Foes of the Day Turned Dark

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Daane</a> - A dwarven bard and silversword that has made it his mission in life to defeat the cabal known as the Day Turned Dark. (sessions 1-45; 51-55) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Keldan%20Windblade.htm">Keldaan</a> - A northern elven explorer who befriended Daane and tried to help him defeat the Day Turned Dark.  He was nearly killed by undead, and was the only surviving member of Daane's first group that set out to defeat the cabal. (sessions 1-11; 34-44; 51-55) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Vega%20Blackbattle.htm">Vega</a> - A dwarven rogue that was drawn into Daane's quest.  He is extremely knowledgeable about Port Springs, where he has lived all of his life. (session 1-11; 19-45; 51-55: 63+) Montaron - The runaway son of a powerful dwarven cleric of Smofarf.  Montaron has his father's devotion, but not his love of nobility.  Montaron is a healer and took the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge by joining Daane in his fight against the cabal. (sessions 1-55) Matthias - A dwarven representative in Port Springs.  Many of the activities of the Day Turned Dark occurred in his district and he felt obliged to help sort things out. (sessions 1-11; 34-44) For'Jeck - A Frozensky dwarf that wondered into Port Springs at the wrong time and got tangled up with the Day Turned Dark.  He joined up with Daane and company more to get himself out of trouble than anything else. (session 1-33)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="../Player%20Characters/Koth%20Orcson.htm">Koth</a> - An half-orcish berserker and crafter that returned with Daane to Port Springs.  He quickly took a disliking to the Day Turned Dark and aided Daane in trying to defeat them. (sessions 19-33) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Malek.htm">Malek</a> - A human sorcerer that returned with Daane to Port Springs.  He also disliked the Day Turned Dark and decided to help Daane defeat them.  While with Daane in the String Mountains, he continued to practice his summoning skills. (sessions 12-33) Rhyssh - A sandoo that was imprisoned with Daane.  He traveled to Port Springs with Daane after they escaped in order to find a safe way back to the desert. (sessions 12-22) Grizby - A poor sledgehammer dwarf that had been manipulated by the illithids until he manifested psychic powers.  He escaped them to find help.  He ran into Daane and companions and the decided to help each other. (sessions 14-32)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="../Player%20Characters/Solaris.htm"> Solaris</a> - A mostly human cleric and paladin of Hemator.  He traveled to Port Springs with to assist his friend Reik and immediately discovered the Day Turned Dark.  He enthusiastically assisted Daane and companions against the cabal. (sessions 23-32)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="../Player%20Characters/Parker.htm">Parker</a> - A human from Icefia that traveled to Port Springs in search of work and adventure.  He was tricked into attacking a judge in the city and became a fugitive for months until his capture. (sessions 34-39, 51+)

Acyll - An elven agent of the guardians that came to Port Springs to find answers about the Day Turned Dark. (sessions 34-50) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Malchia.htm">Malchia</a> - A Nipit with sorcerous powers.  He continues to travel with Daane in search of the answers to the mysterious collection of artifacts he possesses. (sessions 34-44) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Enzo.htm">Lorenzo</a> - Another Nipit sorcerer, he is a master of shape changing.  He is on a quest to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Amatine assassins. (sessions 43-50) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Brack.htm">Brack</a> - A dwarven wizard blitzcaster and resident of Port Springs that was dragged into the fight against the Day Turned Dark when he set up along with Lorenzo, Parker and others.  (sessions 43-44; 51-55)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <a href="../Player%20Characters/Hipolet.htm">Hipolet</a> - A dwarf of the Frozensky clan that the group hired to help them track down Dovan's captors.  He is a ranger, woods-dwarf, hunter, and solitary figure. (sessions 45-50) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Kovar.htm">Kovar</a> - A Yellowian bounty hunter that was lead to Port Springs by Daane's Silversword brothers.  Once in the city, he agreed to help fight the Day Turned Dark for coin and other reasons. (sessions 51+)

Emmerik - A professor from the Bardic college of Icefia who was sent to Port Springs to investigate the incarceration of Parker and the Day Turned Dark.  He is a cleric of Falan and a bard. (sessions 51-55)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <a href="../Player%20Characters/Asinjin%20Al-Davourin%20El-Turok.htm">Asinjin</a> - After his brush with death, Asinjin left the Guardian Temple and is looking to leave Icefia.  During his efforts, he ended up in the college and from there has become involved in the search for the last member of the Day Turned Dark. (sessions 56+) <a href="../Player%20Characters/rathos.htm">Rathos</a> - The 'man' of the Icefian Bardic college is forced into one of his occasional forays into helping the world. (sessions 56-57)

Isaac - A studious bard of the college who has finally left his studies to find inspiration and adventure.  His first stop is Port Phiam. (sessions 56+)