Icefian Events (season 3: 26-35)

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Return to Troubles in Icefia

Session 26: (Huenti 782 to Kiusta 782)

  • After a conversation with Michael Steelsmyth, high cleric of Stasis, the group makes a decision on where to go next. They will continue to hunt down the few demons that now roam Habololy in hopes of finding the other beings that are trapped to allow for those demons to remain. Jonathon decides that his skills are best suited elsewhere, and leaves the others.
  • Asinjin, Rubius, and Tolan travel the Colonye, where they are able to rest before setting out. While there, they stay at the estate of King Westrum. The king's brother, Leon, arrives to aid them at the request of his brother. He now carries an ancient sword named Battle.
  • After a month, the group is told of a lead. A rare gem is being used in the summoning of the demons. The gem is only found in Baenrl near to Intoria. The group decides to travel first to Jaswap, and then to Baenrl. They take the desert elf Mar'kel, who had been rescued from the demonic cult, with them.
  • When they arrive in Jaswap, Mar'kel is able to parley his return into a nice inn and a caravan route for his friends. They must however, wait a week. It is learned that, Mar'kel's father died trying to find his son and that Mar'kel is now the owner of his father's merchant business.
  • Several days into their stay in Jaswap, guards arrive at the hotel to arrest the group. Not trusting the guards, they quickly incapacitate them.

Session 27: (Kiusta 782)

  • A questioning of the guards leads the group to the knowledge that the man who has taken over Mar'Kel's company in his absence wants both Mar'Kel and the group arrested on suspicious charges. They discover that Mar'Kel is being held at the company's warehouse.
  • At that time, Ari walks towards the group with a goblin, whom they discover is named Zim. Ari has returned to aid the others and Zim is his guise for the moment. They agree to go with the group to the warehouse.
  • On the way to the warehouse, the group is watched and when they get within sight of it, the watcher warns those inside, who were prepared. Fireballs and crossbow bolts reign down on the group. Rubius manages to open the locked door while the other rush towards the building. Asinjin manages to confuse a number of the attackers on the roof.
  • Inside, the group is confronted with a Horarian Assassin, a cleric of Tyrogatore, a giant lizard and a jaswapan monk. A fight begins. Asinjin enchants much of the inside of the warehouse, preventing those on the roof from coming down and slowing the fight inside, including dazing his companions. When not dazed, Rubius helps drag the others from the enchanted areas. Tolan and Zim kill the assassin. Leon battles the monk with Ari until the monk knocks them both out, and it takes Zim to knock out the monk. The cleric fights Tolan until Asinjin charges in and forces the cleric to surrender.
  • The cleric tells them that the company has hired them all as protection, and he came along believing that it was a just action, which he begins to doubt. He says that there is a sorcerer named Abood waiting for them with the imprisoned Mar'Kel. He suggests, and the group agrees, to take the entire matter to the temple of Tyrogatore and let them decide.
  • The next day, the high cleric Milo orders the sorcerer to return to the company and tell them to halt their actions against the group and Mar'Kel. He orders Mar'Kel's release. He suggests that the group take Mar'Kel to Magenthia, the home of his company, and sort this out.

Session 28: (Kiusta 782)

  • The group discovers that Mar'Kel has already be taken, as a prisoner, to Magenthia. They decide to go there and retrieve him.
  • The clerics of Tyrogatore offer to speed the trip along for some of the group. Asinjin, Rubius, Tolan, and one of the clerics of Tyrogatore will be magically taken to the town of Brokengate and save three days travel. Leon and Ari will follow on foot.
  • A Wind Walk carries the four to the town of Brokengate, where they spend a restful hour before heading north to Magenthia.
  • On the road north, the group walks through a clicker graveyard, left over from some great battle of the War of Technology. They are confronted by a large Tinker Golem that commands they come with it. After a minute long fight during which the group was beaten and exhausted, the golem ran out of ammunition for its crossbow and left the battlefield. The group rushed away.
  • Upon reaching the main road, the group encountered a caravan led by a man named Yosef. He agreed to allow them to travel with the caravan after Rubius gave him some fruit. Later that day, they reached Magenthia.
  • Once in Magenthia, the four decided to stay at the Two Camels resort. After a restful night, Asinjin did some recon. He discovered a large building owned by Mar'Kel's company, and found that part of the building is proofed from divination.

Session 29: (Kiusta 782)

  • Late that same night, Zim, Leon, and Ari arrive in Magenthia. Asinjin and the others tell them what has happened. They devise a plan for the next day to recover Mar'Kel.
  • In the morning, the group sets out to go to the headquarters of Mar'Kel's company, which Asinjin had scouted. Ari will go in and cause a distraction while an invisible Rubius sneaks in and takes a look around. The plan quickly fails when Rubius invisibility is dispelled and the guards attack Ari.
  • The others make there make into the building, while ten crossbowmen attack inside along with a disguised Gythyanki and many hidden wand wielders launching lightening bolts. The group is able to quickly handle the crossbowmen and Gythyanki. Rubius scouts the rest of the building and discovers two men. Before the group can reach them, the men have disappeared into a hidden door. The exit to the building is now covered with new guards, so escape is impossible.
  • While searching for a way into the room the other men slipped into, the group is assaulted by lightning and bolts. After a painful minute, Zim is able to blow several holes in the wall. The group charges in, discovering several rooms. One room holds the rest of the guards and Mar'Kel.
  • Asinjin immediately confuses three of the eight crossbowmen and one of the wand wielders. Zim quickly kills one of the lead fighters. The battle looks to be in hand until tentacles spring up and pin Asinjin, Zim, and Rubius. The rest of the group starts to falter against a skilled scimitar-wielding servant of Dedestroyt and a hidden assassin. Luckily, Leon finds the assassin and kills him, freeing the others, who charge in and slay the scimitar-wielding warrior. The remaining guards surrender.

Session 30: (Kiusta 782)

  • The only conscious and surviving defender, a wizard, gives the group some information. They decide that they would be best served to get out of the city quickly and regroup.
  • After finding which ships were leaving soon and selecting one that was going to the Destroytian Republic, the group bought some supplies. Only hours after the battle, they were on a ship with the captured wizard, Mar'Kel, and the horarian woman that had been held with Mar'Kel.
  • Several hours out to sea, the call goes up that a pirate ship is approaching. About that time, the group checks in on Mar'Kel and is attacked by assassins. They defeat the assassins and interrogate one as the pirates approach.
  • The ship is attacked by a giant squid, which the group kills, but not before it disables the ship.
  • A demon then appears below deck, trying to collect Mar'Kel and the woman. The group barely fights the demon to a draw, forcing it to drop Mar'Kel and the woman and jump off the ship.
  • As the pirate ship approaches and begins to bombard the group's ship, a group of Guardians teleport in. While they can't do much to help fight off the pirates, they are able to summon others who can.

Session 31: (Leenot / Mafeeti 782)

  • Those summoned to aid against the pirates make quick work of the ship. The group is transported to the guardian temple, where they give a complete account of what has happened since they left.
  • For the next three weeks, the group works, practices, relaxes and waits at the temple.
  • The high-ranking guardians return and the group meets with them. The group will wait around until more information about Baenrl and the mission becomes available.
  • Two days later, a member of the Order of the Banished Hero arrives with information that the Cult of Chaos and several Vrock have been seen deep in Baenrl. The guardians are assembled to assault the keep and tower in Baenrl. The group is asked to go with them, and they agree.
  • As soon as the 30+ guardians and the group arrives, it becomes apparent that the area is a wild magic zone.
  • The force breaches the wall to find six Vrock and a horde of cultists and immediately attack the Vrock. Members of the force that fly are attacked by powerful spells from above and it is clear a wizard is in the tower. After killing two Vrock, and realizing they are not real Vrock, and driving the cultists into the keep, the entire force, except and now tiny Asinjin and a gaseous Rubius remain outside. The Vrock do not follow inside.
  • Inside, the guardians defeat the cultists. Some of the guardians are stuck at a magically locked door and Ari goes outside to find Asinjin and Rubius where he sees the Vrock are gone and replaced by Fire Giants, who attack. Asinjin and Rubius arrive inside just as the giants are defeated.
  • The group and several guardians move inside, while the rest wait in the entrance to guard the captive cultists and protect the rear flank.
  • While moving up some stairs, everyone but Rubius and Asinjin slips down into a trap, where they fight a Gelatinous Cube and are trapped. Asinjin and Rubius find one guardian that had made it to the top from an earlier group fighting a wizard of chaos and a chaos golem. The wizard soon summons a Slaadi, but is quickly killed by Rubius. As the guardian and Asinjin fight off the Slaadi, several assassins arrive through a trap door which Rubius was unable to get through and steal the wizard's staff, which appears to hold a piece of the Heart.

Session 32: (Mafeeti 782)

  • Rubius and Asinjin do battle with the Slaad. Only after Asinjin's spell causes archons to appear instead of Slaad does the Slaad finally retreat. The others then arrive to help Takinishi defeat the Chaos Golem.
  • The room darkens and the exits disappear. A voice, probably that of Holom Gloom, mocks the group before casting a spell and splitting the group into two. Half of the group appears trapped in the room, while the other half appears not so trapped. The trapped group, including Rubius and Tolan, begins to fight its way out through the keep. The other group, including Asinjin and Ari, escapes the building and goes for help at the guardian temple.
  • Inside, the group encounters chaos beasts and a Chaos Golem Kraken, which kills many of the guardians. The other arrive into the building with reinforcements minutes later and defeat the Kraken. After they leave the keep, it collapses.

Session 33: (Mafeeti 782)

  • The guardian scouts spot a group of twenty giants approaching. They are led by a cleric of Sutyr and a Flamemaster. The group cannot escape magically in one day, so they set up defenses.
  • The twenty plus guardians, and the group wait for the giants to approach and then begin to parley. The giants are here for Asinjin, Ari, Rubius, and Tolan for stealing some of Baenrl's property, which turns out to be slaves that they freed.
  • The group and the guardians refuse. Before the giants begin their assault, Asinjin confuses and stuns most of them. The guardians concentrate on the leaders. Asinjin continues to confuse and stun the giants as the other begin to fell the them. After only one minute, half of the giants are dead and the others remain confused. Escalon, the guardian leader, demands the rest leave, and the giants flee.

Session 34: (Progonust 782)

  • After a month at the Guardian Temple resting and preparing, the group decides to try yet again to find the source of the blood rubies that allowed the demons to be brought to Habololy. They are accompanied by Zimm the Goblin and G the Ice Gnome cleric of Hemator.
  • In Asheart, they discover the gem dealer that sold the rubies and go to confront him. Once in his shop, he uses a Djiin to wish most of the group away, leaving only Ari and Rubius to deal with the hobgoblin merchant and his Djiin.

Session 35: (Progonust 782)

  • Ari and Rubius spend time talking to the Hobgoblin before Asinjin teleports back into the room. They discover that the giants have arrived and are looking for them. The three leave the room, which the hobgoblin allows, and try to escape the city.
  • Before they are able to escape, they run into a flying wizard and several Fire Giants who kill Asinjin, knock out Ari, and beat up Rubius before the halfling escapes.
  • Rubius takes the others out of town where he is met by a guardian that transports them back to the temple.
  • Once back at the temple, the guardians raise Asinjin, who is angry and plans to leave the temple to find Tolan. Ari and Rubius remain at the temple waiting for their next orders.