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Symbol of Frostine

Pronounced [fros tine']

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Winter has existed since Habololy was first created, but Frostine has not.  The winter season was originally the domain of Lakius.  Realizing the burden of handling the sea, the sky, winter, and other aspects, Lakius decided to sponsor a

deity, who became known as Frostine.


Infatuated with his power, the young deity created the continent of Icefia.  A frozen land only inhabited by the creatures he placed there.  Not content with only that, Frostine set his cold eyes upon the rest of the world.  Before he could move any further, a strange thing happened to Icefia: humanity.  Humans settled and eventually defeated Frostine’s paradise.


Diminished, but never defeated, Frostine continues to belt out his fury of winters down upon the world.  His chosen creatures are in hibernation for the time when Frostine has promised Habololy will feel the icy grasp


A long-standing member of the Counsil, Frostine rarely strays from the will of the majority.  His only nemesis on it is Sutyr, whom he will oppose at every turn.  Of the cults, Frostine cares little beyond his duty to the Counsil.


The faithful of Frostine are devoted to his icy view of the world.  They seek to bring it about so that Frostine can wield more power.  His faithful are jealous and distant, and stand out easily.  They take no care to hide their intentions.


There has been speculation among enlightened clerics of all religions that Frostine has faithful on other worlds not far away, from where he draws power and brings allies.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol:  A four-pointed snowflake.

Alignment:  Neutral Evil

Aspects:  Winter, Cold, Frost Giants

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Hatred, Ice, Tyranny, Weather

Prayer Time: In the morning before the sun comes out

Favored Weapon:  Spear

Turn Undead:  Control Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none

Special: Ability to create Armor of Ice (see p.228)


High Temple MountSykle

High Cleric:  Farn Winterson

Number of Faithful:  600,000

Associated Groups:  none


            Dogma:  The power of the cold cannot be overcome.  Everything will one day fall into chill.  The wise worship the might of the winter and the cold it brings.  Death is cold.  Those who have accepted it have nothing to fear; those who fought against the inevitable will learn in death they were wrong.

            Feast Day: 1st Coustus<![endif]>