NPC's for the Children of Tyrogatore Campaign

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Return to Children of Tyrogatore


Carlton - Once an orphan like the rest of the Children, Carlton ran away from the orphanage after his was disciplined more than he could take.  While at the orphanage, he befriended Roland more than the others.  He was a tall, lean human that had an Umanin-like complexion.  He had several scars from his many fights.  His body was hardened and his mind was vicious. 


Years after he ran away, Carlton returned in disguise helping the Vishtoo and Orc than wanted to overthrow the temple.  He had learned the art of the Deathfist, and his brutal life with the Vishtoo had made him more powerful than his former brothers.  He fought the Children several times on their flight from the Temple to Jaswap.  Winning the first, fleeing the second, and ultimately being slain in the third encounter by Roland and Ikraam.



Jezzalia - When the Children arrived at Korda's home town, they discovered there was a half-elven woman named Jezzalia that had been working towards the same end as Korda.  She welcomed them and planned to meet with them.  The next day she was kidnapped and the children were accused.  They later cleared their name and freed her.  She agreed she would help them in the future and directed them to her mentor in Magenthia, named Raygen.


Jezzalia is an attractive woman despite her two facial scars.  She is middle aged and has lived a tough life in the desert.  her parents are no where to be found, and she talks of her mentor Raygen glowing terms as one would talk of a parent.  She is a cleric of Tfop, an Alchemist, and a Liberator in training.  She remains in the town of Bemord, waiting for the return of Korda when they can finally rid the city of the Jackal scourge.



Milo - A rough and tumble halfling for the Great Forest, Milo is a cleric of Tyrogatore and a monk.  He was the youngest of eight children in a typical halfling family.  His six older brothers acted as normal older brothers would and by the time Milo was a young adult, he had decided to dedicate himself to Tyrogatore and the martial skills.  He left home and served a shrine of Tyrogatore in the Great Forest for ten years.


After his duties to the shrine were complete, Milo decided to visit the high temple in Jaswap.  When he arrived, he was confused by what he found.  The high cleric was crippled and never received a challenge for his position.  A cleric of Everentual named Jacob was allowed to sit in Counsil at the high temple.  There was little to no contact between the high temple and the other temples around the world.  Milo didn't know what to do, so he simply waited and watched, hoping to learn more.  During that time, he met the only other cleric that questioned the situation, the keeper of the reliquary....


When the group arrived, Milo watched them intently, waiting to see if they noticed the same problems.  When it became clear they did, he announced his presence and told them to defeat Jacob and Tyle.  The group took his advice and when Haas became the high cleric, Milo began to advise him further.


Several weeks after Haas became the high cleric, he decided that he had other matters he must attend to in Lynkeed.  Trusting no other clerics, beyond .... who he had already defeated, Haas fought Milo.  Milo won and became the high cleric of Tyrogatore.


Milo is slightly taller than the average halfling and is considerably more physically fit than one.  He has few scars, as would be the norm for a high cleric of Tyrogatore.  His hair is short and black, and has been cut even shorter since his elevation to high cleric.  His skin is tan, but looks somewhat out of place on him, not being a native to the desert where he know lives.  His eyes are brown and his chubby face is out of place on his otherwise muscled physique.  He carries no weapons and wears only the simple clothing of a monk, which is always suitable for battle.  On his right shoulder, he has a recently added Blessed Tattoo of a badger head surrounded by wolf heads, a version of the Pack Leader tattoo.       



Jacob - A middle aged cleric of Everentual assigned to the city of Jaswap.  After several years in the city, he worked his way into the trusted circle of the high cleric of Tyrogatore, named Tyle.  Soon after, Tyle was crippled in a duel.  Jacob became a trusted advisor of Tyle and soon ordered many of the lesser activities of the temple.  For reasons know to only himself and his religion, Jacob began to undermine the power and influence of the high temple towards the other temples and shrines of Tyrogatore around the world.


Soon after the group's arrival in Jaswap, they determined that Jacob motives for aiding the religion were not pure and Haas evicted him from the temple.


Jacob is a man of average build in his late thirties.  He is just over five and a half feet tall with a bowl cut head of dark brown hair.  His eyes are brown and his is neither unattractive nor attractive, with features that are forgettable.  He wears the basic clothing of a sage of monastic cleric, but has several blessed pieces of jewelry which he always wears.