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The nation of the Frost Giants has at times rivaled the great nations of Habololy. It has existed in one form of another, as have the Frost Giants, for as long as the dwarves have been on Habololy. Legend has it that the Frost Giants and the dwarves of the String Mountains were brought to Habololy together by Smofarf. The two races have lived close to each other in the String Mountains for all that time. They have been at different times allies and enemies.

Through the will of Frostine, the Frost Giants made their way to all of the other cold climates of Habololy. They live on the continent of Icefia, and in the southern reaches of Pacyr. While the Frost Giants of the String Mountains have always maintained a semblance of order and community, those that have moved elsewhere usually fall into a more chaotic and brutal lifestyle.

None of the Frost Giants are gentile or kind, but those of the String Mountains at least obey the laws they have had for centuries. The strong rule over the weak, but all are given a chance to prove themselves strong, even the females. Cities and towns are built and maintained for protection against enemy nations. Trade and only minor competitions goes on between the cities and towns of the String Mountains. Meetings are held that involve leaders from all of the communities where decisions regarding them all are made. None of this is true of the Frost Giant settlements elsewhere on Habololy. The most powerful male rules these tribes. Different tribes are just as much an enemy as the town of another race.

APPEARANCE: Frost Giants are described by the other races as large dwarves. They describe dwarves as small giants. They stand an average of fifteen feet tall, and weigh an average of twenty eight hundred pounds. Their skin ranges from near white pale to sun darkened weathered color. Their hair is either a shade of white blue, or a dark near black. Anything in between is rare, as are any other color. They all have blue eyes.

ALIGNMENT: The white Frost Giants tend to be neutral or evil, but about one in ten are good. They are mostly lawful or neutral, with one in ten being chaotic. For the black frost giants, they are mostly neutral or evil, with rarely a good one to be found. They are unlikely to be lawful, with an equal split between neutral and chaotic.

RELIGION: The majority of all of the Frost Giants worship Frostine. Among the other white Frost Giants, a variety of other deities are worshipped: Stasis, Drunnbar, Han~Sui, Compture, The Oldest Orc, Smofarf, and Dedestroyt. The black Frost Giants also worship various cults of evil.


There are two clear divisions in the lines of the frost giants. Within the race, they call themselves the traditional and the crazed. Dwarves and barbarians, and others that even know there is a difference, call them the black and the white, based on the typical hair color.

  • All Frost Giants are large-sized
  • All Frost Giants are immune to cold
  • All Frost Giants are vulnerable to fire
  • All Frost Giants have a base speed of 40ft.
  • All Frost Giants start with 30 hit points in addition to class levels
  • All Frost Giants receive a +2 bonus to all Saving throws made against an ice or cold based spell
  • All Frost Giants any cold or ice-based spells cast have a DC of one higher
  • All Frost Giants are immune to the effects of snow blindness
  • All Frost Giants have a +9 natural armor class bonus

White Frost Giants

  • receive a +2 bonus to all skill checks when related to ice or cold; such as Survival in the arctic, Spellcraft of an ice spell, Craft (sculpture) of ice or snow, etc
  • have low light vision
  • favored class is Fighter
  • receive a +8 bonus to Strength; a +2 bonus to Constitution; and a –2 penalty to Dexterity
  • may select from the following racial feats: Frontiersman, Hardy, Power Attack, Rock Throwing, Weapon Proficiency (any Axe)
  • ECL +4

Black Frost Giants

  • have 120ft. darkvision
  • favored class is Berserker
  • receive a +8 bonus to Strength; a +4 bonus to Constitution; a –2 penalty to Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma
  • may select from the following racial feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Power Attack, Rock Throwing, Weapon Proficiency (any Axe)
  • ECL +4