Grean Republic Events of (season 1: 1-8)

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Session 1: Finding Your Way (Spring 788)

• To be completed...

Session 2: A-Gree-gous crimes! (Spring 788)

• To be completed...

Session 3: No so high speed chase (Spring 788)

• The group decided to leave the scene of the constable assault and left their items for others to find. We placed their weapons in their hands and wiped off fingerprints and other forensic evidence. Disa grabbed their ammunition and Ilya took their credits (~150).

• We decided to go to a swanky night club and lay low for a while until we could sneak over the border during morning rush hour. The group separated and staggered into the club so as not to attract too much attention. While there, Ilya and Saewurg were hit on by many women and exotic dancers. Of note, Ilya was able to charm one particular woman into buying him a drink and eventually revealing that she was the mayor's daughter. It just so happens that she's also the black sheep of that family and is a notorious troublemaker and good-time girl. Ilya worked his charms and found out some details about her, but the situation didn't become physical due to the ominous presence of her looming bodyguard watching the whole scene unfold. The two parted ways with a flirty nod to possible future meetings between them. We'll be keeping her in our back pocket as a potential ally in our efforts to clear our parents' names.

• We rode away together in the rickshaw during the early morning hours so that we could cross the border during rush hour. While traveling, we spotted a tail. We tried to shake him, but he was too observant. Disa had his celestial badger (Pedigree) hide in the park as we passed it and then it ambushed him once he reached that point. The ruse worked and we lost him. Unfortunately, we picked up several more tails a short while later. Two on bikes and several pulling a rickshaw.

• Ilya got out of our rickshaw and tried to hide so that he could cut off one of the tails at the pass. He distracted one of the bikers and knocked him off his ride. The situation quickly escalated to violence when the rider pulled a firearm on him and shot. Fortunately, the bullet only grazed him. Once that happened, the group reacted quickly and defended themselves.

• The group trailing us revealed weapons, firearms, and a potent spellcaster hiding in the rickshaw, but they were no match for the mighty Pedigree and his ankle biting prowess. The badger beat up on a bunch of the thugs and the rest of the group hammered away with creative fighting tactics. Disa tripped up a biker with an Indiana Jones style staff in the spokes to flip the vehicle. Ilya knocked out another in melee, and Saewurg punished them with power words that thwarted their strategy. Fatigue to prevent them from pulling the rickshaw and pain to knock them out.

• After the fight, we found out from the leader that they were members of a pickpocket ring trying to rob us. We knocked him out and took their stuff. Ilya will list the inventory. From that point, we cleaned ourselves up and made our way past the checkpoints during rush hour. We went back to the safehouse and tested out new items.

Session 4: family Gree-tings (Spring 788)

• To be completed...

Session 5: Make all Gree Great Again! (Spring 788)

• We escaped with our parents and other people through portals to the docks on the outskirts of district 5 I think. Waiting there for us was a luxury yacht and a fully manned crew. Turns out the boat belonged to the mayor's daughter who Ilya sweet talked earlier that week.

• Once onboard, it was explained to us that everyone on the ship was falsely accused of plotting to overthrow the government and, consequently, set up for crimes including treason and murder so that they would be labeled as "unwanted."

• We found out that there's one faction of the government, as well as many branches of the military, that believe the Grean Empire has grown soft and that the greatness of our people is being held back by crusty old Gree who lack vision and are afraid of change (the other two factions of the government). They put orders in place for free thinking Gree to rise up and make the Grean Empire great again. Our parents answered this challenge and were then pursued by other government officials and assassins for their actions.

• Our parents, and those on the boat, were eventually met on the open seas by the navy officers and their fleet who are sympathetic to the cause. They allowed us all to board and offered sanctuary to our parents in order to get them safely to an outlying island in order to retire peacefully. Our parents asked us to take up the mantle of freedom fighters and urged us to pursue the dream of heightening the prestige of the once great Grean Empire.

• We collectively agreed to help and set off back to the main island to make a stand. We were teleported back into town where our safe house was (the inn). Once there, we found all our possessions that were left there for safe keeping had been stolen and our room emptied (except for the illegal rifle). We immediately suspected the rogue who helped us initially.

• Razilav stormed off in anger to the main bar area of the inn to ask for the rogue (I forget his name). The bar tender nervously avoided the question and hinted that there'd be trouble if we waited around. Sure enough, a couple of "patrons" at the bar attacked us and in came the rogue through the front doors wielding double daggers.

• We managed to beat the snot out of everyone thanks to clever fighting and power words. Once the rogue was floundering on the floor, he admitted to pawning our stuff to a store down the street. Razilav went into a Tinker rage and unloaded a firearm into him, but due to his lack of focus, he missed most of the time and the rogue survived, albeit bloodied and bruised.

• Saewurg looted the unconscious bodies and we all collected our composure before heading out to the pawn shop. I believe Razilav is scouting the route to the shop before we head out. That's where we left off.

Session 6: on the case! (Spring 788)

• To be completed...

Session 7: Greetings pipe fitters (Spring 788)

• To be completed...

Session 8: Alas Poor Serge, We Knew Him Well (Spring 788)

• To be completed...