Icefian Events (season 8: 67-76)

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Return to Troubles in Icefia

Prologue: (6-9/785)

  • As the group leans about what went on at the temple of Lakius, they uncover that the demon lord Dagon has found a way to use any planar waterway to get to Habololy.
  • During these months, the king has died and the war turns bloody and violent.
  • Asinjin retreats from Icefia, only visiting for important events. Parker remains in Phiam and at the college. Ari completes his holy missions.
  • All attend the funeral of the king. The event is filled with dignitaries and becomes eventful when a creature delivers a sphere of annihilation as a gift, killing Roland of Pacyr in a attempt to kill a high cleric of Stasis. Aianna of the Destroytian Republic is badly hurt in the attack.
  • The group learns of the methods in which a new king will be picked, and realize that Arian is the true heir and must be found.

Session 67: (9/785)

  • Asinjin returns to Phiam to deliver some of his sculptures. Parker has been taking orders for them since Asinjin's skills were put on display at the funeral. This has allowed Asinjin to speak with some important members of the Icefian kingdom who have a say in the next king.
  • While at Parker's mansion, the group is visited by one of the Icefian kings. He is Leon's relative and he asks for their help locating Leon. The sword Leon has, named Battle, is a key to unlocking the Gemblade. With Stasis' power currently diminished, the deity cannot do it himself. The group agrees to help. Asinjin locates Leon and Battle far to the west in a cave of the great icepyre.
  • The group hears a story of orcs being attacked at the docks and a celestial horse roaming the city. Ari wants to investigate. They discover the horse Brightsoul at the temple of Stasis, where they learn that the cleric has been attacked by drow on the road west of the city. Drow were also the claimed assailants on the docks which captured the horse's owner, Ajax.
  • The deputy and constables arrive and the group discusses what it might be able to do before leaving.

Session 68: (9/785)

  • Asinjin and Ari travel out by steed to investigate the area where the drow attacked the deputy. They find evidence of a battle, but no bodies. Soon after, Grimdrek arrives to search the area. He is joined by his squire and others. Asinjin and Ari relay the information telepathically and return to the city.
  • The next morning, the group collects its items and plans to teleport out. After all preparations are made, Asinjin takes Ari, Rubius, Robin, Asterix, and Parker with him. The teleportation is shifted and the group ends up in a circular room. A long hallway with cells is in front of them. The cast more spells and prepare. Suddenly, the ground twists up to crush them. Asterix' leg is cut off. Robin and Asinjin have broken legs, but they are able to be quickly healed. They begin to investigate.
  • The cells are either empty or filled with a being naked and covered in ooze, who is guarded by a Shadow. The shadow prevents identification of most of the prisoners. They look to be from a variety of races and places and states of health. The end of the hallway has one cell which is sealed, not just barred. Once at the end of the hall, a voice calls out to the group. It is Marcus, the shade servant of Nilis Ahnor. Ari is able to detect three strong evil presences in a large room ahead.
  • Marcus and the group talk for a while, with him tempting them and teasing them. He threatens and offers partnership. The group ignores his requests. Marcus dispels over half of Asinjin's spells. Soon after, three evil presences charge into the large room ahead. Wisely, the group restrains itself. Arrow and bullets rain down on the charging creatures, three in total. One of the three charges unwisely and gets eaten up by arrows and Asterix. The next large creature, who the group now realizes is a Yugoloth, charges. Again, the group is able to overcome the 2nd creature with some ease. The last creature, a more powerful Yugoloth, moves in to attack. It hurts Ari, but it is no match for the combined efforts of the group and it too falls under the press of attacks.
  • Marius begins to warn them to move quickly, the group breaks down the one wall and finds the orc Ajax. They find several other people they know, including Leon. After Ajax forces the shadows guarding the prisoners to leave, Maruis grows tired and tells them they may pick one other prisoner and leave. They pick Leon and head out.
  • A wall of stone blocks the room off from the hallway behind where the prisoners are located.

Session 69: (9/785)

  • Slowly, the group advances through the room and down the next hall. They discuss plans, are pestered by Marius and heal as they go. Soon, Ari detects an evil presence in the distance. They continue slowly. After a few minutes, the reach a wall of darkness, which they are able to dispel, revealing a wall of magic, which Asinjin determines is a dispelling screen. Through some arcane trickery, Asinjin get the group through the dispelling screen. Soon, the come to a large room. In it is a two headed draconic creature that some of them recognize from the 'future', which sits atop a huge mound of treasure.
  • The group splits up. Asinjin takes the high ground in the tunnel. Ari and Ajax move in to engage the beast, along with Asterix. Rubius moves off to the side of the massive room. Parker and Robin wait to search the hoard of treasure, looking for Battle. The three A's move in and the battle is engaged. Ajax blinds the beast in one of its two heads. Ari hurts it, as does Rubius. It breaths fire and ice, throws Ari a distance, and swats Rubius with its tail. Proving tough to kill all around, the battle continues. Asinjin, having failed to stop it with Dolorous Motes, unleashes acid spells to hurt it. It tries to stun Asinjin to no avail. Ajax is given a sword which Parker found in the hoard and continues to attack. Ari, having switched to his bow, is bitten again and begins to show the wear of being drained of life. However, the valiant Feyalin is still strong enough to deliver the killing blow and fell the beast.
  • The room begins to break apart. The group collect what they can and leaves through the only exit they see. After two hours, they emerge from the tunnel. Asinjin sends to the guardians that Ari and Parker had called. They contact them and walk to where the guardians are. Marius and his minions were driven away. However, the prisoners all pear to have been killed by the earthquake.

Session 70: (10/785)

  • After two days of rest, discussion, and planning, the group learns that assassins have tried to kill some of the nobles. They learn that the date of the selection has been moved up and is going to happen soon. Nisoru and Firfin are traveling in the great forest, where in the future they are killed by Uscis.
  • Asinjin, Parker, Thadius, Rubius, and Robin arrive in Foresthall. They find that the temple of Stasis has just been attacked. Arian has been kidnapped. Huthrim is hurt, Leira is in tears, the goblins are running around. Bartholomew Grace is badly hurt.
  • They prepare to retrieve Arian. Despite Asinjin wanting to wait, they teleport that same day to Phiam, where Asinjin determined that he was. He is in the temple of Tommimao. In Phiam, Ari warns the constables about what is going to happen. The group strides up to the temple and knocks. Ari pushes his way in once the door is open. The group sees Heron Cross and the fight is engaged. While Ari, Parker, Hutrim, and Rubius deal with Heron; Asinjin subdues everyone else in the room. Heron is forced to retreat by teleporting. One man breaks free of Asinjin's spell and holds a knife to a poodle. Asinjin stuns the man and discovers the poodle is Arian.
  • The constables arrive and round up those in the room. The group teleports back to Foresthall. Once there, Ajax, Huthrim, Nisoru, and Ari use the swords to unlock the obsidian sphere which holds the gemblade. They give it to Arian, who is accepted by the sword.

Session 71: (10/785)

  • The next morning, Ari and Nisoru are gone, Leira was them teleport away. The group debates what to do before deciding to return to Port Phiam to turn the sorcerer over to the authorities. They teleport to the Temple of Lakius. Asinjin takes the sorcerer to the prison, while Parker looks at the house for trouble. He finds someone watching it. The group walks that way with Parker leading to deal with the spy. Meanwhile, Ari arrives in the city and heads to the house, detecting many evil presences.
  • Sneaking up, Parker, Rubius, and Robin run into a stone version of Thadius. They fight with him for a time, unable to hurt it much. Asinjin moves into position, while Ajax and the others follow Asterix away. Ari begins to cut down assassins.
  • Asinjin sees a Nycoloth and an assassin on the road, and they begin to move towards him. The Nycoloth has a five headed flail of dragons. The Nycoloth is set upon by spells and arrows as it charges. It reaches and nearly kills Ajax, but then the group sets upon it with all of its focus and kills it. The assassin summons a swarm of evil brains, and then flees. Asinjin and Ajax dispatch the swarm. Parker, Robin, and Rubius eventually destroy the fake Thadius.
  • The group retires to the mansion, where they try to determine what to do with the flail. They discover it is an artifact of Nilis'Anor. During their efforts to trap or destroy it, it disappears. At the mansion, many visitors arrive. They group learns, from Nisoru, that the knights plan on confronting the castle the next day. The group is asked to sneak Arian into the castle. They agree and begin to plan for the mission.

Session 72: (10/785)

  • The next morning; Parker, Asinjin, Ari, Rubius, Astrek, Arian, Leiria, Robyn, and Rathos are teleported to Castle Gemblade. Using Rathos' knowledge, they are able to wind through tunnels beneath the castle. Over two hours into their trip, they are confronted by a voice and a shadow. It is one of Nilis'Anor's lieutenants. After a discussion, it leaves and the deity Vishtoo appears, trying to take revenge on the descendant of Stasis. Before it begins its assault, Ari summons the Cult Avatar Solaris, though unknown means.
  • Vishtoo moves into and attacks the gathered paladins; Ari, Ajax, and Solaris. The three are able to stand against him. Parker, Rubius, and Asinjin lend support. Arian remains away, as do Rathos and Leiria. The deity is fearsome, knocking down, stunning, and knocking out the paladins and various times. However, the help from Parker and Rubius keeps them standing. Asinjin, after exhausting his spells that could be helpful, retreats to find a way out. Full over a minute, the group battles the deity. It gazes fire are several of them, creates a stunning shockwave upon the floor, and creates a globe of destruction. But none of its efforts can kill off any opponents. Finally, after blasts from the Gemblade and attacks from all holy warriors, Vishtoo is banished.
  • Exhausted, but thier task not complete, the group moves towards the castle again. Solaris disappears.

Session 73: (10/785)

  • The group makes its way up into the castle. They pass by traps, which Robyn knows how to avoid. They pass golems, some of which have been destroyed. Once in the castle proper, they find signs of adapters fighting the golems. Soon after, they come to four guards. The guards tell of a fight outside between the knights and the guards. Ari commands the guards to tell everyone of the threat. Shank rushes off to collect a diamond for Arian and check the armory. He returns with news it has be raided. The group makes its way around until it finds 50 guards lead by the imposter Sir John. Arian reveals himself and the guards pause. The fake Sir John attacks the guards and the group.
  • Arian alone falls into a crevasse created by the adapter. He is wielding a sword from the castle's vault. Everyone but Asinjin and Leiria move into attack. The remaining guard get out of the way. Asinjin looks for a way into the throne room. The adapter is powerful, but cannot stand up to the group. It is destroyed. Turning their attention to the barred door, Asinjin identifies the magics on it. Rubius mists inside to find it barred by stone wedges. Before he can move them, Wilhar and others rush out, he escapes. Asinjin takes the ring and heads in, protected by many spells.
  • The knights break through and meet most of the group and the barred door, waiting for it to be opened. Asinjin searches beyond the door. He finds prisoners and eventually the meeting room. Using gold slivers to prick some present, he tries to identify a few adapters. The third one he tries is Mage Darpus, who manages to grab a hold of the invisible Asinjin. They talk, and Asinjin agrees to stand back while the other in the room talk. Asinjin is put behind a prismatic wall.
  • The doors are finally opened, and the knights and the rest of the group rush into the rooms. Asinjin is released. The adapters surrender.

Session 74: (10/785)

  • After hours of discussion and questioning, the group heads to Cape Tolya. They hope to find items to help against the adapters at Magicowners. Unfortunately, once there, they learn that the adapters have been all of Icefia buying or stealing those items. A golem with a gold sword now guards the door of the shop. They do exchange some items and head back to the Castle.
  • The next day, they go, without Ari but with Martine Vanyar, Bartholomew Grace, and Lady Faraday to the armies. New King Arian has decreed that they return home. Teleporting first to the southern army, the group has little problem delivering the commands. The army tells them that half of the elves have surrendered, while others are trying to stage a coup at the capital. Taking that information, the group heads north to the other army.
  • There, they find the army gone and a strange doorway into the mountain. Finding no other signs of the army, they head into the doorway. Luckily, they make it through a long maze. Coming out into a valley, they find that a stone roof has been put over the valley. Illusions conceal bones on the floor. Signs that the juggernaut machine has been activated are found. Then the group sees a light coming from a cave on the other side of the valley. Asinjin goes to investigate.
  • On the other side, he finds a heavily guarded cave. He begins to talk with someone inside and learns that most of the army is in the mines. Chosen, elementals, undead, and Uscus attacked. Adapters, apparently betrayed by Uscis and among the army's ranks, were revealed and killed. Uscis took the juggernaut and left what they say is a massive undead Icepyre in the river. It is an illusion, as they are also convinced there is no ceiling now on the valley. Asinjin returns to the others and tells them what has happened. The group moves to the river in the valley to defeat whatever is there.
  • Spells assault them as the near. Robyn in killed briefly before Asinjin brings her back. Once at the river, they melt away the ice and grab a glowing shard. An ice elemental appears. Asinjin melts it.

Session 75: (11/785)

  • The group helps get the army on its feet and moving. The scout the area and Asinjin divines a lot of information. The war altar and its army of undead and barbarians are heading east. Later they find out, towards Messada. The group returns to the castle.
  • There, they are reunited with Ari. The tell Arian of everything they discovered. They learn that the guardians will soon be attacked. Several knights fly out to find the approaching army and they do. Undead, barbarians, the war altar pulled by Doggedens, and Uscis on a dragon.
  • Ajax is found leading a group of gnomes, giants, and dwarves to the castle to help. The group moves to get them to the castle faster.
  • Asinjin moves out to do some more reconnaissance and test the army. He finds 20,000 more barbarians than anticipated. He finds that the dragon and Uscis can True See. He captures a barbarian for questioning.

Session 76: (11/785)

  • Using the information Asinjin found, the group, along with Huthrim, plans an ambush for Uscis and the dragon. The plan fails when the two refuse to take any of the bait the group sets. They return to the castle.
  • Early the next morning, the army appears ready to siege the castle, having moved faster in the last day than expected. Luigi arrives to warm that Uscis and the dragon are attacking the college. Although it has been evacuated, Allanda remains. The group heads to the college.
  • Without Asinjin's spells, they are handicapped. Asinjin had not yet been able to prepare for the day. The dragon is protected by an anti magic field. As it tears into the college, the group can do little. Parker makes a bold move and shoots the dragon, driving it off. The group sets in on Uscis, doing little to him. The dragon returns and with its field gone, its quickly burns its way to Allanda. Uscis then captures her within a dark sphere. The two flee. The group concentrates its attacks upon the fleeing two and kills the dragon. Uscis teleports, escaping with Allanda.