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Born into a family of millers, Robert was the second son of three sons. His brothers are named Aaron (28) and Gabriel (21). He has an older sister Ruella (30) and a younger sister Carmella (23). His parents, Tamend (53) and Joyella (48), are both still alive, as are his maternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather. His grandfather, named Aaron (70), lives at the family home with both of his parents and his younger brother, and himself when in the city. The other siblings are married and all have two children, with a third on the way for his older brother. Robert knows all of their birthdays and makes sure to visit on those days and attend family holiday events. Despite that, he does not much enjoy long days spent with the family.

His early life was spent, as all boys in his family spend it, learning the trade of the Miller. He was well on his way in the trade when an accident struck his uncle, who lived in Cape Tolya. Robert’s father sent the young teenager to help his brother out until he had fully recovered. For two years, Robert lived in Cape Tolya and worked in his uncle Larent’s clock shop. During that time, Robert’s vision began to worsen. Not so bad that a cleric was needed, but bad enough that it became an annoyance. Also during his stay in Cape Tolya, Robert’s uncle sent him to learn self defense under the tutelage of Arleian Forestwater. His uncle traded a clock for the two years of lessons. At the age of seventeen, Robert headed back to Messada.

Robert was lucky enough to be able to afford college with the help of his father and brother-in-law. The courses he took were very interesting, and he did well enough. Something did not sit right with him about the college. By the end of the first semester, he had figured it out. He went for a second semester and confirmed what he had thought. The vast majority of students, and many teachers as well, were not his type of people. Dedicated to the wrong things, aloof, and often little real world experience; Robert had enough of the college life. He promised to pay back his brother in law and father, and looked for employment. He traveled to Cape Tolya during the winters to work and remained in Messada in the other months. While in Cape Tolya, he would work at his uncle’s, while in Messada at his father’s.

When he was at college, he met a beautiful woman named Maude Silverforge; at least beautiful in his eyes. Like Robert, she did not care for college. However, lacking anything better to do and at the request of her parents, she remained after he left. When she finally graduated, having taken courses mostly in art, she was free to do as she wished. Robert proposed and she accepted. However, her father demanded a dowry. A demand that was only made because of Robert’s family background, but one that Robert had to honor nonetheless. First on his list of things to accomplish is the collection of enough coin to pay the dowry, which is set at 250 gc.

For a year, Robert moved from job to job, trying to find the perfect match for both his skills and needs. Neither work at his father’s or uncle’s shops would pay enough for him to pay back his debts and collect enough for the dowry, as well as live on the coin. Bartending did not last long. Laborer was too low paying. He was entertaining, but the students that had graduated the college were much better. Employment outside the city did not appeal to him at all. His vision prevented him from taking on some jobs, his beliefs others. When the events in the west began to occur, opportunity struck. Robert wanted to part of mining or travel into the wilderness. Nor did he want to join the military. But as others did, jobs opened up in Messada. One that caught his attention was that of constable. A noble, reasonably well-paying job with a chance for rewards. He signed up, and passed enough of the qualifications to be accepted.

Robert’s family all belong to the faith of Stasis. He too worshipped Stasis until his first stint in Cape Tolya when an introduction to other religions made him question Stasis. He made a show of things for the next few years. Time at the college further soured him on Stasis. In hindsight, he was wiser than he knew as recent events have made him confident that his decision was correct. It was foreigners, evangelists from Nomagrok named Grimdrek and Reik that gave him a new faith. Having never cared if a deity was a cult or a religion; it made no difference to Robert that these dwarves praised the cult of Drunnbar. He listened, and more than that he heard and saw the actions of the two. Drunnbar’s emphasis on self reliance over magic and his embrace of unarmed combat both appealed to Robert, but mostly it was the charisma of those two that won him over.

Silverforge is the last name of your lady love. The family is known for their service in the military and arms manufacturing. At present Colin Silverforge is one of the High Generals of the Army (Othu Adyr (Warlord)). He is a hard merciless man. Fortunately he is Maude's uncle not her father. Her father is Duncan. He is a weaponsmith of considerable skill but now runs the family business. The Silverforges are not fantastically wealthy as they sell their arms only to the government and do so at lower prices than they could get if they sold to the public. They are considered fanatically patriotic.

The Feyali teacher in Cape Tolya is a Cleric/Feyalin of Tyrogatore named Arleian Forestwater, a half elf of Northern descent. He hopes to become a keeper some day. You clashed with him from time to time has he reminds you of some of the College professors and his concerns seem otherworldly too often.

Character Questionnaire

1. If you have one, how do you feel towards your family? My family is nice. They are there when I need to retreat. I am closer to them, but not very close.

2. What do you love, and why do you love it? Maude Silverforge, my dearest heart and fiancee.

3. What scares you? Dying before I find a deep faith in another deity.

4. What Intrigues you? In depth study of law, martial arts, and religion.

5. Do you have any habits that stand out? I squint to do nearly everything.

6. Do you have any secrets that you fear may be revealed? I fear that villains will take advantage of my nearsightedness and of my friends and family.

7. Do you make decisions based on logic or emotion? Emotion more often than logic.

8. If any, which deity do you worship? Drunnbar for now. I was a worshiper of Stasis when I was younger. I have considered a few deities, including Han~Sui, Mouser, and Hemator.

9. How do you feel about other religions? Other cults? The cults should be judged on their own merits, not judged poorly simply for not being on the Counsil. They should still work towards the goal of getting on to the Counsil, as things would work better around the world if the deities were united.

10. What do you believe is your greatest strength? Life experiences. I been done a variety of jobs in my life, all giving me a different perspective on things.

11. Greatest weakness? My vision.

12. What is your favorite possession and why? My eye glasses. Before I had them, I missed out on a great many things. Also, a copy of the autobiography Checkmate, printed during the War of Technology.

13. What is your favorite saying or joke?

  • “It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.”
  • “Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws.”
  • “You cannot make men good by law: and without good men you cannot have a good society.”
  • “Laws are sand, customs are rock. Laws can be evaded and punishment escaped, but an openly transgressed custom brings sure punishment.”

14. What is your favorite hobby? Reading. I visit the college whenever I can and read. I try to collect books. So far I have few that are great works of literature.

15. Who is your best friend?

16. What amuses you? Angers you? Pets. Small dogs especially. They are very funny. I am angered by those that put their amusement above doing good.

17. What surprises you? That despite their greatest, the deities can make mistakes. That the truly devout religious leaders can still get the desires of their deities wrong. That the Counsil cannot see the unnecessary division caused by the structure they have created. Separately, the foolishness of the so-called educated at the bardic college.

18. How do you feel about arcane magic? I am becoming more skeptical as I grow older.

19. How do you feel about other races? About your own race? Some races have allowed so many of their kind to become depraved that the race as a whole cannot be saved. When those races, drow and Amatine gnomes and others, are encountered; severe prejudice has to be used. Humans are the most diverse race, capable of greatest and horror. I both envy and pity the goblins, who seem so noble and yet are the least equipped to take advantage of their noble intentions.

20. How do you feel about tinkers? About sorcerers? Tinkers have something different to offer the world, as long as they do not try to dominate it. Sorcerers cannot help that they take advantage of the hand that was dealt to them, but nonetheless, I don’t trust them.

Character Sheet