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The race of Goblins is rarely found across most of the lands of Habololy. No records can be found of their existence before the first human colonists came to the continent of Icefia. Even then, the sightings were spotty at best. It was not until the establishment of the Kingdom of Icefia in pre-9 that Goblins were officially noted and described by any nation’s historians. Luckily for the Goblins, the leaders of the Kingdom of Icefia thought before they acted.

The Goblins that were encountered were dirty little creatures that reminded those who saw them of dark-skinned, hairless Halflings. They were fearful of any creature that approached them and tried to frighten any travelers away. The Goblins rarely attacked, but fought viciously and in large groups when cornered. When the representatives of the kingdom finally reached the Goblins' home, they were confronted with an unexpected sight. The Goblins had a large city, which was well disguised, deep in the forests of Icefia. It was home to thousands of Goblins, and dozens of Hebablams. The Goblins had domesticated the massive beasts and used them for plowing and for war. They lived a poor lifestyle and had little in the way of what was considered modern advances. When the Goblins saw some of the things the representatives of the kingdom had, and were told of the Kingdom of Icefia and the king Stasis, they were quick to nearly deify him. Since that time, the Goblins have been some of the most loyal members of the Kingdom of Icefia.

Goblins are not known as an intelligent or strong race. They do not ponder the mysteries of life, and are content to allow those they consider great to lead the way. They are excellent at crafting, especially at crafts that don’t require advanced or complex equipment. Most of Icefia’s pig products and mushrooms come from the Goblins’ farms. Although the Goblins do not like to travel far from their homes, many do join the Icefian military. They see it as a way to do something good and noble in the path of their hero without having to think too much about it.

Most Goblins live in their cities in the forests of Icefia. Some live in the cities of the other races, but only those who are extremely brave or adventurous. They are not persecuted, but find it difficult to fit in a world of larger and more intelligent races. Wherever they do live, Goblins stay in extended family units. They mate for life, although they don’t marry in the traditional sense. Goblins have as many children as possible, and a female will generally have a dozen children before she dies, which will often happen in childbirth at an older age. Females are expected to spend all of their time raising children, while the male does everything else the family needs.

Besides having a unique bond with Hebablams, Goblins have a love for two other things above all else: Stasis and firearms. Stasis is the most often worshipped deity, since he is seen as the great hero that brought prosperity to all Goblins. The Goblins usually do not understand that technology almost destroyed the world. Lacking that understanding, they have no problem wielding firearms. The Goblins love the fact that firearms are loud, dirty, and strike an innate fear in most of the larger races.

APPEARANCE: A Goblin is one of the short races. They are typically taller than halflings and gnomes, except for the ice gnomes. The average Goblin stands just under four feet tall. They are usually pudgy, but not so much as a halfling is plump or as much as a dwarf is thick. Their skin is dark and often leathery. The hair that they have, which is as likely to come out of their nose and ears as be on their head, is always black and stringy. They never have blue eyes. All other colors, including red, have been seen. Golbins do not wear bright colors or ornate clothing. Even those that can afford them consider them useless and meaningless. Jewelry is highly prized in both male and female, but wearing more than one piece is considered weird.

ALIGNMENT: Goblins before the arrival of the Kingdom of Icefia tended towards neutrality, with some being chaotic. Morally, they were good, neutral and evil in equal amounts. After the arrival of Stasis and the kingdom, the tended to be more lawful and more good, meaning that now they can be found in all alignments.

RELIGION: Stasis is the most worshipped deity, followed closely by Habastly. Other than those, there is no other deity that is worshiped in great number. The have been accounts of Goblins worshipping every other deity.


  • Goblins are small-sized, but do not suffer from the usual decreased carrying capacity
  • Goblins have a base speed of 20ft.
  • Goblins have low light vision
  • Goblins receive a +2 bonus on saving throws against poison
  • Goblins have an tremendous ability to endure harsh climates, they can tolerate 25 degrees hotter and colder than the standard human before suffering from any ill effects and having to make saving throws
  • Goblins favored class is Crafter, Ranger, or Rogue; which must be selected at first level
  • Goblins receive a +2 bonus to Constitution and a –2 penalty to Charisma
  • Goblins may select from the following racial feats: Dark Vision, Hardy, Tiny Fighting
  • For purposes of gaining experience, a Goblin is always considered to be one level lower than it actually is.