Seas Events (season 1: 1-12)

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Session 1:  An Untested Crew (15 Smofena 784 to 2 Wavery 784)

  • In eight different cities, captains and officers from a variety of ships and the Vigilant Seas collect new crewmen for the ship.  After one day in each of the cities, near two hundred individuals are found and set sail for Cape Tolya, where Evanni awaits with the ship.

  • Once everyone is gathered in Cape Tolya, Evanni announces she will not be the captain because she has lost a leg.  The new captain is a Silversword named Daane.  They send a few of the crowd away, but the majority are brought aboard the Vigilant Seas as the new crew.

  • For three days, the officers begin to train and place the crew.  On the third day, Gnaximus spots someone go overboard two docks down.  Valdis is sent o tell the crew of that ship.  Gnaximus then sees two other crewmen swim down and bring the first one back.  Valdis hears, and then Gnax sees, a boy getting switched while gagged and a girl forced to watch.  They tell the officers what has happened and then are told to rest for the night.

  • The next morning, everyone is awakened by the bell and the call to get ready.  The ship is going to sail immediately and chase down the other ship, believed to be harboring slaves.  After three days, they come across a Horarian Frigate which tells them the ship the are looking for is due east and 30 hours ahead.  It takes the Vigilant Seas nine more days to find the ship.  When they do, they prepare to accost it and demand the release of any slaves.

  • As they pull up to the other ship, Daane makes their intentions known.  The other captain is at first agreeable, but after he realizes that Evanni is not aboard, he orders an attack.  Ready for it, the Vigilant Seas' crew jumps into action.  They quickly incapacitate the other ship's wizard and one ballista.  The other captain surrenders after realizing that the Vigilant Seas, even without Evanni, is dangerous.


Session 2:  A Mission Begins (2 Wavery 784 to 11 Wavery 784)

  • After searching the

    Island Pride and collecting all of its crew on deck, Daane confronts the captain.  With Saskra's help, he convinces the captain to tell them where the children are.  Camasi collects them.  There is much debate among the crew as what to do for a punishment.  It is fianlly decided that those that were seen holding and switching the children will be taken as prisoners.  Four of those men give themselves up, the last is thrown to Daane by his crewmates.  He attacks, and Daane and Gnax are forced to kill him.  Unbeknownst to everyone, Laz cuts the ship's rudder and

    the Vigilant Seas sails away.
  • Talking to the prisoners and children, the crew learns that they were captured over a year and a half ago after their town was attacked.  Since then, they have been held captive and then sold five months ago to the captain of the Island Pride.  They were bought from some pirate cove.  They give the name of their home town: Sefuirie'kigan.  After asking they crew, they determine where it is generally on the coast of the main continent, and Nathan sets a course.

  • On the way, the crew works at various tasks.  Claude convinces Daane to give him a workspace.  Laz makes a flail.  Gnax fails to make hollow bolts.  Valdis is almost killed by a jumping shark.  Two crewmen are killed when ghouls climb on to the ship.  Two crewmen die from wounds inflicted in the fight with the Island Pride.

  • Reaching the coast, the ship sails south until they find a town.  They learn they need to go north and another day passes before they reach the children's town.  That night, Gnax and others go to investigate the town.  Gnax is investigating when he is confronted by an elderly Horarian man, who ends up chasing off Gnax and the others in the name of Tyrogatore.

  • When they reach the ship, the children confirm that the man sounds like Yukimura, a cleric of Tyrogatore who was away when their town was attacked.  Daane and fifty crewmen row to the town in the morning.  They are met by Yukimura and ever able man or woman left.  After returning the children, Yukimura accepts the crew and they talk.  Yukimura attacks and knocks out Gnax for his indiscretion in sneaking into the town the night before.

  • The crew is told the entire story of the attack on the town and the capturing of even more townsfolk by a nearby town named Crickvale.  Daane commits to helping the town recover all of its townsfolk.  They begin to plan on the best way to first get the people from Crickvale.  Laz and Saskra, discovering there are lizardfolk nearby, agree to go to the town and act as if they are looking for cheap labor.


Session 3:  A Mission Begins (11 Wavery 784 to 19 Wavery 784)

  • The next day, Laz and Saskra make their way to Crickvale.  They go with Hesiz, another Vass crew member.  Henry, Lyen, and another crewman follow hidden along.  Unfortunately, the weather turns foul.    When the three arrive at Crickvale, they tell the guards they are in need of a Horarian translator.  The guards say that they can wait at the inn and someone will meet with them shortly.  The three decide to walk around the town.  They discover no slave pens and no one being mistreated.  When they return to the inn, they are met by two guards, a merchant and a Vass translator.  They find out that the former residents of Sefuirie'kigan are not being forcibly held, but rather believe their village is destroyed.  The Vass is named Lassitir, and he was a resident of Sefuirie'kigan before he came here.  The conversations with Lassitir worry the merchant and when Saskra doesn't convince him they mean no harm, the merchant and guards go for help.  The Vass take the information and leave.

  • Back at Sefuirie'kigan, hours later, they tell the story to everyone.  They decide that the next day, 30 men will go to Crickvale, led by Yukimura, to confront Crickvale.  Heavy rain and wind start that day and continue for three days after.  The ship will sail closer to Crickvale, which is not a coastal town, in case the men need to retreat.

  • The trip along the road is rough and tiring, but after over ten hours they reach Crickvale.  Five crew wait in the trees to the west, the others head into the town.  Yukimura confronts the guards and their two dogs.  He knocks them out, but the alarm is sounded.  For several minutes, they move through the town, alerting everyone to their presence by knocking on doors.  They hope to avoid needless bloodshed and find the former residents of Sefuirie'kigan.

  • They are finally confronted with 30 charging dogs, who delay them long enough to allow the town's guard to assemble.  The cleric of Sutyr of the town engulfs most of them in flame, disabling nearly half of the crew.  Yukimura brings a visage of his deity to bare, shaking many.  The crew engages the guards.  Valdis transports himself to the cleric and engages him.  Yukimura knocks out the leader of the guards.  Valdis, ignoring the flames the cleric attacks him with, disables the cleric.  The rest of the guards flee or surrender.  Yukimura then collects his people from all over the town.  Laz and others destroy the shrine of Sutyr, after he is convinced not to kill the disabled cleric.  After an hour, some crew head back to the ship, while some walk with the people of Sefuirie'kigan back to their town.

  • The next day, everyone rests and they interrogate the cleric of Sutyr.  They decide to put him in the brig on the ship.  The rest for two more days, waiting for the storm to blow over.  The crewmen are buried in Sefuirie'kigan.  After saying goodbye, and promising to return as many townsfolk as possible, the crew leaves.  They have a list of all the residents.

  • The ship sets off for Port Talp, with only two days supplies left and two days to travel.  The weather clears up.  On the first day, near sunset, a ship is spotted.   As it approaches, Nathan and Gnax determine it to be a pirate ship.  Specifically, the 'Sexy Treasure'.  Amari tells them that is the ship that took Captain Evanni's leg.  The captain of the ship announces his presence and demands the crew surrender.  Out gunned, outclassed, and low on supplies, the ship has few options.  Daane decides he will go aboard the enemy ship with Valdis.  He takes Claude's concoctions and hopes to distract the gun crews while Valdis damages the mast.  Nathan obscures the ship and Steven the ship mage calls forth some wind.  Miraculously, they avoid getting rammed and move past the 'Sexy Treasure', only taking damage when Xavier's gun explodes.  Valdis manages to cut through the mast below deck and Daane orders him to escape.  He jumps off the ship and is picked up by Kava the Sakor'akai.

  • The Vigilant Seas makes its way hastily to Port Talp.


Session 4:   A Not So Safe Port in a Storm (19 Wavery 784 to 26 Wavery 784)

  • While in Port Talp,

    the crew takes on a few different tasks.  On the 2nd day at port, a fog rolls in, preventing them from leaving quickly.  Ashimi, along with a few crew members including Yuri, Xavier, and

    Gabriel buy supplies and a new cannon.
  • Claude, accompanied by Raketomi, Gnax, and chaperone Sasuke go to the shop of Agniclair, an alchemist mentor of Claude's.  At the shop, Claude discovers that he can get 18,000gc for his bracers, which turn out to be bracers of archery.  He sells them and gets tons of supplies for his craft which the group carries back to the ship a few days later.  He also has some coin left over.  He takes the others to his apartment, where they spend their time when sleeping in the city.

  • Valdis goes to the Sailors' Guildhall with several of the crew.  He joins the guild and spends time there.

  • Ssaskra and Nathan, along with Jarman the Helmsman and other crewmen, go to the Home of the Harbor.  The doctor's mate Yitaki refuses and goes to a different shrine of Lakius.  The temple of Lakius is home to Pierre, the temple's only cleric.  He, like Nathan, is odd among the clerics of Lakius in their methods.  More talkative and accepting than others.  Pierre is happy to have them and explains much to Ssaskra before they leave.  Nathan spends much of his time in the city at the temple.

  • On the 3rd day, on the ship, Amare announces that he is officially the captain.  He has made Donecello the first mate and has promoted Ithan and Nathan to officers.  Camasi annouces that a group of 8 infiltrators and a group of 12 marines are going to be formed.  Gnax is selected to be and infiltrator, while Valdis and Laz are selected to be marines.  The captain also announces that they will stay in port until the fog lifts.

  • After two more days, the crew gathers again.  Amare tells them that they need about 1000gc to buy the information needed to continue their quest to find the villagers of Sefuirie'kigan.  He tells them all to do their best and return in two days.  Claude approaches Amare and offers to pay for the information.  Amare thanks him by giving him a key to one of the Powder rooms and allowing him to use all of the space in it.

  • Gnax discovers that his magnifying glass is magical, but he can't figure out what it does.  Gnax has new magazines made for his crossbow, and he order some hollow discs.

  • On the 6th night, most of the crew is on the ship when it is boarded and attacked by scrags.  The fight takes the crew by surprise.  Several are killed and wounded quickly.  As the officers scramble to the main deck, they order most of the crew to stay below.  Valdis, who is on deck, valiantly holds off one and then two trolls.  Yuri, Gabriel, Xavier, and Raketomi are all nearly killed quickly.  Nathan clears the deck of fog for a time and then is forced to retreat.  Laz and Sas, who were on deck, are attacked.  Sas is knocked out but then healed by Yitaki, who then runs.  Laz is knocked out and dragged away by Sas, who is able to cause three of the trolls to flee.  Gnax makes his way down from the crow's nest to attack trolls with his crossbow.  Claude, after sleeping through some of the battle, makes his way to the deck, but is not able to help.  As the battle begins to turn for the crew, the scrags dissappear, as if they were summoned.

  • In the early morning, the captain rouses the crew.  He tells them that the Sexy Treasure snuck into port in the fog, and it was likely they who summoned the scrags.  The captain says he has the coordinates of the pirate cove where the villages of Sefuirie'kigan were taken and that he plans to leave immediately in the fog, hoping to escape the sexy treasure.  The harbor guards help the ship get out of port and sail away.


Session 5:  A Duel of Ships (26 Wavery 784 to 8 Trest 784)

  • For four days, the crew is forced to sail through fog and then a strong headwind.  The going is very slow.  During that time, Laz is able to catch a shark.  Nathan, Gnax, and others are able to figure out how to work the GPS (gnomish positioning system) which the ship had stored away.  The captain bought coordinates to the pirate cove for the GPS in Port Talp.  Because of the headwind, Nathan is forced to navigate a zig-zagging course to the west.

  • On the fifth day, Gnax spots a ship heading for the Vigilant Seas from directly ahead.  After some time, the crew is able to determine that it is a Shelleshe ship, more precisely the Silver Viper.  The captain assumes that they mean to attack the Vigilant Seas and sets for battle.  The two ships pass and exchange cannon fire, leaving both ships damaged.  The Silver Viper turns and follows the Vigilant Seas.  After an hour of chase, the two ships maneuver and exchange cannon fire again, this time the Vigilant Seas scores heavier hits.  The Silver Viper tries to gain position, but the Vigilant Seas is able to come in behind and take the advantage.  Another half hour passes and the two ships close again.  The Vigilant Seas is able to match its less damaged side to the more damaged side of the Silver Viper.  The damage is minor on both ships, but the Silver Viper is able to hit with a chained ballista and begin to pull the ships together.

  • As the ships close for boarding, minor ranged attacks are exchanged, with Claude's concoctions doing the most damage; destroying burn, setting fires, and deafening crew.  Several members of the Vigilant Seas are charmed, and Claude is nearly killed by magical missiles.  Finally, several crewmen of the Silver Viper leap onto the Vigilant Seas and begin to fight.  The captains of the two ships duel, while Camasi is set against another monk.  Laz and Valdis engage a short Horarian that proves deadly and quick.  Gnax is able to drive one of the Silver Viper's wizards below deck.

  • The ships come together with a crash and the crews attack en masse.  Gagriel and Raketomi begin to fire their crossbows.  A cleric of Sutyr charges across to attack Nathan.  The two deliver near deadly blows to one another before Gnax is able to kill the cleric of Sutyr.  Gnax is attacked by a summoned gull which begin to peck away.  After throwing his opponent overboard, Camasi goes to help the captain.  Laz and Valdis are not fairing well, and it is only the fact that they are both their that prevents the Horarian froming killing them quickly.

  • The crews flail at each other to little effect.  Some of the Vigilant Seas crew make it over to the other ship behind the main block of fighters and begin to disable the spellcasters.  Camasi is able to pin the captain and he surrenders.  The crew lay down their arms.  Amare takes Camasi and the other captain, named Agilose below deck.  After an hour, as the crew secures the ships and the Silver Viper's crew, Amare appears on deck.  He announces a deal.  In exchange for letting the Silver Viper and most of its crew go, they will allow the Vigilant Seas to use the ship to get information from the pirate cove.  After that is done, any crew that wants to come aboard the Vigilant Seas is welcome to do so, as there are several slaves aboard the Silver Viper.  Ten members of the crew will stay in the Vigilant Seas brig.

  • The ships begin to sail together towards the pirate cove.  After eight days, the Vigilant Seas goes to hide behind an isle, while the Silver Viper heads towards the pirate cove.  Twenty members of the Vigilant Seas go aboard the Silver Viper.


Session 6:  Gnax Thwarts the Plan (8 Trest 784 to 12 Trest 784)

  • The Silver Viper

    sails to the cove.  It slows its pace and moves in under cover of darkness, finding a public dock and securing safe harbor and

  • The next morning, two groups set out.  Nathan takes Claude, Tachikido, and Henry to the shrine of Lakius.  The cleric, in his ornate but small shrine agrees to help for a fee.  He says it will take him three days.  After agreeing, Nathan realizes that they may not have three days.  The two clerics argue and Nathan ends up giving the cleric 15 gold coins for his trouble.  They head towards the shrine of Lavash'Ki.

  • The other group heads towards the salve market, called Isai Kata'Sasu.  There they meet Henchinrache, the owner.  Gnax is disguised as a Horarian girl.  Sas and Gnax are able to convince him to show the merchandise to the four.  They head to the large building where they are kept.  Cells line the walls and there is one guard and a servant woman.  The subject of Sefuirie'kigan arises.  Sas convinces the man to give them the list of people for a price.  The man agrees but Gnax is not satisfied.  Gnax tries to arrange a new deal.  The man disagrees and Gnax attacks him.  A fight breaks out.  The fat man, a spellcaster, summons armor and a weapons and fascinates both Sas and Sasuke.  The guard charges in to help.  After a few seconds, Raketomi is knocked out and Gnax is put to sleep.  Luckily, Sasuke comes to his senses and runs out.

  • Sasuke finds Nathan, who sends Tachikido to the ship for help.  He leads his group to Isai Kata'Sasu.  There, they are able to break down the door and arrive in time to see their friends being locked in a cell.  Nathan being to unleash lighting, cold, and his air elemental on them.  Sasuke and Henry charge, but are met by a summoned gem creature.  Sasuke is knocked out.  Claude sickens and stalls another guard who comes down the stairs.  Gnax grabs his crossbow and disables the wounded guard.  The other fight the gem creature.  The fat man retreats up the stairs after he is cut by Gnax's crossbow again.  The other guard begins to hold the others off.  They eventually destroy the gem creature.  Gnax scares the woman, who tells them she wanted to help before Gnax began to attack and that she is from Sefuirie'kigan.  The second guard surrenders.

  • Claude charges up the stairs, having incredibly jumped over the gem creature and guard earlier.  He is unable to stop the fat man from reaching a room down the corridor, but he destroys the door, leaving little cover.  The rest of the group comes up the stairs, joined by Sas was has woken up.  The negotiate for sale of the list of people for Sefuirie'kigan and the woman maid.  They also agree to pay for time to get out of the cove.  Henchinrache agrees, but just then Gnax makes his way up the stairs.  Gnax again destroys the deal and attacks Henchinrache.  Sas disarms him and keeps him at bay for a minute.  The others have no way of stopping him without killing him.  They finalize the deal and Gnax snaps out of his stupor.  He tries to attack again and only barely manages to avoid death by lightning.  The other tackle him and knock him out.

  • The group gets back to the ship, where Gnax is through in the brig.  They set sail out of the cove.

  • After over three days at anchor, the Vigilant Seas is doing fine.  Late in the afternoon, they hear a noise and then a Coral Hulk climbs on to the deck.  The crew is ordered to back away.  Camasi tried to fend it off but is Confused and flees.  The others attack.  Before they can stop it, it wrecks the main mast.  Luckily, they cleverly tie the creature up, after harpooning it, and use the sails to drop it over board.  As it begins to climb back up, they attack it with everything, including Gabriel at the cannon, Laz with a pike, Xavier with his firearm, and Valids with his axe.  They either kill it or disable it, and it drops to the sea.  Fennil then yells that the Sexy Treasure has been sighted and is coming this way.  

Session 7:  Escape from the Treasure and the Sea (12 Trest 784 to 24 Trest 784)

  • The Vigilant Seas is able to fix its mast and get sailing.  Donecello decides to flee rather than fight without the captain and some of the crew.  After an hour of sailing away.  They are spotted by the Silver Viper, returning from its mission.  The three ships fall into a line chasing one another.

  • Captain Amare and the crew aboard the Silver Viper devise a plan to ram the Sexy Treasure.  Their goal is to damage it enough so that the Vigilant Seas can escape.  Nathan agrees to steer the ship for the final few minutes.  Most of the crew of the Silver Viper is sent off the ship near an island with everything that isn't required to sail the ship.  The Silver Viper picks up speed and gets closer to the Sexy Treasure.  After preparing Nathan, the remaining crew sets out in rowboats.  They message to the Vigilant Seas the plan, and if it succeeds, the ship will make a wide turn and pick up the rowboats.

  • As the ships chase one another, night falls.  The Silver Viper is able to make a concealed turn and when morning arrives, the three ships are close together, within 3 miles of each other.  As they close, Nathan stands alone at the helm.  The Vigilant Seas maneuvers so that the Sexy Treasure cannot unleash a broadside one the Silver Viper.  Four individuals appear on the deck of the Silver Viper and move to attack Nathan.  With only seconds left, Nathan locks the wheel and is able to hold them at bay.  Sas's spirit ally hears the ships collide and knocks a lantern into the gunpowder, blowing up the front of the Silver Viper and damaging the Sexy Treasure.  Nathan is thrown clear and manages to use his Lakian powers to swim to the rowboats.  The Vigilant Seas makes a wide turn and collects the crew.

  • The crew, after much debate and analysis of the lists of people from the slaver, decides they need to regroup and practice.  The pick the distant city of Undrile.  They begin their months long journey.  As they near the edge of the Sea of Endless Isles, they are attacked by a Shelleshe Serpant.  The massive sea creature begins to target crew.  It nearly kills Amare and Nathan before begin driven off.


Session 8:  The Dangers of the Sea (24 Trest 784 to 11 Huenti 784)

  • The Vigilant Seas sets a course for Undrile and sets sail.  After several days in the rain, they are found by a Horarian ship, a warship named the Southern Watcher.  The Vigilant Seas makes a run.  Before they escape, the Horarian ship is able to unleash one volley.  The Viglant Seas loses a rear cannon and several crew, including the Master of the Forecastle, Ithen.

  • More days in the rain pass.  Then the ship comes upon a Hurricane.  Unable to run from it, the ship is forced endure the storm.  Unfortunately, the ship and crew cannot handle it and the ship capsizes.  For hours the crew is tossed in the sea, a dozen, including Raketomi, are lost.  When the sea calms, the remaining crew gather around the remaining lifeboats and the last visible part of the Vigilant Seas.  The officers discuss the plan of action.  After some talk, Terrance the Boatswain's Mate approaches Claude and tells him that the sword he has can help.  He tells him to point it at the ship and declare: "I wish the ship was right."  Claude does and in a flash of lightning, the Vigilant Seas is repaired and right.  The crew, amazed and confused, boards the ship.

  • They begin to soberly sail.  After several days, the decision is made to continue to Undrile and keep the mission going.  Morale is low, but the magical righting of the ship has everyone still believing.

  • After two and a half weeks of sailing south and into the southern current, and after a week in the fog, the crew spots an ice flow.  Unable to get far enough away, they are set upon by fog giants, using the flow as a raft.  After a scare, they crew repels the attack and even kills one of the giants before escaping.


Session 9:  The Darkest Depths of Depravity (11 Huenti 784 to 1 Leenot 784)

  • For the next week, the ship drifts in the current with no wind to move it along.  On the 5th day, while fishing, seaman Lyle cathches an monstrous crab which attacks the ship.  Lyle's back is broken, a injury which kills him several days later.  Nathan unleashes lightning on the crab while Lyen and Gnax attack it from afar.  Laz charges the creature.  After a few moments of fighting, and almost the death of Nathan, the crab is killed.  The next day, the wind picks up.

  • Lax is able to craft armor for Nathan over the next few weeks at sea from the crab, as well as several shields.  He also catches a large shark and is able to complete his own suit of armor from shark skin.  Claude is continuously hard at work on his craft.

  • The Vigilant Seas passes several merchant ships over the next two months on its way to Undrile.  It avoids any serious dangers.

  • Finally, the voyage ends and the ship sails into dock at Undrile.  The weather is hot and humid.  Amare orders that no one is to leave sight of the ship and the docks for seven days.  He sends Henry and Terrance out to do some reconnaissance.

  • On the 6th day, the crew finds an intruder on board.  They talk to him and discover his name is Roland, an agent of the temple of Tyrogatore sent to determine the intentions of the Vigilant Seas.  After a discussion, they agree to help on another.  Roland will provide information about the city and the location of the slaves.  In return, the Vigilant Seas will take him to several other cities where he can speak with other clerics of Tyrogatore and get help for his besieged temple.

  • The next day, an assault team consisting of Henry, Sasuke, Heziz, Sasskra, Laz, Claude, Valdis and Roland is formed.  Using powerful weather controlling, fire, and summoning spells, the cleric of Tyrogatore of the temple will cause distractions to allow the group to complete its mission and get out of the city.  It begins to rain and soon after a flame strike engulfs a building in the city.

  • The assault team gets to the Circus.  Once there, Claude serves as a patron.  After he pays his way in, he uses his items to dazzle and distract the first guards.  The others charge in, and to their surprise, Gnax's discs come into view attacking the guards as well.  Once inside, the team attacks the other guards and some angry patrons.  Sasskra begins to search for the keys to the cells using his powers.  His companion shortly finds the owner, who is invisible.  As the other make short work of the guards and patrons, Laz, Gnax, Sasskra, and Claude capture the owner, whose name is Ellict.

  • The battle ends after that.  Roland is merciless, and the others are not inclined to feel sympathy for the guards and patrons of a circus for non-humans kept in cages and forced to do things against their will.  Before they leave, the team knocks down the cages and tent and then burns it.  They are able to get out all of the prisoners.

  • The team reaches the ship with the help of more distractions from the cleric of Tyrogatore, Cole.  The Vigilant Seas sets sail, and it to is aided by a summoned creature.  The Vigilant Seas is once again at sea, having freed slaves.


Session 10:  The World Tour Continues (1 Leenot 784 to 19 Mafeeti 784)

  • One day out from Undrile, the weather turns rainy and windless, leaving the ship to float and wait.  While there, the crew interrogates the prisoner Ellict and speaks with the freed slaves from Undrile.  The interrogation of Ellict is performed by a variety of crew and Roland.  During the interrogation, they uncover the name of the ship that sold the Horarians to Ellict.  He knows little other valuable information.  Ellict tries to feign death using a concoction of Tommimao's that reacts with alcohol he is gives.  Falsim discovers the truth and the plan fails.

  • The captain decides that with no other leads, the ship will head to Port Draeyton, where there are more townsfolk and Yasuyasu's daughter.  On the way there, they will stop at Port Finkle to supply and drop off the rescued slaves from Undrile.   The wind is not kind, and the ship floats for the better part of two weeks.  It is a boring time.  Luckily, Laz catches a big shark and they walk Ellict of the plank into the sea for his crimes.  Xavier constructs a 3 pound swivel gun for the ship.

  • They discover that Sasskra cannot see or hear Claude.  After some investigation, and a revelation about Terrance's true nature, they determine that Claude's grandfather placed a charm on his entire family that prevents certain creatures, of which Sasskra's new patron spirit is, from detecting the Graymander family.

  • At Port Finkle, the weather dictates that the ship leave within a day.  They unload the grateful but scared slaves.  The collect supplies, the clerics visit shrines and temples, and the ship sets off to fight the current below the Oddlands.

  • After three weeks, the make it through the southern current.  While there, they fight off a monstrous Ice Crab.  They come out unharmed and make it to Port Draeyton.

  • Once a the port, the captain warns that this city is as strict as they come.  He tells the clerics to visit their holy places and orders Valdis and Xavier to go to the sailors' guild.  There, the two look to collect information about a ship, The Great Golden Sails.  According to Yasuyasu, that is the ship that bought townsfolk and brought them to this port.  It takes Valdis and Xavier several hours, but they come across a man that says he can help them for a price.  He tells them that there are Horarian women at a brothel and offers to lead them to the location.  They go back to the ship and the captain agrees.  Roland, Nathan, and Claude go with Valdis and Xavier.  Roland trails behind.

  • The man leads them to a basement, where they meet the proprietor of the brothel.  The man collects his money and goes to a back room.  The owner asks the four want they want.  After much discussion, they finally decide to incapacitate the man and take the women.  Claude deftly paralyzes him.  They clear out the place, taking all of the gems and coin.  They offer to take all of the women, but the non-Horarians refuse.  Outside, after a friendly discussion, Roland knocks out the guard.

  • When the women are safely on the ship, Roland and Terrance return to the brothel to collect the man that led them there, being to only one that can identify them.  The captain orders this because he wants to give the crew a chance to rest and supply.

  • For two days, the ship relaxes, although they are vigilant for approaches constables or soldiers.  On the third evening at port, a crewman spots an approaching contingent of heavily armored men led by an orc.  The ships stirs to action.  When the orcs gets within 100 feet, he yells out: "Valdis, I am here for you!"


Session 10.5: Temples and Shrines Need to be Visited

  • While in Port Finkle,

    Claude and Xavier went to the temple of Tfop called Holy Potions.  There, they spoke with the cleric of the temple.  He told them that for several years Port Finkle has known something has been wrong in Undrile.  He was able to pray and receive an answer.  He shows the two into another room, where they are awed to find an incarnation of Tfop in the laboratory.  The avatar speaks with them, blesses them, and gives them a mission.  He needs them to deliver a message to a man named Solaris.  Dumbfounded, the two

    return to the ship.
  • Nathan speaks with clerics of Lakius in both Port Finkle and Port Draeyton.  He learns that both have dislike for the sea tenders.

  • Roland goes to the shrine of Tyrogatore in Port Draeyton.  He has the Vass call for the human cleric and all meet in the shrine by the sea.  He tells them of the plight of the religion in Undrile.  The human cleric demands proof.  When Roland cannot produce it, he challenges Roland to a fight.  If Roland wins, the truth of his words will be in no doubt.  Roland wins, and the clerics agrees to spread the word of the troubles in Undrile.


Session 11:  Gnax Causes Problems After he is Gone (19 Mafeeti 784 to 10 Napay 784)

  • Most of the crew gathers on the main deck to see what is transpiring.  Amare orders the crew to prepare for departure.  The orc, named Drazic, is Valdis step-father and claims that Valdis is wanted for murder.  The soldiers are of Thalmeret and include a cleric of Everentual.  They produce a legitimate warrant.  They then claim that the Vigilant Seas is not provided any rights by the Merchant Ships Order of Rights, because it does not fly the flag of any nation or recognized city.  Amare continues to stall for 15 minutes as the ship makes ready.

  • There is an explosion two piers down.  A ship catches fire and distracts the crew for long enough that they are attacked by crossbow fire from the other direction.  A thunderclap hits the deck, disabling many of the crew.  The soldiers fire at crew they can see in the rigging.  Drazic leaps onto the deck, killing a seamen as he does.  When the crew begins to recover, many of the officers are out of action.  Nathan manages to put up a rain storm and mist before he to is paralyzed from poison.  Soon after, a call comes that the ship is being boarded in the stern.  Below decks, after starting to load cannon, the rest of the crew charges up to the main deck.  Valdis engages Drazic.  Claude is disabled.

  • Roland, after briefly helping Valdis, moves to the back of the ship.  The crew that makes it to the main deck is disabled mostly by another thunderclap.  Valdis nearly kills Drazic and turns to help the only crew left standing at the front of the ship, Terrance and Sasuke.

  • Xavier, Gabriel, and Roland climb the ropes the boarders used to surprise them.  They get to the stern castle and attack the gang of twenty by surprise.  That allows the rest of the crew to charge up the stairs.  Meanwhile, crossbow bolts are raining down on any crew in the rigging and on any other part of the ship.  Sasuke and Valdis come face to face with a gnome who is sneakily disabling paralyzed crew.  They attack him with little success.

  • Roland cuts through a swath of the boarders, wounding the leaders as well.  Xavier and Gabriel are reach able to kill the wounded leaders.  The remaining gang, confronted by Sas, Laz, Yuri, and others, leaps of off the ship.  The gnome stops fighting and asks Valdis where Gnax is.  Roland and others rush to the front of the ship, where Fennel, who has survived in the rigging, yells the soldiers are trying to anchor the ship.  Roland drops into their midst and incapacitates so many that the cleric surrenders and the soldiers leave.

  • As the continue to get the ship underway, they revive some of the crew and talk to the gnome.  He tells them that his group is looking for Gnax and trying to collect bounties for finding Claude, Gabriel, Daniel, Nathan, and others.  Apparently, the Vigilant Seas was reported destroyed in a hurricane and the fathers of those men are looking for them.  They tell the gnome about Gnax and give the list of slaves to him.  He gives them more information about the nature of Drazic, whose body has disappeared overboard near the end of the battle.  The gnome leaves and the ship sails out of harbor.

  • At sea, they count that three more crewmen died.  They give them a ceremony and plot a course for Upflou, where four female slaves were sold.  On the way there, an enlightened dolphin talks to Nathan, telling him that there is a small pirate ship not far that has been attacking Destroytian fishing boats.  Amare agrees to find the pirates to test the crew and Nathan new prayers that Lakius has granted him.  They close on the ship after two days.  The pirate ship is smaller than the Vigilant Seas.  When he is close enough, Nathan hits the smaller ship with a sleet storm and a rogue wave.  The crew of the ship is dumbfounded.  The pirate captain quickly surrenders, with half or more of his crew suddenly in the water.


Session 11: The Captain Sets a Trap (10 Napay 784 to 18 Progonust 784)

  • The Vigilant Seas and

    Crew spend several hours going over the Tiger Bay pirate ship.  They confiscate almost all of the coin, magic items, potions, spell gems, and cannon.  They take five of the pirates to their brig.  Steven tares pages from the pirate wizard spellbook.  They find two female humans hidden in the pirate ship and rescue them. 

    The Vigilant Seas sails off towards Upflou.
  • When the ship reached the fortified port city, the Vigilant Seas is treated well.  The Destroytian Republic is happy to have Corsair ships who are fighting the Horarian pirates with whom the republic is at war.  Amare gives the crew 6 days to rest.  While in the city, the crew looks for four slaves they were said to be sold to Upflou.  They go to exchange magic items with the republic navy.  They visit the shrines and temples.

  • At the shrines and temples, Claude and Xavier ask if they have heard of Solaris.  The cleric of Stasis tells them of the paragon of Hemator named Solaris that lives in and around Plateauia.  Roland warns the clerics of Stasis and Tyrogatore of the plot against their faiths.  The clerics appear aware that Lavash'Ki is out to get them, but not that the deity is part of a bigger scheme.

  • At an inn and tavern named the Corsair Castle, where the crew has a great time for a couple days, they learn that the pirates use Upflou as a code word for a hidden base in the jungles several hundred miles north of the city.  It is believed that the clerics of Dresta are there, as well as other  pirates and bandits.  Amare guesses that is where the slaves are, but refuses to go there now.  He decides that the current course of action to Port Talp and Port Fiam is the one they will take.

  • They ship leaves Upflou and goes north along the coast.  After nearly three weeks, they are within two hundred miles of Port Talp when the wind turns severely against them.  Within hours, they spot the Sexy Treasure approaching from the south.  Shortly after, the Grey and Red Vipers appear to the north, closing in on the Vigilant Seas.  Amare prepares to run the gauntlet of the Vipers to avoid the Treasure.  The ship makes ready.  Moments before the battle is engaged, a whistle is heard from the south.  The Iridescent Nagel appears next to the Sexy Treasure and unleashes a barrage.  The Vigilant Seas cheers and is left to face off with the two Viper ships.

  • Nathan jumps overboard to prepare his storm and wave spells.  However, Ytake follows him in and tries to disrupt Nathan.  Laz jumps in too to get Ytake.  They overwhelm the Ytake, but he is able to delay Nathan.  Despite that, Nathan is able to call ice and waves against the Grey Viper, hindering its crew from doing anything but unleashing one volley of cannon before sailing past.

  • As the Red Viper closes on the Vigilant Seas, three genie appear on the deck and begin to attack and disrupt the crew.  Claude is able to stun one of them and avoid another.  Roland, Valdis, Henry, Terrance, Sasuke, Yuri and other attack the Genie.  One turns into a whirlwind and after throwing some crew from the rigging pins down those on the forecastle.  The Red Viper fires its cannon and then anchors itself to the Vigilant Seas with chain launched from ballista.

  • Camasi, Sasuke, and then Claude are thrown from the ship by the genies.  Roland and Valdis fight them to a standstill.  The Red Viper crew begins to attack and board.  Xavier is knocked out.  Steven begins to direct Nathan's lighting attacks as Terrance tries to pick out spellcasters.  Claude, now walks on the water below, begins to use his creations on the Viper ship.  He eats away at their hull, turns the surrounding water to ice, and sets the ship on fire.  Camasi then uses Claude to climb on to the Viper ship, where he begins to throw unfortunately pirates on to the ice.

  • Laz reaches the deck where he and Valdis and Roland manage to defeat two of the genies.  The third continues to fight Amare and the officers on the forecastle.  Yuri gets rid of one of the boarding planks and Sasskra gets rid of another.  Then Sasskra turns a golden shimmer and unleashes a spout of flame on boarding pirates.  Terrance picks off a spellcaster in the crows nest.  Valdis cuts through one of the chains holding the ships together.  Soon after, the Red Viper lets loose the remaining chains and tries to sail away, unaware of the damage Claude has wrought.  Xavier awakens in time to fire the aft cannon and score a hit.

  • In the distance, they see the Sexy Treasure retreating from the Iridescent Angel, which rams and defeats the Grey Viper.



  • Sasskra interrogates

    the captain of the Grey Viper as well as the traitor Ytake.  They learn that Ytake is out to kill Nathan who he believes is a heretic.  They try to discover how the Sexy Treasure was able to find and follow the Vigilant Seas, but they come to no final

  • The corsair ships, with the Grey Viper in tow and loaded with pirate prisoners, heads to dock at Port Talp.  Once there, they turn over the majority of the pirates to the authorities.  They take most of the valuables and sell the pirate ship to the city.

  • The Vigilant Seas spends a week in the city.  While they are there, Vadis visits the cleric of Celetal; Roland warns the cleric of Tyrogatore; Claude visits his family and his mentor; and Xavier visits the temple of Tfop looking for information on Solaris.  Luke and Terrance both leave the ship, for different reasons.

  • The ship heads to Sefuirie'kigan to drop off the townsfolk that have been rescued.