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The History of Habololy is measured in years, decades, centuries, and occasionally, millennia. This is true of all the nations, races, and cultures of the world. Although some use a different system of dating, all use the same standards of time. Some events in the history of Habololy are fact beyond a reasonable doubt and agreed upon by all. Other events are debated vigorously.

There are two chronicles of Habololian history that are considered to be the most accurate and are also the two that are most commonly used. The first is the older of the two. It is kept by the clerics of Everentual, The Oldest Orc, and Celetal. Although every nation and culture keeps records, the history presented by these clerics has long been the standard. It uses the Habastlian system of years. This system of dating measures years from the time when the Counsil placed a ban on the creation of new lands on Habololy and on many magical creations. In the Habastlian system, BC stands for Before the Creation Ban; while AC stands for After the Creation Ban.

It was not until 243 AC that another chronicle of the history of Habololy came into being. The College of Icefia, headed by the then mortal dean, Allanda Melodi, set about the task of laying down a new and more accurate history. With a group of devoted relic hunters and loremasters, the college took twenty-five years to assemble the information and write down a revised history. The dean even instituted the Asticlean system of dating to better record the history. This system of dating measures years before and after the appearance of the moon.

Although unhappy that another accurate, all-encompassing history was now being used by some nations, the writers of the Habastlian chronicle could do little to stop the spread of the history laid out by the College of Icefia, as it was backed by the Kingdom of Icefia, the most powerful nation at the time. The new chronicle was accepted by some, rejected by some, and integrated by some. To the present day, the peoples of Habololy are split over which one of the chronicles is accurate.


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