Frozen Threat Events (season 2: 6-12)

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Session 6: A New Mission (27 Trest 784 to 26 Huenti 784)

  • The group makes it back to Alesund with the chosen in tow.  They tell Damon and Taval everything that happened.  Damon takes the chosen and locks him away until they have spoken with Roflander.  Taval flies to Dramman to speak with Roflander.  The groups rests for two days.  Taval returns with word and with a dwarf named Brack.  Enzo recognizes Brack, who says his guild has sent him here to look into the cults.  The group excepts his aid.  Taval says that Roflander has asked that the chosen be brought to him for more questioning.  The group debates it and then agrees.  K'Shen and Marhand berate Taval.  The next morning, as they set off, Taval is gone.  The group begins its ascent to Dramman, awaiting the Roc to come and help them get there.

  • Two days on the road to the town, the group is camped for the night when Marhand, on watch, hears a battle cry.  He awakens the others and charges out.  Barbarians, over ten feet tall charge the group.  The group gets to its feet in time as Marhand delays the arrive of the group from the north and Brack puts illusions in the way of the others before killing several with lightning.  Enzo guards the chosen.  Markel joins Marhand.    K'Shen showers them with shards of crystal.  Marhand nearly kills one, cutting of his leg.  A mist descends on the barbarians, shielding them.  Brack burns away the mist around the southern group and kills more.  Hipolet kills ones with arrows.  The other group moves into the midst of everyone.  Chase hears two sneaking near the chosen.  Enzo burns them as Hipolet and Chase drive them off.  Brack summons elementals to dismiss the mist and them using lighting to dispatch many others.  Enzo, as a troll, kills another.  Three flee.  They take three prisoners.  They interrogate them and learn that they have a rune to use to take the chosen and them back to home.

  • The next morning, the Roc arrives and carries the prisoners to Roflander.  The group makes it there soon after.  They stay at the inn and meet with Roflander, telling him what has happened.  He thinks on the situation.

  • Marhand goes to Arouf and gives him an axe from the barbarians that is magical.  Arouf has the group over for dinner.  For two weeks, the group waits.

  • Roflander calls them to meet with him.  He says that his clerics think it would be unwise for them all to go north using the rune to look for Lorjek.  However, Enzo could go alone, easily disguised, and find out lots of information.  Enzo and the group agree.  Roflander goes on to ask the group is they can help him in another way.  He has heard word that there are forces massing against him in the kingdom.  He needs to go out and speak his cause to the other Jarls, but he cannot travel freely without endangering his home.  He plans to go disguised as a dwarf, but he needs other smaller creatures to travel with him as guards.  The group agrees to aid him.


Session 7: Roped Into Diplomacy (26 Huenti 784 to 23 Kiusta 784)

  • Before they leave

    Dramman, the group is informed that Damon is sending a barbarian with them to help.  After hearing that news, Markel tells the group that he thinks it would be a good idea to inform Garanuf and the dwarves what they have discovered so far.  He will go and do that while the others travel with Roflander.  The barbarian, named Hardrada arrives.  They give him a brief description of what is happened.  They talk for the rest of the day.  The next day, a dwarf, Roflander in disguise, arrives at the inn.  They discus a strategy and decide to head towards the town of Enturmur and the Jarl of the Walls, who Roflander thinks is one of the more likely Jarls to listen.  On the way, they will convince, without revealing themselves, any town the find. 

    They leave Dramman.
  • For the first week, the group makes excellent time following Hipolet's lead.  They encounter a band of ghouls which they destroy.  Later, they find a town and Roflander is able to convince the elders to support his side (without revealing who he is) when the times comes.  It begins to rain, and continues for day.  The weather throws of Hipolet.  For nearly two weeks, the group makes little progress.  Finally, the rain subsides and they move steadily again.

  • Hipolet finds a field of boulders which the giants do not cross, but is an easy path for the shorter races.  He leads the group across.  After several miles, Brack is attacked and nearly killed.  The group finds itself in the midst of Ropers.  They scramble and barely make it out of the field alive.  They find a secure place to camp for the night.  Before they leave in the morning, an icy spirit elemental attacks them.  Brack unleashes a dozen spells and the others chip away at it before it is finally destroyed.  Still weary from the fight with the ropers, the group trudges onward.

  • The finally reach the town of Eagost.

 Session 8: Many Ways to Save a Giant  (23 Kiusta 784 - 7 Leenot 784)

  • Spending one night in Eagost, the group rests and resupplies while Vegard talks to the Jarl and the high Shaman.  He returns with good news that he has convinced them to turn to the their side in any upcoming battles.  The group discusses their next route and decides to go towards Enturmur.  They set off, still weary.

  • Several days into the trip, they are set upon by a group of five giants who had set an ambush.  Brack unleashes his wave of destructive spells, but they continue to advance.  Hipolet attacks with his arrows, as Marhand, Vegard, and Hardrada fight them head on as K'shen lends support.  The several giants flee after Brack's assault.  Hardrada painfully disables a giant before getting knocked out of the fight, as is Marhand.  Hipolet throws a healing potion to Hardrada and then nearly kills a giant with arrows.  Finally, the giants concede and agree to hand over the treasure in exchange for a safe departure.

  • The group continues its travels.  They are able to avoid a fight with more giants thanks to Brack's fireballs dissuading them.

  • The group reaches the walled town of Enturmur on the plains.  For several days they stay at a rarely used inn while Vegard tries to convince the Jarl.  He is not as successful this time and only convinces him to not join either side in any coming battles.  After visiting some shrines, they are able to pay for deviations to tell them the location of the floating town of Esen.  The group leaves, this time healed and rested.  They follow the directions of the divinations towards Esen.

  • The travels to Esen are hard and steep.  They near the border of Nomagrok, angering Brack.  In one valley, the are set upon by a large armored creature from under the ground.  It nearly and then actually swallows Vegard.  It unleashes lightning on Brack, who is forced to used not his normal spells against the lightning immune creature.  The other begin to attack it.  Marhand falls and stumbles, unable to do anything.  K'Shen stays out of its way.  Hardrada gets wrapped up and nearly killed.  Hipolet hits the creature, wounded from spells, with an arrow in its head and the thing dies.  They extract Vegard.

  • Two days later, they see the floating town of Esen.

 Session 9: A Match for Brack  (7 Leenot 784 - 18 Leenot 784)

  • After some debate,

    the group decides to use Brack's new skills to teleport the Behir parts to Port Springs, where he can trade them to his guild.  It takes a day for him to prepare, but he and Marhand successfully go and return.  The next day, Vegard flies to Esen and the

    others wait.
  • Vegard is gone for a day.  K'Shen complains of headaches and spends time in a psionic extra dimensional space.  He is there during his watch at night and he sees to creatures, who the group later identifies as stone trolls snooping around.  When it appears as the group is all asleep, since they cannot see K'Shen, the trolls attack.  K'Shen leaps out and stops their advance long enough for the others to awaken and ready.  Hipolet further delays them with an entangle.

  • Brack hits one with a lightning bolt, which partially reflects back at him.  Marhand, Hardrada and K'Shen each engage a troll.  The trolls fail to net Brack.  Brack summons five bears to fight the trolls.  Hipolet attacks with arrows from the rear, hitting K'Shen as well as the trolls.  Bracks hastes the bears and Marhand.  The battle is going well when the leader of the trolls dismisses four bears and Brack's mirror images.  Two trolls quickly tackle Brack.  K'Shen is nearly killed.  Hardrada is knocked out of the fight.  The two trolls that were down stand back up.  Hipolet gets tackled.  Only Marhand stands tall, but he is without armor since he was sleeping.  Brack magically escapes and the others get pummeled.  K'Shen switches places with Hipolet, breaking him free of the troll.  Brack destroys three trolls from cover, Marhand dispatches another one.  The troll leader grabs a near limp Hardrada, while the other three trolls surround K'Shen and Hipolet.  The leader tells Brack that this is over, let the trolls go and the others will not not, Brack agrees, but the troll demands to know Brack's name before they go.  The other trolls leave, Brack tells the troll who he is and the troll says that the 'walking eye' will find him and melds into the rock.

  • Brack destroys the troll remains.  Hours later, Vegard arrives with a cloud giant and a ride to Esen.  He was successful.  The Sky Jarl will aid them.  The group flied through Esen and is left on top of a large warehouse, where no one bothers them.  They are healed and otherwise left alone to plan.  They decide to use Brack' teleport to take him and Vegard to some towns to convince them, as the town and the group flies towards the next Jarl at Ota.  The two alos teleport to the capital, where Vegard learns that the king knows of the plans against him, but has not committed his general, the jarl of War, and his personal army to the task.  The group discusses the plans over the next week.

  • As the sit on the roof one day, Vegard and Brack not there, K'Shen's headaches stop.  A blue portal appears and a heavily dressed humanoid drops through.  When the creature rises, it is clearly a human woman.  She introduces herself to the others as K'Shen's cousin here to find out what has happened to him since he left six years ago. 


Session 10: A Different Type of Diplomacy  (18 Leenot 784 - 26 Leenot 784)

  • The group spends a few more days in Esen heading towards Ota.  Brack teleports to Port Springs to sell and trade.  He and Vegard go to several towns that Vegard knows and he tries to convince them to join his cause.  They talk to Onna who tells them of her and K'Shen's home and of what she can do.  She is here to help or replace K'Shen.  When she came, she didn't know in what shape she would find K'Shen.

  • The group reaches Ota and travels to the town.  They are greeted by Sakor'akai, giants, and gargoyles.  Hipolet, Brack, Hardrada, and Marhand ask what there is to do while they wait for Vegard to talk to the Jarl.  A gargoyle named Ok tells them that they can come and hunt Ettin that take the towns food and water.  They agree and the next day go hunting.  They find a group of two dozen Ettin.  Brack does not annihilate them to allow the females and children to flee after the Ettin refuse to leave.  The fight is quick as all four, along with two Gargoyles and two Sakor'akai kill half of the fighting Ettin and cause the rest to flee.

  • Vegard's visit does not go well.  The group brainstorms and Vegard decides to have Brack teleport around and buy the town of Ota a magic item to bring near endless water to the town.  An offering of friendship.

  • The group leaves Ota on good terms.  Hipolet sets a course East towards the town of Frostine's worship and another Jarl.  Two days out of Ota, they see the massive Sakor'akai Samikiel approach.  He brings word that Dramman will soon be attacked by a small town that was the last to attack Dramman five years ago.  They have learned that Roflander is not there.

 Session 11: The Battles Begin  (26 Leenot 784 -  11 Mafeeti 784)

  • The group makes it

    back to Dramman using Brack's magic.  Once there, they learn that Damon has been contacted by Enzo.  Strange creatures arrived far to the north over a month ago.  They are heading south with a force of barbarians to attack Alesund.  Damon has called half of the giant warriors to the town to defend it.  Enzo also sends that Lorjek is still alive, and he is working to

    free him.
  • On the second day, a dwarf named Owen that has been staying in Dramman comes to see the group.  He tells them that he has come to check on Brack, whose superiors have not been able to scry or send him in several weeks.  Shortly after, Brack teleports to Port Springs and contacts his guild.  They confirm the story, but don't know what is causing the blockages.

  • Hardrada, Marhand, and Hipolet go to Alesund, while the others remain in Dramman.

  • The group and Roflander ask the clerics to divine whether the tow forces are working together.  When they discover that there is some level of coordination, they decide not to reveal the Roflander has returned. 

  • Each day, Brack flies south to check on whether the giants of Gonlar are marching towards Dramman.  Hipolet goes out to scout the northern plains, watching for the army moving south.  While in the plains, Hipolet is attacked by a barbarian scout.  He entangles and shoots him until Chase can bring him down.  The scout says there are others like him watching Alesund.  Hipolet sends him to the east, telling him to not come back.  Just over two weeks after they all arrived in Dramman, Hipolet spots the approaching horde.  Later that day, Brack sees the giants leave Gonlar on their way to Dramman.

  • The group decides they are more use against the horde attacking Alesund than against giant siegers.  They all make it to Alesund.  The horde camps four to five miles outside of the town.  The group plans and decides to attack the next day, to throw of the timing of the attacks on both towns.  Brack surveys their enemy and sees Giant bats, Wooly Rhinos, Arctic cats, barbarians, and giants.  Their goal is to force the enemy into action before they are ready.  They inform Damon.

  • Owen, Hipolet, and Brack go out into the field.  Brack disperses they horde with a minute barrage of spells.  Owen creates illusions of fire elementals to keep them dispersed.  Hipolet spots for leaders.  The bats swarm and illusion of Brack until finally it is dispelled.  Seeing an opening, Damon leads the others and some giants over the wall towards the fifty giants that are now reachable since the horde dispersed.  Owen maintains his illusions, while Hipolet and Brack wait for the others.  The group reaches the giants minutes later, with Brack and Hipolet in position to aid from afar.  The battle is joined.  Momentum is with the group.  Brack unleashes more magical fury.  Hipolet spots a mist coming from the mountains and then sees a familiar icy form emerge.  Brack's spell dissipates.

Session 12: The Battle of Alesund and the Siege of Dramman  (11 Mafeeti 784 -  9 Kiusta 785)

  • Hipolet wounds the cleric with Gok with his arrows.  The mist summons an ice bear to attack Hipolet and Brack.  Brack quickly transports them away.  Brack waits at a distance for the allied giants, while Hipolet begins to make his way back to the fight.

  • K'Shen gets to Damon to tell him the mist has arrived.  Damon notes that and continues his assault.  K'Shen aids from the cover of Damon.  They cut their way through a dozen giants to reach Gok and his guard of three.

  • The rest of the allied giants slowly succumb to the enemy, who outnumber them two to one.

  • Marhand and Hardrada square off against four giants, some wounded by K'Shen.  Hardrada forces one to retreat with his powerful presence, but then the two are knocked to the ground by a giant and chopped at by the others.  Owen helps them by magically depriving one of its senses.  The two warriors are then able to defeat the giant, and then the one that returns from being driven off by Hardrada.  The ice bear that had attacked Brack goes for Owen, as does the giant that knocked down Marhand and Hardrada.  Owen flies to safety and the two return to fight.  Aided by Owen's spells, they are able to destroyt the ice bear, and another one, and defeat the giant.  Owen is nearly killed by ice from the mist.

  • Hipolet returns to the fight to begin to reign arrows down on the giants.

  • Brack begins to move closer with the giant reinforcements and Onna.

  • Damon and K'Shen reach Gok.  He kills Gok's cleric and wounds Gok before the giant withdraws and heals.  Damon defeats all but one other giant with K'Shen's aid.  As Damon kills the last, K'Shen notices Gok about to charge the badly wounded Damon.  He gets in Goks way and pays the ultimate price.  Damon shouts out to Stasis and asks avenges K'Shen by killing Gok.

  • The others except Brack gather to discuss what to do.  Damon orders the giants leave the field, and half do.  The group sees that the mist has been creating undead from the dead on the battlefield.  The giants call a truce as more arrive.  They all tend to their wounded.  The group and the giants return to Alesund, with Gok's body.

  • Over the next two days, magical cold and weather assail Alesund.  They finally decide to retreat to Dramman.  The group and the giant remain to make sure the horde does not pursue the civilians.  Once they are content everyone is safely in Dramman, they leave Alesund.

  • Back in Dramman, Lord Enlar and his giants have begun a siege on the now heavily overpopulated town.  Throughout the winter, Brack teleports in supplies.  Roflander keeps morale high, as Lord Enlar loses giants.  Alesund remains under the control of the mist.

  • News comes in spring that the giant king has been assassinated.  Roflander begins his plans to break out of the siege.  As he is about to begin his attack, within a few days.  An army of dwarves from the clandom arrive.  They are lead by Markel, and orc, and an elf, who Brack recognizes as Keldaan.  They demand Enlar leave.  He refuses.