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Symbol of Gnarion

Pronounced [naer' ee on]

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Although Gnarion started upon the path long before Stasis, he did not reach its end until long after.  A hero of the Ice Gnomes, Gnarion never gave up his battle against Frostine and his chosen.  Against centuries of subjugation and those among his own people that preferred the ways of Frostine, Gnarion persisted and freed the Ice Gnomes.  For that amazing act, he ascended to the Counsil in 390



Before he officially became a deity, Gnarion had long been perceived as one.  By the time he ascended, most would have said he was already one, having lived far beyond the normal span of life for a gnome.  Even those that dislike him admire his tenacity and heart.  One of the greatest parables of Gnarion’s faith is the tale of Frostine’s speech at Gnarion’s ascension, where even his greatest enemy acknowledged the strength of the gnome: “Even the might of one thousand blizzards could not chill the heart nor halt the march of Gnarion.  He is unfortunately deserving of this.”


As a deity, Gnarion’s influence has spread mildly.  His faithful, much in the mold of their patron, are willing to slowly bring about others.  As with all of their activities, there is no rush.  Their ceremonies are the longest of any faith.


Gnarion has won the respect of virtually every Counsil member, save one, Sutyr.  His faith persecutes no other faiths now that Frostine’s grip is broken.  Sutyr, however, the practitioner and perpetrator of the greatest crime, must be defeated at all costs.


Gnarion holds a strong relationship with Drunnbar, and does not turn away from Hemator’s plight.  It is only in the other cults that Gnarion and his faithful find fault.


Power:  Demi-God

Symbol: The sun rising over a glacier.

Alignment:  Neutral Good

Aspects:  Perseverance, Freedom

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Ice, Liberation, Protection

Prayer Time: At noon

Favored Weapon:  Great Hammer

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High TempleEniwt

High Cleric:  Gnellana Firstice

Number of Faithful:  600,000

Associated Groups:  Liberators


            Dogma:  Every goal can be accomplished.  Survival of as many as possible is the highest goal, to stave off one’s own death the second.  Something worth getting is worth waiting for.  The oppressed cannot accomplish their goals, and must be freed.  Make every effort to accomplish your goals before death comes, and if you have, do not fear it.

            Feast Day: 14th Huenti (Defeat of the Chosen of Frostine)