Grean Republic Events (season 2: 9-16)

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Return to Re-Making the Grean Republic

Session 9: Sorry to Barge in... (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 10: Whip it Good (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 11: [REDACTED] (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 12: Enable Rat Vision (Summer 788)

• We left off in the middle of the scuffle with the arms dealer. Ilya brilliantly covered up the melee by passing it off as a play and declaring that the giant sized rat was part of a dire animal circus. The grey coats bought the ruse. That allowed Dissa and Saewurg the time needed to wrangle the dealer and bring him back into the tent for questioning. He was hit with another Power Word Fatigue to make sure he couldn't run away.

• Ilya asked who he was, who he was working for, and a slew of additional questions. Dissa assisted by summoning 5 little helpers to "badger" the guy until he came clean about who his contact was. Turns out it's an assistant archivist, although I can't remember his name, but Razilav took notes, so we're good. We let him go and he insisted on leaving town so that his boss' henchmen don't find him and kill him. He gave us the fireball gun and the ledger with all the makers marks in it.

• While this interrogation session was happening, Razilav decided to pursue the acrobatic Gree who was scaling the walls and running across rooftops. Razilav eventually got the jump on him and ran ahead of him by anticipating his next move. The acrobat tried to Spiderman his way across a low building and Razilav used this opportunity to try and net him. He came close, but missed the attempt. He then tried to grapple him with his rocket arm, but that failed as well and the acrobat escaped. We met up with him and headed back to headquarters after relaying our stories to each other.

• Once back at headquarters, we met with the Tinker Gnome to see if he could create anything to help us investigate small spaces. He came up with a pair of collars of Prying Eyes that allows us to wear one and put one on a rat to see what it sees. We got Sophia and headed back to the hidden area under the archive that she uses for retrieving items with her rats.

• Razilav agreed to wear the collar and Sophia put the other on her smartest rat. Dissa cast Owl's Wisdom on it to help it navigate the catacombs. Once inside, we were able to see an elaborate maze of ancient corridors and spiral staircases. The rat eventually ran into a room filled with old crates; some of which were dated back a thousand years. The rat noticed some Orcs and a Dwarf hauling the crates up one of the staircases, but has not pursued at this point. That's pretty much where we left off. We've got several hours left on the collar's spell duration, so we have time to regroup and form a plan.

Session 13: 32,000 pounds of pressure... (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 14: Time for a new and improved weighted net (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 15: Hot time in the forgotten temple tonight... (Summer 788)

• To be completed...

Session 16: Does Anyone Remember the Last Session? (Summer 788)

• We rested under the protection of the invisibility clicker then set out to explore more of the underground archive. The guard that we knocked out and the blind Orcs helped us navigate the different floors. We came across a dumb waiter on one level that led to the Grand Archivist's chambers and down to an unknown level of the cave. Along the way, we noticed a secret door leading to the inside of the archive.

• The group set some trip wire by the secret door and searched around for more clues as to what was going on. We eventually decided not to enter the archive interior so as not to alert anyone to our whereabouts. We searched several more floors and found more paperwork and crates of items, but didn't really linger too long in any one place. At one of the higher levels, we came across an alter room laced with magic and tech. On the alter, all manner of items and informational paperwork were being destroyed. While exploring the room, we were accosted by guards and enforcers of the archive. After defeating them, we found out the purple vest clad archivists are all members of the Keeper of Secrets cult. We kept one of the unconscious guards with us for interrogation. He was pretty forthcoming for someone who worships an anti-knowledge deity, but after witnessing the carnage we were capable of, I guess he found it within himself to muster up the information.

• After the fight, an old Grean woman came hobbling out of the stairwell and asked what was going on. We bluffed our way past her and later found out she was the Grand Archivist. The captured guard told us she was put in place by the government and that the Keeper of Secrets cult is in league with the Grean government and that they have a contract with them to purge information. Needless to say, this raised all our eyebrows as we realized the plot thickening before our eyes.

• We regrouped back down on the lower levels and questioned the guard some more. We found out we had about a day to a day and a half left before reinforcements showed up. Among them, the high cleric of the Keeper of Secrets and his merry men. We rigged the anti-gravity machine to keep the garbage golem at bay and to prevent any breach of space by the high cleric's minions from above us. We feared reporting the news to the government would only serve to get us arrested or killed, so the group decided the best course of action was to take the guard with us and report our findings to our military contacts who mutinied from the old government. That's where we left off.