Icefian Events (season 9: 77-89)

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Session 77: A New City, Not the Same as the Old City (Smofena 786)

  • The constables of Port Phiam continued to do their job through the end of the war and the change in king. With the greatest dangers passed, they have monitored the city and the influx of mercenaries looking for riches with the fall of the Scaled Kingdom. The squad changes, as Norman leaves and Gneetah joins.
  • They are called in for a meeting where they are told that a new place has been found for them. With the fall of the Scaled Kingdom, their capital of Portet has fallen into disarray. The Kingdom of Icefia has taken control of the city, supplying food and now maintaining the law. Constables from every city are being sent to manage it. The squad has been picked as one that will go. After three days, they sail off for a week.
  • After a stop in Cape Tolya, the squad sails on and reaches Portet. Once there, they observe a weary town and walk over a mile of ice to reach the docks. They meet with Deputy Chartok, who is their new commander. He introduces them to their liaison, a scaled elf named Quarol. He describes their mission and the rules before sending them on their first assignment, to check on the temple to Habastly, just outside of the city.

Session 78: More Murders Than We Can Count (Smofena 786)

  • Before they reach the temple, they find a black circle, which after some investigation, they discover is encircling the temple. The group crosses with little problem and finds the temple. Again, after some investigation, Robert climbs the roof, falls in, and they all go inside. Robert is set upon by three shadows, but the group dispatches two and the third flees. They search the temple. After a minute they find a mummy, which paralyzes Gneeteh and the Sergeant. The rest of the group fights and finally destroys the mummy, with Vassilli's fire doing the lion's share of the damage. Quarol is taken with rot.
  • Searching the temple, Ularik finds several scrolls and heals both Robert and Quarol. The group searches the temple and finds diaries, lots of food, magical items belonging to the clerics, potions, scrolls, and mundane things. Vassilli mentally visits the events at the temple while Gneetah reads the journals. They learn a great deal about what happened.
  • The next day, the group waits for and destroys the last shadow as it retreats into the temple at sunrise. They make the walk back to the station. Once there, they report. Upon hearing the report, the deputy quickly sends them to find another squad that went to the temple of Lakius. The group goes to the lighthouse and finds a magical maze once inside. Vassilli escapes and goes for help.

Session 79: When Democracy Fails (Smofena 786)

  • With the help of Lord Governor Ari and his wizard, the squad escapes the maze trap in the tower. They discover that the clerics of Lakius were killed by sea creatures and their demon master. They used blood to paint the lighthouse top with the symbol of their foul deity.
  • The next day, the squad is let to do whatever they see fit in further the constables' cause in the city. After some debate, they go to the temple of Falan, where they find only traps of laughter. They visit another four temples, hoping to find out a time when they can catch looters. Unfortunately, their timing is bad and they can not accomplish their mission for days.
  • Switching gears, they go to the docks to a respectable inn in hopes of finding some information. They have a nice dinner and talk with both the innkeepers and the emissary of Layraedia in the city.

Session 80: A Scorpion Interlude (Pramon 786)

  • For reasons unknown, Ularik is assigned to desk duty.
  • After several days of patrolling, the group encounters a man confronting five others. They are next to a home that has just been broken into, and three of the five are on the ground. The group orders them to stop what they are doing. The lone large figure does, but the group engages the others. The lone figure then retreats as the group beats the others into submission. Quarol chases the lone man who tells Quarol that the five left something in the home. The lone figure than flees. The group captures the five, searches the area, and after reinforcements arrive takes them back to the house prison.
  • Late that evening, as the group rests and Vassilli eavesdrops on the prisoners, a man appears in the room with the prisoners. He questions them and before the group can intervene, unleashes a Hades swarm, killing them. The man disappears before the swarm does. The prisoners are all killed. Vassilli did overhear that the men had left a poison needle in the bed of the home they broke into, the home of the body guard of the cleric of Tfop. They warm the elf and stop the poisoning.
  • Days later, as the group is on patrol, a massive amount of fiendish scorpions appear. They fight them off as they see the city overrun. They, after ten minutes, they disappear.

Session 81: A Wyvern, in the Alley, With Poison (Pramon 786)

  • After the scorpions are gone, and things calm down, the group encounters a celestial flying mini elephant. Whatever brought the scorpions has also brought celestials. The creature, named Pillar, decides to wander this strange place with them. Other celestials are around and do similar things, but not with the group.
  • The group is sent to investigate a murder of an elven liaison to a different squad. They find his body, chewed up. Vassilli's abilities and some old fashion searching uncover that he was called outside of his house and attacked by a wyvern or something pretending to be a wyvern, led by a female of some sort.
  • The group gathers information about the elf, named Elias. He was a devout worshipper of Stasis and a dedicated constable, former soldier. His squad thought well enough of him and is taking the death in by drinking on a day off at a questionable establishment, the Crow's Rest. Robert is dropped a note while at the Crow's Rest which reads: "This is their place, they are watching."
  • Leaving the tavern, the group is followed as they head to the deceased elf's patrol area. The stop some kids and then accost two Horarians that are trailing them. One attacks them and after Robert and Brevis subdue him he is arrested. He later reveals that they are following the squad and alerting someone at the Crow's Rest if they go into any warehouses. The group returns to the area and doesn't find anything obvious at a warehouse.
  • They decide to watch the Crow's Rest and eventually see a runner going to deliver a message. They give chase.

Session 82: Ambushed Again (Pramon 786)

  • Reaching a house, the squad circles it and knocks. Those inside answer but do not let them squad into the building. Robert and Brevis in the back of the building spy a man trying to escape. They accost him while the others are go inside. A fight breaks out with the squad able to quickly subdue everyone, despite the best efforts of a high kicking Horarian youth. They find women chained in the basement. In the process of the fight, several of the attackers are killed. The women and the living are returned to the squad house.
  • After questioning, the group visits the temple of Tfop to ask some questions about items they found. The group then returns to the Crow's Nest to watch it, hoping for another lead. They spy a man who seems nervous and runs from them. They give chase. Vassilli, is on assignment doing something else and is not with them.
  • They chase the man into an abandoned building. Again, Robert and Brevis take the back. The others enter and are attacked. The sergeant is nearly killed. Brevis runs to help but is confronted by an ice elemental and a assassin. Brevis stuns the assassin and Robert subdues him, but then is smashed by the elemental and forced to let the assassin go. Brevis dismissed it, and the two rush to the aid of the others. Inside, Quarl and Gneetah have dealt with most of them, but the sergeant lies dying and none of them can help.

Session 83: The Sobering Effect of a Sergeant's Death (Pramon 786)

  • The group collects up what they can in evidence, bodies, and equipment and heads towards the head quarters. Outside, they find a crowd blocking their way. The other direction, they see two men watching them from a roof. They choose to go passed the men and towards a temple instead.
  • In the air, a female voice calls out to everyone in the city that food is awaiting everyone near the wyvern nest. Vassilli makes his way out of the headquarters, as does Ari.
  • Heading that way, Quarol is attacked from an alley way by fire. Robert rushes in to find two devil dogs. Quarol joins him to fight the two dogs. Gheetah, after avoiding darts from the men on the roof jumps into the battle. Brevis waits guard. One of the men on the roof turns and is engaged in something else. The three defeat the dogs and return to the street where they and Brevis confront the man with the blowdarts and now a chain and kama. He has ascended to the roof where they follow.
  • The fight begins with Gneetah, Quarol, and the man. He trips Quarol and weakens Gneetah. The tide turns when Robert arrives, leaping on to the roof enlarged. The man withdraws to where his master is fighting another individual, the man in black that has helped before. However, that man retreats and the other figure, who the group knows to be Mafesseus turns to face them. He then is startled and teleports away (Ari is coming). That leaves the other man alone. The group attacks and he tries to flee in a gaseous form but Quarol cuts him down. Robert stops him from dying.
  • Ari and Vassilli arrive and the group gets back to headquarters. There, they discuss many things. Quarol is made the new sergeant and later, Padra is assigned to the squad as their cleric. They interrogate the captured assassin, although Robert and Quarol leave because of the deputy's tactics.

Session 84: (Pramon 786)

  • After getting more information from the Red Ninja, the group retires for the evening. They awaken to find that Brevis has been called to another assignment. In his place, Padra and a dwarf named Tannic, both clerics are assigned to the squad. The group debates what its next move should be. Before they decide, they are called to investigate another murder of an elven liaison.
  • The house of liaison is not looted. He is hanging dead out of his window. He was killed by a wyvern, apparently, after coming to the window to toss water on some cats. The group finds little other evidence and leaves. As they move through the city, they find the Good Gear and Good Luck is open and inside is Kobus the Shark. After a brief conversation, they leave. The group also patrols the market for much of that day, finding that some Horarians have tattoos of the symbols on the grid they found.
  • The next day, the squad stakes out the homes of the followers of Stasis who are assigned to get food that day. In the past, homes have been looted while that occurred. Although they don't see anyone loot a house, they are close by one they weren't watching that got hit. They are able to track the thieves from the home and later using Padra's magic, locate the items. After a confrontation at the Salt Breeze, they arrest three men: a constable, a thug, and a diplomat of Undrile.

Session 85: We Planned It, Really We Did (Pramon 786)

  • The Undrile emissaries are returned in exchange for the stolen goods. The captured constable is questioned.
  • The next day Brevis returns and Padra is sent home. Brevis tells the squad that they are going to be used to find and talk to a man named Roland, who is believed to be the individual that has helped the constables in the city. Two agents, a gnome and a Horarian, are going with them. They will go to where Roland is believed to be hiding and speak with him. The group makes their way to an abandoned house.
  • Once there, Quarol steps in and is hung up in a trap. They learn the entire house if trapped. Tannic, a cleric of Tyrogatore, the faith of Roland, calls out to him. He agrees to talk and leads them in, wit the promise of the group delivering soup. After a discussion of the Onice and the plans going forward, the group hears a noise, a shot from Gnick's rifle. They are then attacked by assassin the repel into the windows. They pour in as the group fights them off, with Roalnd's help, they defeat nearly ten before the last flees. Robert gives chase and sees the leader waiting outside. He alerts the others. Vassilli traps the last assassin as the leader flees. Most give chase after a pursuit gang up and capture the last one. Roland identifies him as the Taker from the list the group has.

Session 86: Set One Free to Catch One (Pramon 786)

Session 87: Assault on Precinct 1 (Pramon 786)

Session 88: That's Not A Raven (Wavery 786)

  • After healing Chartok and the three constables that survived, the squad hog ties two captives and secures them. Robert and Gnickademus go upstairs to check on things and notice shadows stalking the hallways. Gnick fired his elemental gun to make short work of both them and the structural integrity of the staircase. Afterwards, Gnick went to the roof and noticed the raven circling about a mile away.
  • Visili used his nifty psionic powers to look down at what the raven was looking at and saw the temple of Tyrogatore. Unfortunately, all the dead bodies that were being stored there were gone from the arena. Roughly sixteen hundred re-animated corpses were now shambling towards the temples of Stasis, Tfop, Arsur'Anyodel, and the constable headquarters. Visili skated to recruit the help of the marines, Gnick used a sending to get Ulic, and the rest of the squad went to help Stasis. They got in, warned them, and the high cleric obliterated a vampire,
  • They defended their temple, and the squad went off to assist Arsur'Anyodel. Pillar showed up and aided us with holy spells, the rest of the group supplied supporting spells, psionics, and perimeter defense, while Quorll and Gneetagh waded into battle with some sort of necromancer who was controlling the horde of zombies by the temple. The squad fought him, but he eventually escaped. The raven showed up and revealed himself to be Marius. Ulic showed up with Escalon and a cadre of helpers. Escalon decimated the remaining undead with a holy blast of some sort and Marius and the necromancer/shadow fled.

Session 89: Burning Down the Warehouse (Wavery 786)

  • With the battle over, the group regroups at headquarters, although Brevis instead is assigned to help Escalon. There, they talk with Chartock about the next move. It is decided that they want to eliminate the Onice wealth, so the group will try to remove the vault and its contents from the city. They talk to one of the prisoners for more information, but not the Hold and come up with a plan for the next day.
  • The next morning, with Gnick and Ullic, they go to the vault. Their plan is well thought out, but opening the door is not as they thought and they end up sending the entire vault down a chute into and underdark lake. Having failed, they return and report to Chartock, who takes it well. They move on to questioning the Hold and find him agreeable to a deal. After a long negotiate, they come up with lots of information. The vault held payment for the drow, who are going to perform some action on the Day of Life in three weeks. It is unknown what they will do since payment was made early. There are warehouses in the city which the Hold points them towards. Two of those contain items to be used on the Day of Life for some ritual.
  • The group plans to take marines into three groups and hit all of the warehouses at once, hoping to prevent this event. The group plans on going to the warehouse which holds magical medallions which will protect Marius' agents from the effect. Upon reaching the warehouse with 30 marines, the group enters and discovers it is instead the warehouse with relics of evil cults. They are soon attacked by shadowy creatures. Robert suggests to burn down the building, which will destroy the items and kill the creatures. The group makes a fighting withdraw and Gnickodemus burns the crates. Within two hours, the creatures inside are dead and the building is a shell.