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Vor'Ruk - A cavalry soldier in the orcish military.  He was part of a unit which was investigating Bullette attacks with the aid of Yellowian trackers in the empire.  (sessions 1-22) Ajax - A orcish paladin a Stasis with a vow of poverty.  He joined the search for the Bullette when directed by omens that told him greater things could be accomplished by aiding the hunt. (sessions 1-22) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Wilham.htm">Wilham</a> - A halfling from the Poed family who was never able to master cooking.  He took a likely to flying and became a mounted aerial ranger.  He was hired by the orcish military to help track Bullette. (sessions 1-26) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Malchia.htm">Malchia</a> - A nipit with sorcerous powers.  He is in possession of a powerful item that is only part of a collection for which he is searching.  He rides a giant bat.  He joined with the others for protection and companionship. (sessions 1-22) Ash - A part-Yellowian and part-Umanin ranger.  He was hired by the orcs to help track the Bullette. (sessions 1-22) <a href="../Player%20Characters/Tynan%20Swiftwater.htm">Ty</a> - A member of the Yellowian military that was sent covertly into the orcish empire to scout.  His cover was as a tracker to help hunt the Bullette.  During his adventures, he was captured by an outer planar creature and eventually ended up in Icefia. (sessions 1-16, 23-26)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ <a href="../Player%20Characters/Kovar.htm">Kovar</a> - A one time Yellowia soldier, he became disillusioned after the king commuted the sentence of a criminal.  After years abroad, he has returned to see what has happened to his homeland, and how he can change it. (sessions 23-26)

Gnax - The gnome turned bonnter hunter runs into the other while moving toward Borkonsof to collect a bounty. (sessions 23.5-25)