Gree of Astilan

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There is only one type of Gree and they all have the same traits.

• Gree are medium-sized

• Gree have a speed of 40 feet. They also swim at a speed of 40 feet.

• Gree speak their own language and either Common or Gnomish.

• Gree have 60ft. of low-light vision

• Gree have advantage when making Swimming checks

• Gree can hold their breath for one minute for each point of Constitution they have before making checks to determine how long they can hold their breath

• Gree receive a +2 to all Stealth skill checks

• Gree receive a +2 bonus on checks to resist or break free of a grapple, as well as all attempts to escape from physical bonds

• Gree have disadvantage with all checks involving riding another animal

• Gree have a carrying capacity of a creature with two less Strength points than they have

• Gree receive one skill proficiency of their choice

• Gree may make a bite attack for 1d3 piercing damage, not modified by Strength

• Gree are immune to Lycanthropy

• Gree receive a +1 bonus to Intelligence and Dexterity and a –1 penalty to Charisma