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The greatest cult deity, Hemator was a member of the Counsil for two centuries before she left it.  Hers was the most well known defection from the Counsil in history.  She defiantly walked out on the other deities, undertaking a dangerous endeavor to claim her status as a deity beyond the reaches of the Counsil.  When she succeeded, Hemator became the most dangerous

deity since Amat, at least in the eyes of the other deities.


Hemator’s existence before ascending to the Counsil had been devoted to the protection and healing of the sick and infirmed.  It was during the years of the <a href="../History/Historic%20Events.htm">Doggeden Wars</a> that she impressed upon the other deities her level of skill and devotion.  Hemator is credited, in the records of Pacyr and other nations, with saving nearly 5,000 lives by her direct healing.  When the war ended, she left her homeland of Pacyr and traveled to nations that had been more ravaged by war.  She became renowned throughout the main continent.


After an amazing ninety-five year life, she was offered a secondary seat on the Counsil, for too many of the member feared her hard dedication to the forces of law and good.  In the end, as the faithful of Hemator tell the tale, the Counsil would come to regret that decision.


The Cult of Hemator grew rapidly at first, but was knocked back by crusade and persecution.  Only in the land of Pacyr, where the mortal Hemator lived, has it always been allowed to freely exist.  Although they have no fear of defending themselves, the faithful never take the offensive militarily.  They prefer to allow words and goodly actions to convert and convince.


As would be expected, the Cult of Hemator has many enemies and few allies on the Counsil.  By their mandate, no cleric of a religion may aid a cleric of Hemator on threat of excommunication.  No faithful follower may receive a blessing from her clerics.  Some religions, Han~Sui, Gruweas, and Sutyr are the most common perpetrators, go so far as the physically drive her faithful away.  Only Stasis, Tfop, and Asur’anyodel openly support her, although their clerics and faithful most obey the mandate as well.


Among the other cults, Hemator finds an unexpected ally in Drunnbar.  The two deities find themselves to have the largest and only lawful cults.  They are the targets of the Counsil, and of the power-hungry lesser cults, for which Hemator has no regard.


If it were up to Hemator, she and her followers would live in relative peace with the other religions, with one exception.  Quan Yin holds many similar views to Hemator, but is unwilling to fight for those ideals.  Hemator strives for peace, but understands war is necessary.  She cannot abide a deity that would allow her followers to die rather than call them to arms to defend what is right.


The faithful of Hemator are bound to keep themselves fit and in good health.  They are bound to heal those in need, and tithe as much as they can afford.  They are also bound to protect the other faithful, and the innocent.


Symbol of Hemator

Power:  Lesser Power

Symbol: A pick cross.

Alignment:  Lawful Good

Aspects:  Healing, Paladins, Love, Peace, Compassion

Plane of Existence:  Celestia


Domains:  Community, Glory, Healing, Redemption

Prayer Time: Immediately after waking up

Favored Weapon:  Mace

Turn Undead:  Turn Undead

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  Paladin


High TempleMydir

High Cleric:  Daniel Tenfeasts

Number of Faithful:  3,000,000

Associated Groups:  Order of the Banished Hero, Master Healers


            Dogma:  Love and help one another.  Those who do not understand can best be shown through good deeds.  Healing others is the most noble of good deeds.  The greatest enemies of these goals are war and hatred.  Tolerance is important, but not at the cost of life.  Compassion is important, but not at the cost of safety.  Death will be a reward to the faithful, a punishment for others.

            Feast Day: 4th Pramon (Departure from the Counsil)