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Some races have taken on the culture of another race by chance or by design.  It is the natural progression of things that influence occurs.  The Nipits are what happens when that natural progression is tampered with.  As legend has it, the Elves once attempted to bridge the gap between humanity and themselves.  They were trying to understand Humans in order to better deal with them.  Their experiment led to the creation of the Nipits.  For millennia, the Elves denied this and tried to eliminate all Nipits, so that the truth would never be known.  The Nipits endured and survived long enough to be at first acknowledged by the other races, and eventually accepted by some nations.  Their struggle has become one not against genocide, but a struggle for understanding of their own nature and place in the world.


Nipits are a contemplative race.  They are often found seeking answers to great mysteries and puzzles.  They are curious, but recognize that precaution is a key to staying alive.  They will travel to any place necessary in order to accomplish a quest, but always remember from where they came.  For most Nipits, war and bloodshed are not glorious, but sometimes necessary to defend oneself.  The goals that most Nipits are taught is to become self-aware, to become in tune with the world around, and to live in harmony with the other races.


Through all of those ideals, the Nipits have found precious few places that they can comfortably call home.  The Great Plateau had traditionally been the home for most, but that ended when the War of Technology almost destroyed that land.  They have their own nation with the Sakor’akais, in whom they have found an ally, which lies south of the Great Plateau and north of Intoria.  It is located in the Hiding Forest, so named because of the difficulty of finding anyone or anything in it.  Elsewhere, they have founded some small communities, where they attempt to live in peace with the other races.


APPEARANCE:  Nipits can be mistaken for Elves given just a casual glance.  They have both slender bodies and pointed ears.  They both tend to have pale skin and light colored hair and eyes.  A closer look reveals that a Nipit’s ears are even longer, and bigger than an Elf’s, usually extending to the top of the head at their point.  While their bodies are thin, their fingers are not as long and subtle as an Elf’s.  Their skin is naturally pale, and when it is exposed to the sun for long periods, it turns brown.  Nipits that live in arctic regions have skin that gets even paler and almost too white in winter months.   The hair on their head grows very quickly, while facial hair grows very slowly.  Most Nipits have either light or dark brown hair, with rare occasions of red or blonde.  Much like their skin, Nipits’ hair will noticeably change in color when the elements become extreme, growing white in the arctic and black in the desert.  Their eyes are always blue of some shade.


As it has been noted by every race that knows the Nipits, there are never any that are taller than 5 ½ ft. or shorter than 4 ½ ft.  There are never any obese Nipits, nor any that look unhealthily thin.  Their average weight is about 125 lbs.


The dress of the Nipits has become known throughout the world.  They wear elegant dresses and beautifully made shirts.  Their boots are always comfortable.  Different colors are often used in all outfits, but bright colors are uncommon, as most Nipits do not what to stick out.  Jewelry is common, but no Nipit pierces his or her skin.


Females are roughly the same as males in coloring, weight, and height.  They tend to have curly hair as opposed to the straight hair of the males.


ALIGNMENT:  Although Nipits are predominantly neutral and good in nature, there are Nipits of every alignment.


RELIGION:  Habastly is seen as the giver of life and is worshipped for his role as the overseer of all life.  Tommimao is seen as the travelers’ friend and the defiant hero, a role most Nipit heroes of legend take.  The cult of Hemator also has a strong Nipit following, as many see her as a caretaker of all races.



The Nipits are one of the least populous and least physically diverse races on Habololy.  All Nipits are therefore very similar.


  • Nipits are medium-sized

  • Nipits have a base speed of 30ft.

  • Nipits have low-light vision

  • Nipits have very sensitive hearing and receive one rank of the Listen skill for free, and regardless of class, they have Listen as a class skill

  • For that same reason, Nipits receive a –2 penalty on all saving throws against sonic-based attacks

  • Nipits receive a +2 bonus on all Balance, Open Locks, and Sleight of Hand skill checks

  • Nipits receive a –2 penalty on all Diplomacy and Intimidate skill checks

  • A Nipit in the terrain that he commonly lives receives a +4 bonus to all Hide skill checks

  • Nipits may not be Berserkers

  • The favored class of a Nipit may be: Bard, Psion, Rogue, Ranger, or Sorcerer

  • Nipits receive a +2 bonus to Dexterity and a +1 bonus to Charisma and a –1 penalty to Strength and a –2 penalty to Constitution

  • Nipits may select from the following racial feats: Blend, Natural Linguist, Naturally Quiet, Magic Sense

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Nipeete – “Beauty makes the good eye squint.”

Nipeete – “Though the gnome has nothing to say, he never talks slowly”