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Symbol of Lakius

Pronounced [la kee' us]

Return to Deities

It has been a long time since Lakius was last seen.  His place as the master of all the seas and the skies seems but a memory to many.  His time of glory, when the races

wondered at the marvels that are the sea and sky is past.  His role is now that of the old hermit, and guides those that stray too far and sympathizes with those who are alone.


His followers have become fewer and farther between.  Those that remain are often from the less civilized or less educated regions of Habololy.  The religion is one that preaches a return to the past and of doom for the future.


Although the clergy of Lakius are not active outside of their communities, they have a strong resentment towards the religions of Compture and Tommimao, who they believe are the two deities that are primarily responsible for the downfall of Lakius.


Lakius is so rarely seen that even his followers have a difficult time portraying him as anything but a long-haired human in a fisher’s clothes.


Power:  Lesser Power

Symbol: A cresting wave with the sun rising over it.

Alignment:   Neutral Neutral (good)

Aspects:  Water, the Oceans, the Sky, Solitude

Plane of Existence:  Prime Material


Domains:  Air, Introspect, Water, Weather

Prayer Time: At dinner time

Favored Weapon:  Spear

Turn Undead:  Water Breathing as per spell (number of times per day same as a cleric of equal level could turn undead)

Back from the Dead:  Any

Favored Class:  none


High TempleThe Floating Isle

High Cleric:  Deeney of the Sea

Number of Faithful:  450,000

Associated Groups: none


            Dogma:  The truth can be found in peace and solitude.  The sky and the sea are the buffers between people so that they might discover the truth.  Fire, earth, and the creatures that use them or spawn from them bring on the evils of the world.  Those who die without discovering the truth to existence are destined to be born again until they are successful.  Those who discover the truth live on after death in peace.

            Feast Day: 1st Wavery

Lakian Mantra: "The reflection reveals your best friend."