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Each deity page will have the following format.


DEITY’S NAME [phonetic spelling] (other names the deity is known by)

How the world sees the deity? What role the deity has on the Counsil and in the world? What are the major myths surrounding the deity? Who are the deity’s enemies and allies? How long has the deity existed on Habololy?

Power: The level of power a deity has. Based on length of existence and number of followers. There are five levels: Overgod, Greater God, Lesser God, Demi-god, and Quasi-deity.

Symbol: The symbol that the deity is known by, also usually the holy symbol of a cleric of that deity.

Alignment: The alignment of the deity.

Aspects: The ideals, creatures, races, places, professions, and elements that fall under the watch of the deity.

Plane of Existence: The plane on which the deity truly exists. For the most part, the deities of the Counsil are of the Prime Material Plane.

Domains: The domains of influence, which a deity is known for and that the deity grants to clerics. A cleric must have two domains, no more or less. Clerics of quasi-deities have only one domain.

Favored Weapon: The weapon, if any, that the deity is seen with or known to wield. This is necessary for certain divine spells and for clerics, who wish to closely emulate their deity. It is also often used in symbols of the deity. A cleric automatically gains proficiency in her deity’s favored weapon if not already proficient.

Turn Undead: Whether the deity grants clerics the ability to turn or control the undead, or what power replaces that ability. If another power replaces the turn undead power, that power may be used for the purposes of using certain feats instead of that power. An * means that those feats are unavailable to a cleric of that deity.

Back from the Dead: Because of the varying beliefs of the deities, if or how they allow their clerics to bring beings back from the dead varies. There are four categories in which the deities fall: None – they may not bring back the dead; Resurrect – they may only use spells such as Raise Dead or Resurrect; Reincarnate – they may only reincarnate; Any – they may use any method.

Favored Class: The class that the deity allows the clerics of the faith to choose as a favored class.

High Temple: The location of the most sacred and usually most important temple of the deity.

High Cleric: The name of the high cleric.

Number of Faithful: The approximate number of mortal followers of the deity.

Associated Groups: Any organizations that are known to be in the service of the deity. This often includes deity-based prestige classes.

Dogma: The guide for the everyday worshiper of the deity.

Counsil Deities


Greater Deities

Lesser Deities

Demi Deities

Cult Deities

Lesser Deities

Demi Deities

Quasi Deities

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