Icefian Events (season 5: 38-45)

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Session 38: (Future Icefia 999)

  • Appearing in what look like the ruins of the bardic college of Icefia, Asinjin, Isaac, Parker, Ari, and Asterix are disoriented. The landscape is very different, the moon is cracked. Parker reads the letter they were given. Upon opening the letter, another letter appears, this one has the seal of the guardians. The letters say the the group has been taken to the year 999, right before the end. Russell, the chronomancer, has been trapped and can no longer help the group. The medallions the group has are the only way back, other than escaping to the upper planes. The letters say that there is nothing the group can do to change the future, but they must find Luther, Rathos, Arian, and the princess of Yellowia and determine what caused the future situation.
  • They speak with a one-legged Horarian man and his family who confronts them and learn about the future. The go into the city, now called Sacrifice, and learn more. The guards, called Mooncoats, confront the group and then follow them. The temple of Tfop does not believe Ari. The group ends up at the nicest inn in the city where the bartender, a dwarven wizard, gives them more information about the future. The cult of Nilah'Anor has freed Amat and allied with Sutyr and Vishtoo. They have killed or trapped many of the deities, banished the Oldest Orc, and reduced other in power. Most of the races and nations are gone.

Session 39: (Future Icefia 999)

  • The group spends some time talking with Strakus, learning more about the future. He tells that that a man named Thadyus will be able to help them. That man arrives a few hours later and tells them more information. The Mooncoats arrive and force the group to remain in the cellar for the night hiding. While there, they determine that they need to get to the castle, where one of the people there looking for, and the only one whose location they are certain of, is being kept. To do that, they need to speak with a man named Garland, the last Captain of the Knights of the White Sword. The next day, Thadyus leads them out to find information.
  • In the city, they go to Goodluck and Goodgear, where they find a man and a dwarf (these two turn out to be the son of Vega and Mouser in disguise). They tell the group that Garland will be in the city soon. The also tell Ari he needs a ring of Nondetection. The group goes to a shop, run by a now liche Sisero, and trades mithral for the ring. Returning to the first shop, they learn more information and head to a inn where Garland will be soon.
  • The inn is a place liked by Mooncoats. When the group gets there, they sit and wait, hoping Garland will arrive. He does, in disguise. Asinjin goes to another room to cast a spell. As soon as he leaves, a group of Mooncoats and others arrive and accuse Garland and his contact, another Mooncoat. A fight breaks out. The group fights them to a standstill until other arrive. These others are apparently also from the past and help everyone escape the inn.
  • Everyone makes there way to Good Gear and Good Luck for the night.

Session 40: (Future Icefia 999)

  • After spending the night at the shop planning and talking, the group decides that they will go to the castle and rescue Rathos the next day. During their discussions, Asinjin comes into conflict with many of them over his views about the future. It is settled that they will have to agree to disagree about time travel.
  • The plan the next morning is to use tunnels to get into the castle, where Jonas has allies that can make their entrance easier. The group uses disguises and casts spells to prepare. Once inside, they split into two groups, each looking for Rathos in a different part of the castle. Jonas goes with the group that consists of Asinjin, Ari, Parker, Thadyus, Isaac, and Jarius. They easily make their may towards the Armory, which is next to a place where Rathos may be held. They decide to go into the armory to cause a distraction. They are also looking for a horn for Thadyus.
  • Asinjin turns invisible and magically opens the door. Jonas pushes the guard inside and Ari kills him. They make it through a mechanical lock thanks to Jonas' key. The armory is boxed up and looks ready to be moved. They search for a guard inside. They hear a thump and find an unconscious guard and tracks telling them Jonas left through a secret door. They lose contact with Maria through telepathy. They find the horn and load a floating disc with crates.
  • When they leave, they find Robin, who tells them the other group is in the castle throne room killing Mooncoats. Thadyus suggests they leave, but the others see a need to get Rathos. They make it to the throne room in time to see the others fighting what appears to be Dresta herself. Jonas is dead. A moment later, the others, including Garland and Rathos, disappear. Robin is left is the group in the future. Dresta screams and knocks out Thadyus, Jarius, and Isaac.

Session 41: (Future Icefia 999)

  • The group exits the castle amid chaos and runs into Desault and the Dresta member of the Troika. Ari is knocked out by Desault, but not after nearly killing him with his blades. Parker and Robin try to aid the fight. The member of the Troika magically attacks Asinjin, to little avail. Asinjin destroys Desault and hurts the member of the Troika, who then flees.
  • The paralyzed members of the group along with Ari recover. They head into the tunnel they entered through. In the tunnel, they are forced to dismiss the disc that carries the crates and remove all of the items from the crates because of the confines. They finally reach Goodluck and Goodgear.
  • Itsawara (Mouser), is forced to put Robin to sleep, because he says she should not be here. Time has been changed he says, due to the clock raven held by the other group. After some debate, another letter arrives from Russell. It says that he is waiting for them at the Guardian temple and that he has placed a teleport beacon in Degala. The group decides that it will go there, but they cannot teleport or travel physically, so they need to go into the city to acquire the spells and equipment they need for the trip.

Session 42: (Future Icefia 999)

  • In the city, the group visits several shops. They learn information from each one. They meet a gnomish tinker they knew in the past, a very old dwarf, and Acyll, whom Parker knew and who is know a pseudo waywatcher and weapon smith. Thadyus gets a new firearm. They buy scrolls, spellbooks pages, and get the dwarf to cast a teleportation circle. The visits take two days. They learn the Mooncoats are out in full force and that Desault has been resurrected.
  • After teleporting to Degalas, with Acyll, Robin, Isaac, Jarius, and VJ, the group begins their walk to the guardian vale. Several days of travel prove thankfully uneventful. They reach they vale prepare for the descent and likely fight with the guardian of the vale. It takes only minutes for the creature to emerge and attack.
  • The creature breaths fire and ice on the group. Those that are capable attack: Acyll, Thadyus, Ari, Parker. Asinjin prepares and Isaac sings. Acyll gets tossed away and charges back. Ari gets clawed and bitten. The creatures is hurt from all angels. Asinjin unleashes a mighty blast of lightning and acid. The creature retreats and the group rushes towards the mist that protects the temple. They reach the mist and enter. Parker is hurt by the mist, but everyone else is fine.
  • Once inside, they encounter a group guarding the path.

Session 43: (Future Icefia 999)

  • In side the valley, the group speaks for several days with the guardians and others. They learn of the events that lead up to the current future. They have their lifelines 'severed' by Russell so that they can travel to the past and not meet a paradox. In the end, they find out that they must find Arion and Lira and take them to the past. Once there, they must stop the gate to the Abyss from being opened and Dagon coming through. They also learn of an alien artifact that they will attempt to keep out of the hands of Dresta.
  • They leave the valley, with VJ and Jarius in tow. They reach Fallingleaf, where they hope to find Arion and Lira. They find Lira, and learn that Arion is not there. Luther visits Fallingleaf sometimes. On the first night, Lira tells them that they must escape.

Session 44: (Future Icefia 999)

  • That night, they escape.
  • They make their way to Foresthall, where they believe Arion is. When they get there, they soon find him being held by Souric and Desault. There are also 24 more mooncoats. After a few moments of parley, the fight begins. The group is surrounded by mooncoats and Desault. The fight is at a standstill until the ground gives way and a massive Doggeden Tinker golem arrives. It engages both sides. Liera can do nothing. Luther arrives and helps kill mooncoats. Isaac sings to aid everyone. The mooncoats are killed or driven off by Asinjin and Parker. The golem is damaged after Thadyus gets inside and kills some of the gnomes operating it. Desault is driven back by Ari. Souric holds Arion. The combatants reach an impasse.
  • Souric demands that the group take him with them or he will not give them Arion.

Session 45: (Future Icefia 999 back to the present)

  • After a great deal of debate, the group agrees to take Souric and Desault back to the past. As the group activates their items and goes, they are disoriented and see a great skull-like face warning them they will never succeed. They awaken at a goblin's home, all resting.
  • After talking to the goblin and a bugbear, they discover that they all made it and that they are in a time a few months after they left. Desault did not survive the trip, as they expected. They later discover that Souric did survive the trip and was rescued by agents of a shadowy cult looking to control knowledge.
  • The group makes it back to Phiam. There, they find their friends, including some people they had met in the future, at the estate they had been given after defeating the cult. They have been fighting off the group's enemy's while they have been gone, including demons. Those that remained at the mansion include Sunjata and Vega Junior. Robin is also there, although her memory is blurry.
  • The group sets off to spend some of their coin. Asinjin crafts a stone golem to guard the mansion. Thadyus sets about learning the ways of the past which he is unfamiliar with. Parker makes contact with many of his former associates.
  • The group meets with the leaders of the guardian temple. They indicate to the group that they are planning a possible coup against the king of Icefia. Russell, who sent them to the future, remains in a coma. The demons are being sought out by the temple, and they now know not to kill them, but rather capture them.