Icefian Events (season 11)

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Session 1: A Gathering of Young Nobles (Summer 816)

  • A grand gathering of young nobles occurs at Castle Gemblade. The group meets and is given insutructions, which include a hundred young nobles of the kingdom traveling the world and delivered messages to the nations of Habololy. This particular group will be heading to Kathow and Layraedia with Nisuru.

Session 2: The First Stop on A Misty Island (Summer 816)

  • The ship sailed for three days before reaching its first destination, the island home of the Arishimoto family.
  • The group was directed to an island by Nisoru on a mission to find some missing constables, and the parents of Lord Arishimodo. While there they found the island covered in a blanket of fog. As they crossed the middle of the island they came to a bubble of fog that seemed to block the way to a village. Monsters formed from the fog and grunted something. They had weird horns and spat tongues. Eventually a battle ensued and the monsters were defeated and the the village beyond reached.
  • They found the towns people okay, seemingly protected by a Shaman, who passed out from the effort, for their time in the fog. Nisouru exited the village and fought more of those creatures to finally break the fog-curse. The villagers seem to be out of time, meaning they think only a couple of months passed, but it was 5 years.
  • The group made it back to the ship, but there are two more towns on that island which also seem to be in a bubble of fog.

Session 3: What Else is on the Island (Summer 816)

  • The group plan to investigate the other towns. They learn from the ship that one of the towns was unaffected by the spirits and is fine. Nisouru crafts a plan to free the other town. The group will go to one side while he goes to the other. The hope is that he will draw out the largest of the creatures while the group deals with the rest.
  • the plan works as the group deals with a collection of smaller creatures and Nisouru defeats the leader. The town is freed.

Session 4: Are They Good Spirits or Bad Spirits (Summer 816)

  • Ruby visits the shrine of Dourvan but receives no help.
  • Destroying the bloody spirit, the other smaller ones are freed and seek to leave the area.

Session 5: Octopus Pirate Clan Comes Knocking (Summer 816)

  • The group tries to figure out what is causing the spirits to linger until they fade away, apparently simply no longer visible. They talk to the Shaman, who tells them about rifts the spirits are coming through, a division between the evil oni and the begign spirits.
  • At the shrine of Tfop, Ruby purchases a number of ghost tough oils and learns that they have been the most popular selling item recently.
  • The Horarians send word that they will now meet the delegation at a temple known as the Cradle. It is several days closer to them.
  • Nisouru reveals to the group they the Icefian government wants them to find archives in the temple of Quan Yin that tell of the Horairan home world. This is after it is explained the the Iotians had been fighting for decades to close rifts and that after their defeat they came to Icefia for help. The Icefians reluctantly agreed. Finding the location of the homeworld is believed to help stop the next rifts from opening by revealing where they will appear. The rifts were created by the same spell that Amat had used to bring the Horarians to Habololy centuries ago.
  • The ship gets called to stations one night as it approaches a mist with ships inside. The Octopus clan with two sloops and a frigate has laid a trap for the White Sword. The battle is not much of a contest as the Whitesword clearly outmatches the smaller ships. Even the arrival of a pirate spellcaster and two colossal crabs proves little challenge. Nisouru dispatches the spellcaster, even while the crabs capture much of the group. When it ends, a mere four crew are dead while the pirates are more than half wiped out and all three ships destroyed.

Session 6: Arriving at the Cradle (Summer 816)

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Session 7: Strange Happenings at the Temple of the Cradle (Summer 816)

  • Around Ruby's Brunch/Lunch day they had a tour of the caves above the Temple, which where previously inhabited by large scary flying beast. Those caves where interesting, and basically what you would expect. They got to see the underside of the temple while in there, and the quality work of Prince Firepeaks relatives. While sight seeing in the lair of the previous owner, Dylan spotted a secret door in a wall. They hid that fact from Shun Quan and decided to come back that night and check it out.
  • Whlie scheming to go back, they were invited to a party that night as a massive tropical storm moved in. The party was more of a mixer with lots of drink and flirtation happening. That spanned Supper, Dinner and Second Elevensees. Not sure where Lachlan ended up, but he had his pick. It was a fun time and no-one made an diplomatic *** of themselves.
  • The next dawn as Ruby was eating First Breakfast, Lord Tadrin, Tess, Marina, and Three others were missing from the Icefean delegation. None of them where in their rooms. We asked if anyone had seen them, poked around, asked Lin Bi Lee the Arcanically Fortunate. We checked their room for missing things. We got a guard dog and handler to help track them around Ruby's brunch, when they went back to the rooms to find something for it to scent track, they where there.
  • They don't remember anything besides getting a order of Saki delivered to the rooms last night, which had a Lotus Serum in it. This is a ecstasy type of drug used to mentally coerce people. It is also used recreationally here. A dog was used to track where they just were, which led to the caves again.
  • After gearing up and leaving the guards, the group opened the secret door. In they were attacked by a decapus ( 10 armed octopus ) and defeated it. However, they were locked in. The only way out seemed a magical alcove. There was a magical programmed illusion in they solved. However, Ruby and Godric where knocked out as we emerged from the spell.

Session 8: Battle Beneath the Cradle (Summer 816)

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Session 9: (Summer 816)

  • Dylan and Elayu landed on the ship, near the stern castle. Dylan appeared to be Nisouru. Dylan, wasn't stopped as he pushed into the Captain's quarters. He woke the captain, and explained the deal. We decided to make way to the Captain of the Marines, a Vass. He was not in his bunk. We then moved to the Mage. He was in a trance, and unresponsive. Similar to the Shaman on the islands. Enboldened by proof, Dylan removed his illusion. We decided to check on sensitive area's of the ship. We when entered the elemental engine room, a sail was draped over the engine, and it was guarded by the Vass, who was possessed. The captain and Dylan defeated the Vass, and removed the sail, which was anti-magic. This would have prevented the sale from moving. After that encounter we tried to find the cleric, also in a trance. Finally, we moved to the mess hall, where morning breakfast was just starting to be served. The capt ordered the men to stand down, and a melee ensued. 3 of the sailors who had breakfast were possessed and tried to capture the capt. We found red gems in the morning food, and only barely saved the crew. Dylan then flied up to the crows next on Elayu where Lord Tadrin was surrounded by a spirit, and using call lightening to attack us. Not going to lie, the griffin did most of the work in subduing the possessed noble. Back up at the temple everyone else was ushering people up the mountain to safety, and sorting out the mess from the cube chamber.
  • The group had a meeting later with all the important people. They learned the following:

1 Oni - basically fiends of the Material Plane

2 Oni where created in Dakon, Evil powers rewarded beings by making them Oni, Good Powers punished by make them Oni.

3 The large rift in space, powers all the others rifts.

4 The large rift goes to Dakon

5 Dakon - all the beings there are supposed to be dead. But for some reason that didn't work.

6 The only way to close the rift is from the other side.

7 Empty Man was not behaving didn't like it's role, which is why it was in prison

8 No answer on why the Minotaur was in a cube

  • A report came that a fleet of Octopus Fleet ships was approaching, Realizing they could not fight off that many ships, the White Sword engaged a spelljamming helm and flew into the atmosphere. Eight days later, they flew into a rift to Dakon.