence and came to investigate.

  • The order helps them reach Blegger and helps to free the dwarves of the town from illithid influence.  The thane of Blegger, Morgan, thanks the group lavishly.  He offers them a place to stay and provisions for their trip home.  One of the dwarves that had been controlled, named Grabbaple, insists or going with them to repay them.


Session 18:  The Long Road Back (8 Wavery 780 to 13 Trest 780)

  • The group makes the long walk back to Port Springs.  On the way, they encounter a hunting party of Ettin.  Malek, Daane, and Rhyssh, having past experiences with the creatures, insist on eliminating them.  They set a trap for the five Ettin and kill them in short order.

Session 19:  Near Death Reunion (14 Trest 780 to 22 Trest 780)

  • With Port Springs in site, the group stops at the cave outside the city to check on Bender.  Not finding him in the cave, they sent for Vega and Koth to see where he had gone.

  • While waiting for them, Bender arrives and quickly attacks them, nearly killing Malek.  The only surviving illithid from their fight with them emerges and attacks them.

  • Koth and Vega come charging to the rescue.  The enter the cave to fight right before Bender collapses it.  They manage to kill the illithid and Bender is freed from its control.

  • The group cannot dig themselves out of the collapse and are forced to go deeper into the caves.


Session 20:  Attempted Vengeance Again (23 Trest 780 to 28 Trest 780)

  • During their time underground, they come to a ledge.  They must climb up a rope to continue and the lame hook horror Bender cannot follow.  For'Jeck weeps as they are forced to leave him behind.

  • Several days later, they find a town inhabited by some strange Blind Orcs which Grizby calls Grekku.  At first, they seem willing to help, but as soon as the group is resting, the Grekku attack.  The group begins to be psionically assaulted and Grizby yells that an illithid is present.  He finds the illithid mind in the body of a Grekku and then in Grabbaple.  The group is forced to kill the poor dwarf and several Grekku to destroy the illithid psyche.

  • After the battle, they discover the route to a close by dwarven town known as Temper.

  • While in Temper, the group heals and exchanges their coin for some finely crafted armor and weapons before they take the road towards Port Springs.


Session 21:  An Unwanted Collection (28 Trest 780 to 10 Huenti


  • When they reach Port Springs, the group relaxes.

  • Vega tells the rest of them that since they have been gone, there have been a spat of wolf attack on the south eastern road.  After hearing a description of the attacks, Vega decided to investigate.  He believes that the wolves are lead by Allar's last surviving apprentice, Ettude.

  • The group jumps at the chance to vanquish a member of the Day Turned Dark.  They gear up and head out to the forest.

  • When they found the wolves, they attacked.  Unfortunately, they were not normal wolves, and there were dozens of them.  As the fight was turning bad, Vega attempted to use a magical ring the group had found some time ago but had never been able to identify, only knowing that it allowed for some sort of magical transport.

  • The first attempt took Vega into the ocean within sight of Port Springs.  The second brought him over the city, and dumped a waterfall of ocean water into the city.  The third brought him back to his companions.  On the fourth attempt, the ring opened a gate and a mighty Slaadi stepped through.

  • The Slaadi drove off the wolves and demanded payment for his aid.  He demanded Montaron's father's axe.  When they refused, he magically held them all, took the axe, and left.


Session 22:  A Breech of Family (10 Huenti 780 to 11 Huenti 780


  • The group returned, dejected, to Port Springs.  The day after they returned, they discovered that there is a bounty on Montaron, placed there by his father.  The bounty is to take him alive .  They begin to plan how to deal with the threat.

  • The next day, before they have arranged a plan, the group is met in the street by Montaron's brothers Harptorn and Kartheen, as well as the renowned bounty hunter Breach.

  • In the fight that ensues, Montaron is nearly killed, but saved at the last minute by a strange cleric of Hemator.  For'Jeck kills Harptorn.  Rhyssh disappears and is not seen again.  Kartheen is knocked out, as well as everyone but Vega, Grizby and Breach.  As Breach is about to finish the two, Vega explains to him that without any brother alive (and at this point all there are dead or dying on the ground, no bounty will be paid.  As Breach stops to consider, the high constables of Port Springs arrive and drive him away.

  • The cleric of Hemator, Solaris, introduces himself and heals Kartheen.

  • Kartheen disowns Montaron and leaves.

  • The group goes to their separate homes, with no idea where Rhyssh has gone.