Frozen Threat Characters

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Lorenzo - Another Nipit sorcerer, he is a master of shape changing. He is on a quest to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of Amatine assassins. Before he can do that, he must become more powerful. (sessions 1-5, 14+)

K'shen - A native of another world where the forces of cold reign supreme. He has come to warn Habololy of the dangers of the cults. (sessions 1-12)

Hipolet - A dwarf of the Frozensky clan that has joined the quest to uncover and thwart the cults of cold. He is a ranger, woods-dwarf, hunter, and solitary figure. (sessions 1-12, 14)

Marhand - A dwarven warrior and veteran of the Frozensky militia who has joined in the quest to search out the Frozen cults. (sessions 1-12)

Brack Lightningrock - A member of the Blitzcaster guild that was sent to investigate the cults of cold. He is a former companion of Enzo's. (sessions 6-12)

Hadrada son of Erik - A barbarian from Alesund that was trained by Damon and fought against the cults when they attacked his town. He was recruited by Damon to go with Roflander on his covert quest through the kingdom. (sessions 7-12)

Owen Brisbane - Sent by the lords of the dwarven kingdom to make sure Brack was okay and doing his assigned task. He is begin forced into this service due to his past activities. (sessions 11, 12, 14-16)