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Symbol of Dedestroyt

There are two versions of the deity, one as it is known on Habololy and one as it is known on Astilan.

Pronounced [dee-dae-strawt']

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Dedestroyt on Habololy


(The Destroyer, The Killer, The Guard of the Dead)

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The most feared deity on the

Counsil.  Dedestroyt is the gate guard between the mortal world and the other.  He is the judge that decides where a mortal will go after death; either to their own deity, or to his unforgiving realm.  He is entrusted with stopping as many cultists from reaching their deities after death as possible.  Dedestroyt is seen as an armored skeleton, taller than an ogre, who wields a mighty serrated greatsword.  Once, before the Counsil had been formed, Dedestroyt tried to kill to the world.  He fought the creators, and defeated all but Habastly, whom shattered Dedestroyt’s slaying sword with his life force.  Seeing the power of this new deity, and not being able to destroy him, Habastly offered to share the cycle of existence with Dedestroyt, who gladly accepted the role.  It is also said that since Dedestroyt failed in his mission to kill the world, it will

turn pass to one of his progeny to do so.


The followers of Dedestroyt fall into two categories.  Those that respect death and help others to respect it and not fear it, and those that want to bring death and destruction to Habololy.  Fortunately, the former, who have a shrine or temple in nearly every city, outnumber the latter, who generally hold no temples or shrines.  The two sects do not interfere with each other and in fact there are two different clerics held as the high cleric by the two factions.


Malcolm leads the majority of the religion, traveling from temple to temple, ensuring that the faithful are in line with the teachings of Dedestroyt.  He wages a constant evangelic war against Vistrani Fell, the current Dead Stalker and leader of the other sect.  (See sidebar).


Dedestroyt has always supported the Counsil; his symbiotic relationship with Habastly has existed for millennia.  However, this support does include a great deal of scorn, especially towards Quan Yin and Falan.  Dedestroyt loathes the cults, with the exception of Loomashyn.  His clerics, of either sect, will openly attack any clerics of Hemator.


Unlike most of the other deities, who give the quasi-deities the opportunity to prove themselves, Dedestroyt has never voted for the elevation of a quasi deity to the Counsil.  His religion calls for the persecution of the followers of any quasi-deity.


The appearance of Dedestroyt always bodes poorly for those that see him.  The hulking 12 foot skeleton in plate armor never sneaks in or quietly appears.  His entrance is booming and his presence is felt at the end of his massive serrated greatsword.


Power:  Greater God

Symbol: A human skull with serrated sword through the eye sockets.

Alignment:   Chaotic Neutral

Aspects:  Death, Destruction

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Death, Destruction, Repose, Terror, War

Prayer Time: After the sun sets for the day

Favored Weapon:  Serrated Greatsword

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  None

Favored Class:  none


High Templenone

High Cleric:  Malcolm the Dread

Number of Faithful:  200,000

Associated Groups:  Huntsmen, the Dead Stalkers


Dogma:  Death is the only inescapable truth.  Respect it and make sure those who do not learn to do so.

Feast Day: 17th Leenot

Dedestroyt on Astilan

(Overseer of death, Bringer of Destruction)


Power: Lesser God

Symbol: A human skull with serrated sword through the eye sockets.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Aspects: Death, Destruction

Plane of Existence: Prime Material

Domains: Death, Destruction, Time, War

Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Great Sword

Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor

Tool Proficiency: Choose one: Alchemist, Herbalist, or Poisoner

Saving Throws: Constitution

Skills: Choose two: Intimidation, Religion, or Survival

Turn Undead: Turn Undead

Back from the Dead: None

High Temple: ???

High Cleric: ???

Number of Faithful: ???

Associated Groups: Stalker of the Dead

Dogma: Death is the only inescapable truth. Respect it and make sure those who do not learn to do so.

Feast Day: ???