Lynkeed Season 1: sessions 1-10

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Session 1:  (15 Leenot 776)

  • Devon and Jacob meet Nightbreeze and Scarhead.  They begin to investigate the kidnapping of Jennica Tenderson.


Session 2:  (16 Leenot 776 to 18 Leenot 776)

  • Devon, Jacob, and

    Nightbreeze meet Simon and Quarion, the paladins.  They all meet Daniel Daggerson.  They discover that Jennica poisoned her

    own guards.
  • The group travels outside the city and camps.

  • They find a lizardman who has some of Jennica's possessions and a ransom note. 


Session 3:  (19 Leenot 776 to 25 Leenot 776)

  • Quarion's father,

    Lord Arden arrives and takes him back to Lynkeed.  The group meets Broder the dwarf and a priest of Treetop.  They all

    return to Lynkeed.
  • After a day of searching, they discover the ransom note is new and the apparent writer is dead.

  • The meet John Windcaller and decide to go west.

  • They run into and survive a basilisk

  • Finally, they find Vass lizardfolk who are going to sacrifice Jennica to Dresta.  They rescue her.

  • They make it back to Lynkeed.


Session 4:   (27 Leenot 776 to 30 Leenot 776)

  • They reach the city and are rewarded for returning Jennica.

  • Simon, Devon, and Jacob are asked to find the wizard Firehand.

  • They find the wizard and plan to protect him.  Renth the ranger picks a fight and gets framed for theft.  He gets thrown in jail after getting knocked out by Lenny.

  • Renth is sentence to two weeks in prison.


Session 5:   (1 Mafeeti 776 to 2 Mafeeti 776)

  • Calmert returns with news of Nightbreeze's disappearance.  Devon and Jacob continue to protect Johnavin.  They meet Krus and Barry.

  • Johnavin sends a letter to his father.  ASsassins attempt to kill him, but almost get Calmert in disguise.  Fendar tells them he will take them to Lord Tenderson.


Session 6:  (3 Mafeeti 776 to 7 Mafeeti 776)

  • Fendar calls in a few favors to get help in transporting Johnavin.  Maximus and Tooluck arrive, along with the bard Kailen.  They travel at night.

  • An Umanin assassin tries to kill them, but they stop him.

  • They encounter an orcish patrol who escorts them to Tenderson's Waypost.

  • Johnavin meets with Lord Tenderson and Jennica convinces the group to go with her.


Session 7: (8 Mafeeti 776)

  • Simon and Leke arrive.  Devon and Jennica take a diamond key which unleashes a curse of Lyncanthropy.  A farmer is killed and another attacked by a lyncanthrope.  The heroes kill it and discover they must go to the ruins to protect the town.


Session 8:   (9 Mafeeti 776 to 18 Mafeeti 776)

  • Devon, infected by the disease, sets off with the others to find a cure.  Leke, Maximus, Jacob, Simon and Kailen prepare to go to the ruins.  They meet Mitchell, who sends them Bryant, a guide.

  • They set off to the north.

  • They are attacked by a gargoyle, who kills Zeke.  They rush back to the Waypost.

  • Simon drops off Zeke and returns.

  • Zeke is raised.  Devon returns to the Waypost.

  • Kailen, Maximus, Jacob, Simon, Bryant, and Jennica reach the ruins.


Session 9:  (20 Mafeeti 776 to 24 Mafeeti 776)

  • They return to Lynkeed after Maximus and Jacob fall ill.  Devon and his companions are back.

  • having discovered the problem, Johnavin takes them to Weatherby's home to receiver times which will tell him about the broken ward.  The group fends off a large group of werebadgers at the town wall.

  • They set off looking for blood to complete a spell.

  • Three gargoyles foretell the coming of three werebadgers., who the group only narrowly manage to fend off.


Session 10: (25 Mafeeti 776)

  • Grandus Petus and his troops arrive with Calmert and Jacob.  The group heads towards

    the ruins, sending Johnavin and most of the orcs back to the Waypost.  Once in the ruins, they find a lair of the werebadgers.  After killing them, they lock themselves in a room for the night, but

    Kailen is gone.