Icefian Events (season 4: 36-37)

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Return to Troubles in Icefia

Session 36: ()

Session 37: ()

  • With the spiders dead, the group made its way across the large pit and continued to follow the tunnel. Avoiding some threats and dealing with others, the group eventually came across four drow herding a large group of Kobald slaves. Gnorris and Sordar could not tolerate the act of the drow, and against Ravagon and Alastar's protest engaged the drow.
  • After first defeating three of the drow and driving the fourth off, a mounted drow returned with the one that had run. The new fight did not go so well for the group. Ravagon is killed and Sordar nearly so before Gnorris and Alastar barely drive off the drow, with the new warrior dragging away his injured companions.
  • The group slowly and painfully continues, encountering many signs of the Neoillithid's movement. They realize that they have fallen behind and that the creature is farther along than they expected. As they approach the creature, Gnorris is contacted by an imprisoned Illithid who tells Gnorris that he and several other psions are captured and being used to lure the Neoillithid to a city of strange dwarven creatures called Iberb. With only hours before the Neoillithid reaches the town, the group decides they have no choice but to free the prisoners and change the course of the creature.