Rogues Events (season 2: 12-15)

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Session 12:  A Relic Hunter's Offer (20 Leenot 787 to 28 Leenot 787)


 Session 13:  Scouting the Masks (29 Leenot 787)


 Session 14:  Stealing the Mask (29 Leenot 787 to 5 Mafeeti 787)


 Session 15:  Neverdead a Bad Name for Those that Get Killed (5 Mafeeti 787 to 12 Mafeeti 787)




Season Recap:


The Heist
The group worked with Ayva to arrange a job with a foreign

antiquities collector.  We went to an auction house to bid on some mundane items in order to get a feel for our competitors.  It also served as an interview for our potential employer.  Her name is Nepheret and she was looking for a special mask.  

We attracted the attention of rival relic hunters by first bidding at the auction house, then by scouting out an antiquities museum owned a wealthy Elven family.  There was a replica of the mask there, but not the real thing.  The group eventually narrowed the location of the mask to a house that belonged to the same wealthy Elven family who has a glass steel empire.  Natsu decided to pay a visit to the Elves' glass steel workshop and place an order.  This ruse served to allow us time to scout the campus and prepare for our heist.  The group infiltrated the home one night with flight potions and stealth.  They found the mask and identified it as the real deal.  Permanent True Seeing made of pure gold and of near artifact quality.  It's worth was about 200,000 gold.  The group had originally negotiated to receive 20,000 gold, but was able to ultimately able to pull in 50,000 for the deal.  They escaped the house with the mask and fled.

The Ambush
We were marked by a rival guild, The Neverdead, from outside Port Talp.  One of their guild members, a Halfling, followed and assaulted us one night.  We defeated him and Istivan drug him to an isolated area to question him.  He gave up some of his members and some of their plans.  They were after the mask and a few other things.  We suspect they were following all our movements since there was a break in at the museum a few nights later.  Nothing was reported stolen.

Eventually, the group set a meeting with Nepheret at the same location where the Halfling was questioned.  They determined there was at least one trap set up and, sure enough,  we were ambushed by Neverdead members.  The group was invisible when the fight broke out, so they managed to survive the initial blast.  Eventually, after using summoned creatures and clever spells, the Neverdead members fled the battlefield.  We gathered our money and made our way back to the guild house.

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