Icefian Events (season 6: 1-16)

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Return to Troubles in Icefia

Session 47: (7 Progonust 783)

  • After a month of recovering from returning to their own time, Asinjin, Ari, and Parker gather to find the gnome who is their best lead on the problems. As they go out, after Asinjin returned from somewhere outside of Port Phiam, the three, along with Thadyus, run into two newcomers from Yellowia claim to be looking for Learia and a Feyalin. They agree to join the group in the search.
  • Parker and Ari find that Padra is missing. They collect items from her home. Asinjin later reviews the items and finds a journal that tells of her efforts to concoct a new potion to counteract the effects of memory loss. They discover that she was last seen going to the temple of Hemator.
  • The group goes to the temple, where they question Deskin, a dwarven cleric of Hemator. Deskin has little memory of what happened. After some questioning and dispelling, they get his memory back. Asinjin also casts spells to reveal what happened in the temple months ago. Cloaked figures arrived, took four individuals in comas; including the Feyalin and the gnome, attacked and took Padra, and cursed Deskin. They also poisoned the font.

Session 48: (7 Progonust 783 to 9 Progonust 783)

  • For two days the group collects information. They interact with Ebian, the cleric of Lakius of Phiam; the Coutl Azir who had been captured along with some of those the group is looking for; and Buld Mountainmagic. Asinjin uses a variety of spells to collect the information. Maleek uses his contacts from Yellowia to find out where the Feyalin is being kept.

Session 49: (Progonust 783)

  • After gathering much information at the college, the group leaves, without Ari. They are ambushed in an alley, which they entered to follow a man that was following them. They defeat two shadowy wizards and four golems. One of the wizards is alive, and Asinjin uses his magic to find him after he evaporates away. Asinjin then teleports the group into the sewer, where the wizard is located.

Session 50: (Progonust 783)

  • Upon appearing in the sewer, the group sees five shadowy figures, one of which is set off from the others, and three of the golems. They attack immediately. Thadyus kills the wounded one and wounds the others. Parker beats up two of the shadowy figures. Maleek heals himself. Before Asinjin can act, he is stunned. Soon after Thadyus and Maleek are stunned. Parker holds out briefly before being held.
  • They awaken confronted by Ari and Nickodemus, who rescued them after Parker broke his guardian seal. They have wounds on their heads from where an illithid tried to read their minds. Many of their items are gone. The creatures that attached them were niblewrights, a form of tinker golem with magic.
  • They return to Phiam after being healed of the wounds in Messada. The group learns that the Illithid was captured with the Coutl and has returned to the outer planes where it serves its deity. It is attempting to find the throne which the group is searching for as well. Asinjin scryes it, and learns much of the information about it. It has visited many people the group knows to find more information on the throne. The illithid is pretending to be a mindshadow, leading a group of them, but hiding its identity. They learn that Belsaruius is being psionically controlled, and Ari has some psionic 'lice'.

Session 51: (10 / 783)

  • As Asinjin tries to find all of their missing items, the other gather more information. They arrange a meeting with the queen of the west and get her to provide them with a guide to the fortress to the north. After a week, Asinjin retrieves some of his items. The group buys some replacement items. They decide to he north.
  • From the queen's castle, the group leaves on magical mounts provided by Asinjin. They are led by Lord Wokal. After two days, they reach the base of the mountain where the fortress is located. They scout it out and then camp. Asinjin retrieves Robyn through teleportation. In the morning, the go up the mountain and the entrance to the fortress. There, Ari detects a great evil. The group prepares and Maleek approaches the entrance. He is met a a deep grinding voice, speaking in Draconic. The group begins to flee when a white dracoliche jumps out.
  • Only Thadyus flees. The other fight. Asinjin prepares spells, but is harassed by the creature and unable to cast anything offensive. Ari, Parker, Maleek, and Lord Wokal fight. Asteric and Robyn grab and stop Thadyus, getting him to fight after a few moments. While Ari stands his ground, the others hit and run. The creature is damaged, but the group is hurt badly as well. Only Asinjin is unharmed, but still unable to help. Finally, Asinjin gets into the clear. The others have done notable damage to the creature when he unleashes fireballs and magic missiles. It is forced to flee upwards. A swarm of undead rats arrives to aid the creautre. Maleek takes Asinjin's bow and fires at it. Thadyus shoots at it. Parker casts fiery orbs at it. In a last ditch effort, it breaths again on the group and crashes to the group to crush them. The attempt fails and Ari is able to destroy it.
  • The noises have caused the mountain to begin to avalanche and the group flees inside the fortress to avoid it.

Session 52: (10 / 783)

  • The group investigates the fortress in the mountain.
  • The comes across traps, bats, oozes, and other dangers which they get around and overcome.
  • After several hours, the come to a staircase downward. As they are walking down, the staircase disappears. A Beholder is below them. Two umber hulks join the fight. The beholder focuses it's antimagic on Asinjin, keeping him from helping. The others spread out and attack the beholder with arrows, bullets, and spells. Maleek gets under it and cuts it up. Robyn deals with the umber hulks. Finally, the beholder retreats, and disappears behind a gloomy wall and stone.

Session 53: (10 / 783)

  • Parker left the beholder room to scout for a safe place to rest. This followed an extended debate on whether to rest or press forward. He was confronted in short order by a dead shadowy man and four barbaric hunters of men. A fight ensued. Parker held his own against two while the others killed two others. Ari and Asterik killing one and Declan the other. The rush to aid a near dead Prker, and Maleek and Thadyius kill the third. The fourth, seemingly unstoppable, is stalled by Asinjin until Thadyius shoots his head off.
  • Still looking for a safe place to rest, the group presses forward. After tunnels and mazes, the come to a spherical library with a lone man seated at the center. He is confusing and not helpful, and appears to be the master of the shadowy men. The group exits the room, and after another corridor, comes to a room with spheres of trapped people at the top, four shadowy men near the bottom, and a black pit in the center.
  • Asinjin steps out onto the ledge above the room and is wracked with magical pain. He does however, put up and anti magic shell to protect everyone. The group demands things of the shadowy men, then attack from range. The shadowy leader puts up a prismatic wall to slow the group down. The trapped figures drop into the dark pit. The group moves to get around the wall. A tinker golem emerges from the pit. Another entrance to the room rumbles.
  • Once around the wall, the group demands the figures from the pit. The leader yells that they the group may take them. Asinjin dazes the shadowy men. Ten bull headed creatures come out of the pit and with the golem move towards the group. The rumble from the entrance continues. The group figures out that it can summon the people from the pit and they begin to do so. The shadowy men do not attack, but are concerned with the rumbling. Once the group has all the people they need from the pit, Asinjin tries to teleport them out, but it fails. Uscis bursts into the room.
  • The group loads the people onto the floating disc. Everyone rushes passed the golem towards the exit, except Asinjin. Uscis stuns Asinjin and begins to fight Ari. Maleek returns to help Asinjin and the two mount the phantasmal steed and fly to the exit. Ari holds Uscis off until everyone is safe and then withdraws. The shadowy men flee while attacking Uscis with magic. The golem attacks Uscis as well.
  • As the group is leaving, they are able to retrieve some of their stolen items from the pit. When the group exits, they are in the city a spherical city which is in every direction they look. Asinjin says, we are in Sigil, on the outer planes.

Session 54: (10 / 783)

  • In Sigil, the group quickly finds an inn and rests for the night. Parker and Malik collect information from the common room. Asinjin Sends Azir and Buld for help.
  • The next day, the group is directed to make it to a better, nicer inn. On their way, Asinjin collects an orphan, Padrig. They meet two other, sent by Buld and Azir separately that guide them to the new inn. Once there, they spend the night.
  • Azir arrives the next day and the group talks to him, explaining everything. They send out for shopping, including items needed to make the antidote for the captives. Asinjin traps Suric in a spell. Asinjin and Azir team up to extract blood magically from an Illithid as the final ingredient. Asinjin then makes the concoction and they awaken Padra and the others. They talk to the rescued people and gather some information.
  • Azir is forced to remove psionic parasites from many people.

Session 55: (10 / 783)

  • After more discussion, it is decided that the group will split. Some will return to Habololy and other will look for the throne. Gnorris and Pliny will join the group and Robin in searching for the throne, the rest go to Mount Celestia and from there Habololy. After two full days at the inn, the group sets out. They pick up Apolonius, Pliny's brother to guide them and get them into the temple where the throne is located.
  • Before they get to the throne, they are beset by creatures controlled by the Illithid Imberb. A swarm of psionic mites, demons, and Slaad all try to stop the group. Asinjin deals with the Slaad, the others deal with the demons, and everyone takes care of the swarm. The group finally reaches the temple and manage to get inside after some diplomacy by Malik and the brother.
  • Inside, the group becomes separated from Pliny and his brother before entering a shadowy, ethereal place that appears to be a maze of Sigil. In the maze, the group is attacked by ethereal giant insects, but they drive them off. After some more time searching, the group finds stairs and a tall armored knight.

Session 56: (10 / 783)

  • The knight confronts them and offers them choices and a warning. They have reached the tomb and the throne lies inside. They speak at length with the knight and eventually are allowed to enter the tomb.
  • Once inside, they find a hallway. It is filled with screaming and blinding light. Only the telepathic bond allows them to communicate. They make it out and are accosted by a mist of undead which harms them until Ari is able to drive them off.
  • They find an ethereal room with an invisible snake wrapped around a woman. Parker and Asinjin enter and Malek gets trapped behind a Wall of force. After setting off some traps, the two headed snake and woman begin to attack. The others enter. The group quickly destroys the woman, who turns into dust. A globe appears, which is also evil. They destroy it, and the snake tries to flee. The group destroys it as well. The woman left a journal, but they are not able to find any useful information in it.
  • The group goes back the other way, having come to a dead end. Ari discovers a passageway hidden in the blinding light. The group goes down it and finds writing on the walls. They are attacked by a whirlwind undead. After a long fight of spells against the creature, the group finally destroys it. A Prismatic Wall remains in their way. For some time, they look for a way through it. Then, Malek reads the writing on the wall and the Prismatic Wall becomes translucent. More debate, and then finally Thadius walks through unharmed.
  • Now with the throne in sight, the group one by one tries to reach it. Ari and Thadyus fail. As Parker and Asinjin discuss, Malek goes ahead and successes answering the questions and reaching the throne. *The group is taken to the seven heavens, to Stasis lair, as had been begrudgingly agreed upon.
  • They are given an audience with Stasis.