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Symbol of Han~Sui

Pronounced [han' soo ee]

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Han~Sui is the force behind most decisions of the Counsil.  He always acts in the interest of the law and on the orders of the Counsil.  Han~Sui has never been defeated in armed combat.  Legend has it that the world will be driven into chaos on the day that he

is defeated.


The faith and religion of Han~Sui are straightforward.  Truth, honesty, and honor are the tenants of his religion.  The actual prayers and ceremonies vary between nations and races, but it is the adherence to them that is emphasized.


Since Han~Sui became a deity, he has had a rivalry with Tyrogatore over which style of combat, armed or unarmed, is better.  This debate has spilled over into the centuries-old worldwide competitions that occur every twenty-five years.


The competition credited to Han~Sui is named the Suian Competition, and crowns the greatest armed combatant of Habololy (seep.207).


Han~Sui treats all of the deities of the Counsil equally.  The Counsil members all harbor a respect for Han~Sui.  Tommimao, Lavash’Ki, Compture, Frostine, and Dresta are notorious for their quarrels with Han~Sui.


None of the cults have any delusions that Han~Sui and his faithful would have any pity for them.  The cultists all keep their distance from his clerics.


The image of Han~Sui is one that has been drawn the same for over a millennium.  Standing exactly six feet tall, Han~Sui appears as a human in a unique combination of chain and plate armor.  His helmet is admantium and reveals only his eyes.  He is always holding his sword, whose type is debated by nations and races.


Power:  Lesser God

Symbol: The scales balanced on a sword.

Alignment:  Lawful Neutral

Aspects:  Truth, Honor, Armed Combat, Justice

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Judgment, The Law, War, Weapon

Prayer Time: Immediately after the cleric wakes up

Favored Weapon:  Katana

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Resurrect

Favored Class:  Fighter


High Temple Freeburg

High Cleric:  Darvin Collingson

Number of Faithful:  1,250,000

Associated Groups:  Truthholders


            Dogma:   Truth and honor are the measurements by which everyone is judged.  It is the duty of every honorable being to bring others to justice.  War is the ultimate solution to a conflict, so all must be ready if it comes.  Those who are prepared do themselves the greatest honor.  An honorable death is the greatest reward one can receive.  The dishonorable are doomed to an eternity of torment.

            Feast Day: 11th Baston Sun<![endif]>