Day Turned Dark Events (season 6: 56-67)

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Session 56: 

Several Ways to End up in Phiam (Smofena 783)

  • On their way to Icefia, Parker, Kovar, and Emmerick's ship is boarded.  Emmerick is removed from the ship and the ship is set on a new course to Cape Tolya.  Luckily, Parker and Kovar get to Camade and then Messada, as Cape Tolya.  There, they head to the bardic college, where they meet Asinjin.  After talking to Buld Mountainmagic about bounty hunters in Port Phiam, the two agree to head to Phiam and continue their mission.  Asinjin joins them, having another interest in Koddan.

  • Meanwhile in Phiam, Rathos and Isaac, classmates at the bardic college, are searching for Parker.  After several days of partying and searching, the two find Parker and his friends.

  • The newly formed group introduces themselves and discusses what is happening, including the bounty hunters in the city who are apparently searching for Parker and Kovar.


Session 57:  First Contact (Smofena 783)

  • The group engages in their plan to track down a talk about the bounty with a bounty hunter.  Asinjin poses as a bounty hunter and the other follow behind in secret.  They are not successful at any of the inns they visit, in fact Asinjin is thrown out of one tavern.  When they leave two different taverns, Asinjin is followed.  Although they spot the follower, they are not able to catch him.

  • The next day is Rathos and Parker's turn to collect information.  Rathos visits the jail and talks to a prisoner who tried to con Koddan when he arrived in the city.  He learns that Koddan arrived with four other dwarves and met a Horarian.  He also learns that Koddan had a massive amount of coin with him.

  • The day after, the group visits another inn.  Asinjin learns from the inn that Koddan stayed at the hotel for one day a month or more ago, but has not been seen since.

  • When the group leaves the inn, they are accosted in an alley.  Two dwarves, matching the description of two of the dwarves accompanying Koddan along with a Gree attack the group.  Kovar and Asinjin are almost killed.  The other manage to fight the attackers off until help arrives and the attackers retreat though magic and shadow.


Session 58:  Second Contact (Smofena 783)

  • As the constables arrive, Rathos and Parker disappear.  At first, Kovar and Isaac talk to them, until a deputy constable recognizes Asinjin is invisible and speak with him as well.  The group is not fully forthcoming to the constables, but the two groups part with an understanding that the group was attacked and did not break the law.  After the constables depart, the three spend an hour or so magically searching for the dwarves, to no avail.

  • The next morning, Parker and Rathos return saying they feared what the constables might do so they snuck away.  The others fill them in on the situation.  That day, the group continues to collect information.

  • Asinjin has time to sculpt a new statue.   Parker buys some new tools.

  • Late in the day, the group goes to the shop of Cicero, an item broker known to Parker.  They hope to gain his help in scrying the dwarf.  After talking with him, they adjourn outside to discuss, where they are again ambushed by dwarves and a Gree.

  • Kovar is again immediately shot by a crossbow and almost killed.  He is then magically held.  Asinjin prepares himself magically.  Parker and Isaac defend the helpless Kovar from a new dwarf who sneaks into the fight.  They pin the dwarf down and have him reeling as two other dwarves bare down on the group.  Asinjin is able to daze the two new dwarves and his spell scares off the Gree and the dwarf that had snuck in.  Kovar regains control of himself and attacks one of the dazed dwarves while Asinjin attacks the other.  Asinjin's opponent surrenders.  Isaac magically holds the other dwarf until Asinjin tears him apart, killing him, with another spell.

  • The Gree and dwarf are no where nearby, so the group questions the dwarf that surrendered.  After a minute of questioning, Parker notices a bat watching them.  Asinjin Magic Missiles the bat and is suddenly attacked by a golem from Cicero's shop.  The golem, made of flesh, stops attacking and Cicero walks out.  The bat, clearly undead, lands on his arm.  Cicero tells Asinjin he is no longer welcome in his shop and the golem and he go back inside.


Session 59:  The Path to All the Answers (Smofena 783) - courtesy of Valdis

  • Rathos took the dead Dwarf to the temple of Arsur'Anyodel to wait for the constables.  The rest of us, assuming that the other dwarf was under some magical “Geas” that prevented him from answering our questions decided, on the hunch of Parker, to take the dwarf to the Laden table. The dwarf got loose in the tavern and started shouting that we were there to kidnap him and that we were robbers.  Kovar tried to knock the dwarf senseless and missed.  The constables were notified and we calmly waited, under guard of the bartender with a big crossbow, for them or the proprietor of the inn to arrive.  One of the directing council members arrived with some guards in tow.  He took the bartender aside and was questioning him when Rathos, against out plan, came to the laden table.  We were given permission to leave with the expectation of receiving a summons from the authorities in the morning.  Rathos told us what transpired when he dropped off the body: he got strange looks and the High Cleric asked him if we found the body in or near the sewers.  Rathos and Isaac spent the night in fear that they were going to spend the rest of their days in jail.  In the morning, after a hearty breakfast, we were summoned to the temple of Arsur'Anyodel.  Rathos and Isaac began to make out their wills.  Before we left Asinjin cast a spell to detect scrying and low-and-behold, we were being scryed. The focus of the scrying spell was Kovar's holy symbol.  Asinjin tried to remove the focus from the blade but was unsuccessful.  We left Ava's Hope and headed for the temple.  When we arrived we were taken to the High Cleric, who was sitting comfortably with the High constable.  The High constable informed us that he was the one scrying us.  If we had tried to run, we would have been arrested on sight.  He explained that in questioning the Dwarf that survived the attack on us the previous night, they figured out that the Dwarf's memory had been erased.  This was not a new phenomenon to the High Constable, there had been several other similar occurrences.  We were told that the constables had no further information on Koddan but he had something to show us.  He took us to the "Hospital" and showed us an ce gnome who's mind was essentially completely erased.  The Gnome would occasionally utter the words "the cask", but no one knows what this means.  The gnome was found in a cave 20 miles north of the city by fishermen.  We were told that there were reports of a purple-ish ooze that was in some way related to the memory losses that had occurred in or near the city. The High Constable also informed us that in questioning the Dwarf, we were indeed defending ourselves from attack so no charges would be brought against us for the death of the one dwarf.  We were to receive the dead dwarf's items as is per the custom/law.

  • Upon reflection we realized that Koddan entered the city with a large sum of money and, being from port springs, we figured it was probably dwarven coin.  We decided to try to follow the money to see if we could find Koddan's whereabouts.  What we found out was that for the past 4-5 years up until about 6 months ago there were large quantities of Dwarven coin in circulation in Port Phiam.  The coin was being spent/exchanged by Dock workers, the Cleric of Lavash'Ki and the "workers" of the Lady's Luxury Inn.

  • After much dithering, we decided to look to see if the Knight's Rest kept historical records of all of their visitors. They did in fact and we set about trying to see if Koddan, Krosis, or Bardab had stayed at the inn before.  There were mountains of books to go through, so we hired some of the staff at the inn to do the looking and inform us if they find anything.  Asinjin is crafting a status for the inn as payment.  With our brains sufficiently fried, we head back to Ava's Hope.  Lamenting at the lightness of our collective coin-purses, Asinjin asks the proprietor of Ava's hope if he/they would like an "Alarm" spell permanently placed anywhere in the inn, thus securing us lodging in the inn for the foreseeable future.  They accept and have him place the spell on a wall in the basement that abuts the sewers.  They tell us that there have been strange deaths in the sewers or something in the sewers coming out and reeking a bit of havoc.

  • Parker eventually gives in and decided to make contact with some of his more "shady" associates in the city.  He had not done this before due to the fact that he assumed that anyone of these type of associates would take the opportunity to collect on the bounty that is on his head.  The group decided to go the Main Mast to wait for Revol Packlade, the local bounty hunter, to find out more about who placed the bounty and any other information they can from him.  The Main Mast is the known hangout of Cobus the Shark, a one time associate of Parker's. The group is going to try to talk to him as well, using the magical breastplate they acquired from the dwarf to barter for information.


Session 60:  Convergence (Praemon 783)

  • The group arrives at the Main Mast to see Cobus.  Shortly after, the room explodes with action.  A princess of Yellowia and her Icefia boyfriend, the four members of the group, Cobus, Revel Packlaid, the bounty hunter Herrin Cross and his elven companion, an elven pistolier, and later Rathos and a barbarian ruffian.

  • The fight goes one for a while, an amazingly no one is killed.  Asinjin gets locked in a magical duel with Revel while charm many of the participants.  Isaac musically aids his friends and thunderclaps Revel and Herrin.  Kovar does his best without his sword to use Asinjin's wands and his attacks.  Parker protects the girl.

  • The pistolier escapes with Rathos, the princess, and her boyfriend in tow.  The constables arrive and arrest everyone who is left.

  • After talking to everyone, the group is determined to not have broken any laws and is let go.

  • They discover that the large bounty was in fact to capture the princess.  They also discover that Herrin and his ally will be leaving the country.

  • Back at Ava's Hope, they meet Sunjata, an Intorian that knows Parker and was rescued by Asinjin a year ago.  He vows to help track down Koddan and praises Montaron.


Session 61:  Ambush and Talk (Praemon 783)

  • The group tried to relax for a day while Parker learned a spell from Asinjin.  They visited several shops and sparred at the arena.

  • When the group returns to Ava'a Hope, they notice they are once again being followed.  Asinjin turns invisible and moves towards them, while the others discretely wait.  As Asinjin is just about to reach the followers, he is contacted in his mind and the area goes black, the fight begins.

  • Asinjin is quickly knocked out by an assailant.  The others rush to his aid against a familiar dwarf and an unknown cloaked figure.  They heal Asinjin right away and surround the two visible figures.  After a few rounds, they are able to drive off the three attackers, two by dimension door, one by teleport.  The constables then arrive and question the group, but nothing comes of it.

  • The group sells the dwarven breastplate and then gets some information from an associate of Parker's.

  • The group visits Cobus the next day and pays for lots of information.

  • The group goes to the arena where a day of fights is being held.  They see many people they know.  A guardian sits next to Asinjin and talks with him.


Session 62:   When You Don't Stick to the Plan (Praemon 783)

  • The next morning, the group plans out what they intend to do.  They are going to go to the bardic college to get a mirror and a scrye spell.  They are going to pay Parker's informants to get information on the Gree and the dwarf.  They are going to leave the city for several days while that all gets done.  As they are about to start, a wizard named Luigi from the college arrives with Ari, an old companion of Asinjin's.  They also arrive with a giant badger who is now a companion of Ari's.  After introductions, Ari lets them know he too is searching for Koddan and the Day Turned Dark.  Luigi gives Asinjin a mirror and tells

    him he will return later that day is a scroll of scrye.
  • The group spends the rest of the day paying associates to collect information and getting to know Ari.  Asinjin learns the spell.

  • Early the next day, Asinjin is able to scrye the dwarf.  He attempts to teleport the himself, Ari, Kovar, and Parker to the dwarf.  Sunjata takes the magical steed Asinjin created.  The teleports is off target and the group loses the dwarf.

  • Later that day, after some debate, the group agrees to go to the Lady Luxury where Asinjin is supposed to talk to all of the girls about their customers.  As soon as Asinjin walks in, a trap is sprung.  Asinjin is locked in a dead magic room and beaten unconscious as the others fail to get to him.


Session 63:   A Fine Rescue (Praemon 783)

  • The group quickly takes to finding Asinjin.  After a time, they discover that the Lady Luxury is an illusion trap.  They eventually manage to get on the trail, but the telepathic link ends before they get anywhere.  Kovar's spell that detected Asinjin's health helps for a time, but is then useless.  After a few dead ends, Parker breaks a magic coin and Gnickodemus and Acyll appear.  They are unhappy that they have been summoned and there are no demons, and also that they must help find Asinjin

    who doesn't like the Guardians.  They help anyway.
  • After searching through the sewers, the group begins to close in on Asinjin and his captures.  Sunjata and Acyll go in different directions to cover all the bases.  The rest of them come to a door which after detecting inside, Gnickodemus destroys.  Inside, they find clerics of Dresta looking to sacrifice Asinjin.  A battle begins.  After a few rounds of slowing defeating the two dozen clerics, the leader disappears.  Asinjin wakes up and is able to knock out half of those remaining.  The rest surrender.  The group begins to interrogate the clerics, who are able to talk due to Kovar's heavy handed tactics, when Sunjata arrives with the constables.  The group returns to Ava's Hope to rest.  Gnickodemus and Acyll leave.

  • Asinjin tells the group that the dwarf Armis and the insane Intorian in the city kidnapped him and sold him to the clerics, claiming he was a member of the religion of Arsur'Anyodel.  They believe that Allar is alive.  During there conversation, Vega and another Sunjata walk into the inn.  A fight quickly begins between everyone and the Sunjata at the table, who is evidently an imposter.  The group is finally able to defeat the doppelganger.   Once again, the constables arrive and take the prisoner away.


Session 64:   Fighting Through the Traps is the Hard Way (Praemon 783)

  • The next morning, the group which now includes Vega and the real Sunjata, goes visiting several temples and shrines before Asinjin wakes up.  They uncover some information about the missing dwarves.

  • When the speak to Asinjin, he reveals to them what he heard while captured.  Armis and the insane Intorian are working for Koddan, Allar, Pendath and a creature named Malfeseus.  They had a contract with a third party to deliver bodies, which they have now broken.  They are waiting on a shipment of materials for Allar that they hope will help him control a demon.  The group makes several assumptions about his information.  They decide to visit the constables.

  • The constables tell them that the doppelganger is not Lajelter, who the group had encountered in Port Springs.

  • The group, after hearing what Asinjin had to say about being drugged by a potion bought from the temple of Tfop, decide to go to the temple of Tfop.  At the temple, they talk to the cleric, who tells them the only person she has sold a similar potion to the one Asinjin describes is the game warden of the city.  The constable with them tells the group that the game warden was killed months ago and that the home that the cleric describes delivering the potion to is not the home of the game warden.  The group decides to go to that house and investigate.

  • With one constable, the group goes to the house.  They see two Horarians watching the house, and notice at least one evil figure on the second floor.  They decide to go in after preparing.  When they get inside, they find a secret door in the floor and hear running footsteps.  All but Vega, Asinjin, and the constable run after the noise.  The group gets trapped in the tunnel.  Those that remain in the house discover they are trapped as well.  There are two figures upstairs.  After preparing, they blast a hole in the ceiling.  After a short fight, they are able to hold one attacker, a Horarian.  The other attacker, the dwarf Armis, escapes.

  • Asinjin and Vega rush on horseback to the Lady Luxuries, hoping to find the others.  When they get there, they find many constables who have been searching the building.  No one else has been in the building in two days, and they have found nothing.  The other soon realize they are trapped in a tunnel and will not make it to the Lady Luxuries.

  • Asinjin and Vega go to find the location where the others are trapped under the street.  They are able to get the others out.  The group decides to go to the constables and interrogate the new prisoner.


Session 65:   Making a Good Plan (Praemon 783)

  • Vega and Asinjin thoroughly search the house and find three clues

    hidden about.  They do not know what the clues refer to.
  • The group heads to jetty 33, based on the number 33 written in dwarven runes, a clue found in the house.  They find that the jetty has not been used for years, because a ship sank there.  Finding it odd the ship has been left, they ask around a find that people have come into and our of the water in the jetty.  They discover that in interior of the ship is magically dark.  The group agrees to come back another day.

  • After buying some potions of Water Breathing at the temple of Tfop, they go to Ava's Hope.  The next morning they are approached by Minister Drayton, Martine Vanyar, and the constable that has helped them.  The Minister offers a reward for the capture of killing of the creature that killed three constables at the wall of Port Phiam.  The constable, after the others leave, tells the group that the doppelganger was questioned by the Minister and is now gone.  The constable tells them some information of the doppelganger's that confirms some of what they know.

  • The group goes to collect information from Glassman, who tells them about a ship coming in within the next three days.  The group concludes that the ship is carrying cargo for Koddan and his associates.  After much debate, the group agrees the best plan of action is to wait for later and assault the entrance at jetty 33, then wait and grab the cargo.

  • They go to the temple of Lakius, where the old cleric agrees to cast some spells for them, including lowering the water at the jetty to make it easier.  They set up a plan, wait, cast some long lasting spells, and go into the water.

  • Once in, they come to the entrance.  Isaac remains above, since they group is short one water breathing potion.  Ari goes in first, followed by Sunjata and then Parker.  None of them come back out.  Asinjin dispels the darkness, but it does not help.  Those that entered cannot be communicated with via the active telepathy, and Kovar's Status spell fails.  Asinjin has his Sawtooth beaver eat though the ship.  They discover a stone block in which the other must be.  Inside, the other remained trapped.  Vega goes in and quickly comes back out of the seeming dead magic area.


Session 66:  Unintended Consequences of a Fireball  (Praemon 783)

  • After some quick planning, Asinjin heads into the watery maze.  He reaches the end and is not able to figure out the puzzle.  He begins to do his best to investigate the room he is trapped in, having become sealed in after a failed attempt to solve the puzzle.  Meanwhile, those outside decide someone should go in after the rope goes taught.  Isaac wins (loses) the game and starts into the watery maze.  As Asinjin tries to escape and Isaac approaches, Ari and Parker awaken, bound and facing the Regulan and Armis.  After a few moments, the room fills with fire.  Unknowingly, Asinjin, in an attempt to escape, begins fireballing and lightning bolting down a tube which ends in the room the others are in.  The fire allows Ari and Parker to break their bonds.  After a quick fight, they knock out Armis with his own poison and Regulan flees.  They finally decipher the puzzle and unlock Asinjin from the room.  Two minutes later, everyone has made it to the

    holding room.
  • Dragging Armis, the group heads down a tunnel.  After some time, they arrive at a heavy door, a staircase, and a secret door.  After opening the secret door and finding a pit of filth that seems familiar to Asinjin, the group decides to go into the secret passage.  That decision despite tracks leading into the room of filth.  After more time walking down corridors, the group comes into a building and finds a meeting room below them.  Peeking inside, they see Koddan, Muyarin, Pendath, 6 other men, and a shadowy figure.  They are arguing about where Armis and Regulan are and they have barricaded the main doors into the room.  Parker finds a secret way into the room and the group plans an attack.

  • Bursting into the room, the groups spells are turned around, but surprise is still with them.  Koddan quickly gives up yelling that the black knight is coming.  Asinjin is able to disable 4 of the six henchmen.  Sunjata is horribly wounded and near dead but continues to fight.  Parker is forced to fight defensively and Isaac hangs in the back inspiring and healing.  Vega, Kovar, and Ari fight Pendath and Muyarin.  Muyarin is forced to withdraw.  A banging begins on the doors as someone is trying to get into the room.  Asinjin knocks out another thug but loses his hammer.  Stellit, who had revealed himself as the shadowy figure, remains hanging above attacking.


Session 67:  The Long Fight  (Praemon 783)

  • As spells get through around, it becomes apparent that the dais in the center of the room is magic dead and that (after Parker lets everyone know) above the dais is a rare Spell Engine.  As the fight continues, the spell engine grows above the dais, with Pendath trying to intentionally enlarge it.  Asinjin makes sure to stay

    far away from it.
  • Isaac continues to blast away with his wand of sonic blasts, eventually destroying the chandelier and bringing Stellit to the ground.  Asinjin uses his Dolores Motes to stop Stellit for the rest of the fight and blocking the front door.  Another of Isaac's blasts opens a hole in the wall, where a short time later four Horarians carrying a chest enter.  Two join the fight, against Koddan and Isaac, while the other two try to get the chest to Pendath.

  • Muyarin's invisibility is dispelled, and he is then set upon by Ari and Asinjin's spells.  He is soon defeated.

  • The front door is smashed and an agent of the Black Knight, but not the knight himself, is there.  Parker breaks his charm that calls the guardians.  The cleaver-wielding abomination leaps through the Dolores Motes and is delayed slightly.

  • The knight moves forward and eventually gets to the podium.  The guardians arrive from above and are harassed by abyssal vermin summoned by knight.  The knight then is attacked by Ari, Vega, Sunjata, and Asinjin's spells.  Kovar tries to get to Pendath and begins to attack him.  Isaac runs around trying to get help.  Parker prevents the chest from getting to the top of the dais.

  • The knight is brought down by Ari.  Koddan, Parker, and Isaac defeat the new Horarians.  Pendath is left alone, and he uses a rod to erupt the spell engine and disappear with Kovar.  The guardians from above tell the others that Pendath and Kovar fell through a trap door.  Below, Kovar gives chase.

  • Ari and Asinjin chase Pendath above.  They have to make their way through Icefian soldiers, without a fight.  After a minute, Pendath Teleports away and they all return to the house.