Frozen Threat Events (season 1: 1-5)

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Session 1:  New Allies Against the Cold (14 Pramon 784 to 6 Wavery 784)

  • Garanuf and his companions are in the settlement of Swef to talk to the elders about getting help for their mission to uncover the cults of cold.  They rest and restock.  After a few days, they have a meeting with those in the settlement interested in helping.  Garanuf had arranged the meeting with the elders days before.  Dwarves, barbarians, and one Sakor'akai are at the meeting.  Garanuf introduces his allies; Enzo, K'Shen, and Hipolet and talks to the crowd.  After some time, he narrows the field down to a few possible recruits, and also discovers that the Sakor'akai and barbarians are there to hear what he has to say and report back.  The barbarians listen and leave, the Sakor'akai, named Taval, offers to go along after he has reported.  From the gathered dwarves, Garanuf and the others select the warrior Marhand, the Giant Killer Markel, and the cleric of Treetop Lorjek.

  • The group sets off North soon after with the plan of gathering information about the cults and taking that information to an ally, Duke Roflander of the Frost Giants.  After two weeks, they reach the mountains.  Garanuf leaves them to attend to other matters and to prevent himself from endangering the mission due to his notoriety.  Hipolet leads them into the mountains, on a unknown yet direct path.  Several days in, they are attacked by a frozen skeletal bear.  After finding its den, the search the mountain it was in and find a larger, carved out cave near the top.  They climb up and are about to go in, when a cold mist rushes through them and escapes, followed by an ice elemental, which attacks them.

  • Marhand and Hipolet are almost through off the mountain.   Everyone is hurt by the rampaging block of ice.  They attack it with arrow and axe, and thankfully Enzo's magic and Marhand's fiery oil.  The group is finally able to defeat the elemental, but not before it crushes Lorjek, leaving him near-death.


Session 2:  Stalked by Undeath (6 Wavery 784 to 29 Wavery 784)

  • The group decides to start their way down the mountain, towards a tree from which they can make a litter to carry Lorjek.  Taval and K'shen wait at the top for Enzo, who goes into the cave to search.  He finds, at the bottom, a cavern filler with piles of ice and bone.  The center of the room has a symbol, which K'shen later notes is that of Domen.  Icy spiders scurry and flee.  Enzo is able to destroy one of them.  He leaves the cave and the all meet up at the tree.  Enzo tells what he saw.

  • They decide to let Hipolet lead them farther, but this time looking for a town.  Within two days, Hipolet finds a path and the town of Darfur.  It is a town of the Dwarven Kingdom in a secluded valley where they are able to farm.  The town's emissary, Hark, greets them and asks them questions.  When he is satisfied, he invites them into the town.  They are given room and board.  A cleric of Smofarf heals them and says he can heal Lorjek in eight days.  The group decides to stay and wait.  Enzo trades with and speaks to the wizards.  Marhand spends time with the guards.  Hipolet scouts ahead.  The group buys new supplies.  They give Hark the exact location of the mountain in which they found the symbol and skeletons.  Nine days after they arrive, they leave the town.

  • For days, they follow a clever path of Hipolet's.  They make good time and have good weather.  Then, twice they are attacked by undead in two days.  They defeat the creatures, but are put on edge.  In the second battle, Chase the wolf is chilled and must be carried.  Days later, while resting, K'shen calls out a warning.  A large creature is above and descending.  The group prepares for battle when a call in the distance yells from them to come to it.  They see a fire in that direction.  Enzo almost doesn't, but then joins the group running from what he thinks is a Chimera.  The calls came from a Frost Giant with two other holding crossbows.  They launch flaming bolts at the creature, who thinks better of charging and flees.  The giant says he is a warrior of Duke Roflander's.


Session 3:  Into the Realm of Roflander (29 Wavery 784 to  8 Trest 784)

  • The giants, lead by Arouf, tell the group that they have been watching the Chimera but have not been able to catch it.  They agree to take the group to speak with Roflander.  Arouf says it will take four days.  On the third day, they decide to try and catch the Chimera.  As the giants, Markel, and Lorjek wait at the camp, the others hide closer to the south, the direction from which the Chimera usually approaches.  It comes into view and closes in on Marhand, who is not hidden to draw it near.  When it gets into range, Marhand attacks with its bow, provoking it closer.  As it gets nearer, Enzo turns into a wyvern and tries to get it to the ground.  He fails, and the others attack from range.  The creature charges Marhand, nearly killing him.  Everyone closes in.  The Chimera moves to fly away, but before it can get away, arrows and spells kill it and it falls to its death.  The group looks over the corpse and Enzo and Marhand collect parts.

  • Later that night, Enzo is sent a message my Hark, the emissary from Darfur.  He tells Enzo that the dwarves have found and destroyed the cavern that the group had uncovered.  In that and later messages, they learn that the icy spiders carried a poison to kill and turn creatures into icy undead.  They learn the cavern was used for summoning and communication.  They learn the creature that fled was a powerful divine undead caster and that it has left the dwarven kingdom.

  • In Roflander's city, the group stays mostly in their inn, the only building suitable for smaller folk.  They meet with Roflander, who tells them of his problems and that he does not have the ability to investigate the cult to the north.  He does defend the one barbarians town of Alesund that Enzo helped save years ago.  He agrees to help the group get to the town and start looking for more information.  While in the town, the group sells the innards of the Chimera and speaks to a cleric of Frostine, who tells them which cults he has seen and heard of and which are active in the area that he knows of.  After three days, the group is flown to Alesund.

  • In Alesund, the group meets Damon, a giant Knight of the White Sword.  He tells them of refugees that have come from other towns and his inability to learn much in the past two years of the forces that are taking control of the other barbarian towns.  Hipolet barters to have hide armor made from the Chimera skin.


Session 4:  Towns of the Frozen Plains (8 Trest 784 to  26 Trest 784)

  • For five days, the group stays in Alesund.  They talk to many refugees, after speaking with the tax collector Hewen, who has lists of them all.  They learn about a woman who sensed the evil coming in her town.  Another family fled their home after one of the members saw strange goings on in a nearby town and a strange mist rolled into town.  The group finally decides to head north, and visit several towns on the list.  Hipolet gets directions to the towns.  Taval stays in Alesund.

  • On the second day out of Alesund, in a pouring rain, Hipolet leads the group into a town on accident and they are forced to knock out a guard and flee.  Many days later, Hipolet falls into a spider trap.  The group is ambushed by seven massive hairy spiders that Enzo does not recognize.  K'Shen and Lorjek are trapped in the web as the others fight off the spiders.  Hipolet gets dragged into the pit and kills one and drives off another spider.  Markel, Marhand, and Enzo kill the other five outside of the pit, including the largest one.  Enzo and K'shen determine that the spiders are natural creatures, but not native to the area.  The find bones from humans and animals inside.

  • Continuing their journey north, they come to a mining town.  Enzo and K'shen plan to enter from the south, while the other go around to the north and watch for any barbarians that leave the town.  Once there, they set up a trap on the northern path.  Enzo and K'shen enter the town and are greeted by Tordor, who leads them to a lodge where they can stay while trading their wears; the to claim to be hunters.  Minutes after they are inside, a woman with bread arrives.  She hands them bread, but before she leaves men charge into the lodge and attacks.  Enzo and K'shen make quick work of them.  They charm the woman and ask where Tordor went.  She guides them through the town, where they see a barbarian encased in a large icicle, driven into the ground.  She says the man was their champion, who was defeated by the frost giant.  The two leave to the north, without finding Tordor, and after defeating another warrior who accosted them.

  • Right after they reach their friends, they all see a mist of frost rolling in from the north towards them and the town.


Session 5:   (26 Trest 784 to  27 Trest 784)

  • The group rushes to the nearest cover, a mining platform.  All except K'shen, who hides among the rocks much closer to the road.  For several minutes, they wait and listen.

  • Hipolet's wolf, Chase smells something, the group investigates and suddenly Lorjek is taken.  A fight begins around the mining platform.  wolves and giants attack.  The group barely hangs on as K'Shen rushes to find them and join in the fight.  The group begins to fall back into the mine shaft.  Finally K'shen arrives and the mist begins to clear.  Marhand valiantly fends off the attackers after getting nearly killed several times.  Enzo and Hipolet are knocked out.  Markel is frozen into uselessness.  They kill several wolves and a giant.  They disarm the leader, who finally retreats into the mist.  They capture a chosen of Frostine spellcaster, but do not find Lorjek.

  • The group debates, but finally decides to return to Roflander with the prisoner and the information that have found.  On their way back, Hipolet notices they are being followed by barbarians.