Seas Events (season 2: 13-24)

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Session 13:  Gno the Way Out (7/1/785 to 18/1/785)

  • A group of the crew, including Nathan, Gabriel, Laz, Valdis, Sasskra, Hep, Tan, and Sasuke go to the Never Frozen Well Inn and Brewery on one of the days as they wait for the Vigilant Seas to set sail.  Daane meets Lucien, a spellcaster looking for a job as a ship's mage.  Stephen, the last ship mage, was released from duty.  Daane takes Lucien to the same inn for an interview.  After some questioning, he agrees that Lucien will work and joins the others.  Shortly after, a gnomish captain and his crew enter the inn and sit next to the group.

  • After an hour or so, a sailor rushes into the inn, shouting that they all have to get out.  The military is impounding non-guild sailors and non-Icefian flagged ships.  Sasskra interrogates the boy and Daane contacts captain Evanni.  They agree that the danger is real.  Daane recognizes the gnome as Admiral Gno and asks if he and the group can get out of the city on the Stormer, Gno's ship, which is much closer to the inn than the Vigilant Seas.  Gno agrees.  They race to the ship and head out to sea.  Shortly after, they discover that Sasuke is not with them.

  • Daane contacts Evanni magically and  they agree to meet at Port Springs.  The group is introduced to the rest of the crew on the Stormer.

  • After eleven days of sailing, as it gets colder and colder, the group is set upon by a ship in the early morning.  They discover it is an undead ship after the ship mage reveals it with magical light.  Worse, it is part of an undead fleet known to Nathan and others.  They unleash waves and cannon upon the first ship, making sure it cannot ram them.  More ships appear, including the ship of Figore, named the Sea Doom.  Gno orders the ship to run at full speed away.  Figore and his wizards unleash spells at the ship, which the Gnegell counters.  Dozens of skeletal creatures jump onto the ship as it races by one of the undead chips.  Many more fail to get on board.

  • Phumblfuff the first mate orders everyone that can't effect the undead below decks.  That leaves the group, Daane, Gno, the Master at Arms Valerie, the helmsman, and Gnegell.  Nathan summons lighting as he is attacked by a skeletal ray.  Valdis and Gabriel destroy another ray.  Gno keeps the undead away from the helmsman.  Daane and Valeria protect Gnegell from undead summoned from above.  A skeletal whale begins to chase the ship, but the crew manages to hit it with cannon and slow it down.  Laz smashes many skeletons and eventually gets to the ray attacking Nathan.  Lucien uses jaws of force and lightning to destroy the undead, as both his and Nathan companion elementals smash them.  Sasskra breaths flame, destroying a swath of them.  The undead then refuse to go near him.  Shortly after there are no undead left on the ship.  Only minor damage was done to the hull and sails.


Session 14: If You See Doom Coming, Go the Other Way  (18/1/785 to 20/1/785)

  • The Stormer sets off

    away from the undead ships as fast as possible.  The undead give chase, although the most damaged of the smaller ships falls away.  For several hours, the chase is on, with the large Sea Doom trailing at the same speed, only occasionally falling behind slightly, and the other smaller ships covering the escape to the

  • They try several tactics to get farther ahead of the Sea Doom, but don't succeed in getting much farther away.  After some planning, Gno decides to run for Port Springs.  The Stormer turns hard to the south towards the smaller ships.  The Stormer turns at the last moment, broadsiding the smaller ship.  After two volleys, the small ship is devastating and the Stormer sails into open waters.  The other small ships cannot keep up and eventually break off the chase.  The Sea Doom disappears.

  • The next day, at eight bells, the Sea Doom appears close to the port of the Stormer, which takes evasive maneuvers and fires a broadside.  The cannon shot are not effective.  undead jump to the deck of the Stormer and begin to attack.  Fireballs slam into the Stomer's port side.  A deadly mist covers the deck and begins to weaken some.  A flock of undead bird appears and begins to tear at the sails.  A giant shark skeleton undead appears on the deck.  Laz, Sas, Gno, and Valdis confront the giant skeleton.  Nathan gusts the ship forward, knocking skeletons and allies to the deck.  Lucien's familiar begins to fight the fires the fireballs create.  Gabriel tries to get to the cannon on deck loaded and aimed.  Gnegell burns away the mist.  Undead gulls attack from above and Lucien keeps them at bay with wind.  Sas knocks the giant to the ground as it claws and bites the crew.  The others swarm and destroy it.

  • The Sea Doom hits the Stormer with three chained harpoons, making escape near impossible.  Daane calls to Gno asking what he is willing to give in order to save the ship, Gno replies save the ship.  Daane tells Nathan to repeat after him and says a prayer to the Collector.  Moment later, a large purple Slaadi prepared for water combat arrives.  Nathan tells it to save the ship.  The Slaadi leaps to the Sea Doom and begins to disrupt it while the crew finishes the skeletons off and removes the harpoons before sailing away.

  • Two days later, the Stormer arrives in Port Springs.  One of the first things they do is go to the temple of Lakius.  Laz, Sas, Nathan, Valdis, and Lucien go there.  When they enter, a voice comes into Valdis and Lucien minds telling them to step aside, Nathan is a heretic.  The cleric, Manlow steps forward to confront Nathan.  Lucien and Valdis step to defend him.  The cleric calls upon Lakius to send them away.  Except Valdis, they appear outside the temple, the door closed.  Valdis is nowhere to be seen.


Session 15: When this Many Friends Show Up, It Haas to Get Better (20/1/785 to 28/2/785)

  • Infuriated, Laz attacks the temple with Lucien and Sas's backing.  Nathan is contemplating what just happened and doesn't realize what is going on until its too late.  Laz smashes through the door.  The temple is chaos.  Only the cleric stands to face them.  He calls out and summons a massive elemental.  The door slams closed, trapping Nathan outside.  Laz picks up a human as a shield.  The temple becomes hurricane like.  Sas and Lucien send fire and electricity at the elemental.  Laz smashes it with his flail.  It pounds Laz and Sas with waves.  The room fills with water.  Nathan flies as an eagle to the roof and a window.  He smashes it to see Laz making his way through the elemental towards the cleric.  Lucien crushes and freezes the elemental.  Nathan hits it with holy lightning.  Laz resists the cleric's spells and smashes him with his flail.  The elemental falters.  Lucien crushes the cleric and he convulses.  Nathan lands in the temple.  Several worshippers are dead as the water flows out of the temple.  Nathan stops the cleric from dying.  Laz is unconscious.  Lucien flees back to the Stormer before the constables arrive.

  • A dwarf named Thoffin arrives after some time and says he is the constable.  He takes the three's statements and equipment and leads them to a cell.  For the next five days, they are in the cell until Daane and others get them moved to the Vigilant Seas, which has just arrived.  In that time, Gno had gone to Port Talp and sailed back with his new ship, the Riptide.  Daane arranges, along with his many allies in the city, for a trial in the Main City with Matthias as their lawyer.  For three weeks, the wait for the trial and tell of what has been happening.

  • They learn that in Port Phiam, several new crew members got on the ship.  One of those was Rin, a Horarian cleric of Treetop.  The groups discuss what their next move will be and decide that the three ships will sail to Port Talp and go from there.

  • On the day of the trial, those accused along with many other of the crew head to the court room.  Before they arrive, they are confronted with Judge Taft and his guard.  He was supposed to have heard the case but early that day, the charges were dropped by the faith of Lakius.  He asks them some questions and they agree to have Matthias the lawyer sue to have the faith reveal the location of Valdis, who the group cannot find with any spells.  Happily, they return to the Port District, where Daane takes them to a tavern, Maynard's Hook.

  • The next day, they set sail for Port Talp.  The three ships have an uneventful two and a half week cruise.  They arrive in Port Talp and are there less than one day when word comes that Claude is in the city.  Amare sends a messenger to get him.  Hours later, a somber Claude and Haas come to the Vigilant Seas to tell their tale.


Session 16: Who They Hoped Wasn't Responsible (28/2/785)

  • The group decides that they will take the new Riptide ship to Claude's town to investigate.  Evanni puts Midshipman Lyen in charge of the mission.  He appoints a crew for the ship, which includes most of the group and crew from both the Stormer and the Vigilant Seas.  In addition, a new crew member is hired (the only new one as the group is wary of new members on this mission), a monk doctor with a peg leg who is a worshipper of Quan Yin.  His name is Harimoto.  After planning an excursion from the coast to Claude's town, the group goes to bed.  The Riptide is prepared for sailing.

  • In the early morning, they set out.  Shortly before the sun rises, they are in position.  With Nathan flying as a bird, Roland investigates the town.  Finding little, he sends back to Haas for the others to come to the town.  Nathan is put in charge of the Riptide.  Lyen, Rin, Laz, Haas, Claude, Lucien, and Sas go to shore and then to the town.  It is empty, but only Claude's family home is damaged.  They g over the magical fence, unfortunately Lucien and Rin touch the fence.  Nothing happens at first.  They get close to the house and investigate.  Using spells and more mundane means, they search it.  They find nothing.  Rin sees and begins to speak with a dog about what happened.  Sas discovers that there are over 400 intelligent beings within the town.  The dog says they are asleep and together, but that the dog does not know what caused it.  The group circles around the house.

  • Getting the the other side together, they are about to enter when Claude stops, having apparently seen something inside.  He relates the message to Haas, and Roland.  The creature draws on the ground and a glowing mouth appears in the house and issues a warning to the Greymander to surrender to save what remains of his family.  Claude refuses, Lucien throws a bolt of lightning at the mouth.  Claude calls on Tfop and throws a lightning bolt at the creature.  Roland launches himself on to the 2nd floor.  Umber Hulks rise out of the group and circle the group, lead by a large scaled one.

  • Rin and Lyen, outside of the circle, back away and draw one towards them with many arrows, nearly killing it.  Lucien throws elemental spells again and again at the leader.  Claude encircles the creature in the building with fire.  Laz attacks the large umber hulk, only to be laid low immediately.  Sas attempts and succeeds at scaring off an umber hulk.  Haas blesses his allies and himself, but fails to effect the umber hulks.  Roland searches the house for the creature and sees two more umber hulks come out of the basement.  The leader tries to grapple Claude, but he can't.  The battle continues to get treacherous.  Sas breaths fire into the building at one of the hulks, causing it to fall into the basement.  Seeing an opportunity, Claude creates a wall of sand, engulfing six of the umber hulks, including the leader.  They are forced to retreat into the ground.  Roland finds the fallen hulk in the house and kills it before barely escaping as the buildings crashes down.


Session 17: Defeat of the Hulks (28/2/785)

  • The group gathers itself, heals, and heads towards one of the few stone buildings, the smithy.  Once there, everyone is at least partially healed and awake.  Nathan arrives in bird form overhead.  Rin tells the dog to lead them to where the townsfolk are being held.  Roland follows closely while the others trail behind.  Once there, they search and find nothing outside.  Lyen, Rin, Sas, and Lucien back away while the others open the door.  Haas, Claude, and Laz go inside.  They find hundreds of sleeping townsfolk in okay condition.  The door begins to close and Roland at first tries to force it to stay open, but then rolls inside.

  • Laz begins to wake the townsfolk up.  Rin and Lyen move towards the door, but Rin his dragged half way underground and knocked out.  Lyen pulls her out and tries to get her away.  Claude from the inside and Lucien from the outside blast a hole in the door.  Inside, a voice calls out for Greymander and threatens the death of the townsfolk.  Roland hides in the rafters waiting to strike.  Haas prepares.  Lucien sends his familiar in to wake many townsfolk up.  Three more umber hulks rise out of the ground outside.  Sas flies up out of danger.  Lucien is grappled.  Nathan makes it rain and begins to call down lightning.

  • Lucien summons jaws to attack the hulk on him and it eventually relents and leaves.  Sas scares away one of the other hulks.  Claude distracts one as they others attack it with spells until it too leaves.  The last one tries to prevent townsfolk from escaping.  Inside, Laz tries to approach the large hulk that is illuminated after Haas summons a lantern archon, which the hulk quickly squishes.  Laz becomes confused and attacks Haas.  Rolands waits.  The hulk opens a hole in the wall so in can escape and then begins to talk.  It dismisses the last hulk outside.  The townsfolk flee.  Laz is cured of his confusion.  Claude and the hulk cannot come to an arrangement.  The hulk begins to flee, but Roland attacks, followed by Laz, and Haas.  Finally Claude hits it with a powder that sickens and stops it.  It tries to talk and fight back, but Roland kills the hulk.  Laz quickly begins to skin it.

  • Nathan returns to the ship, only to be quickly recalled to the town by Lyen, after he had reformed into his human shape.  As they heal each other and recoup outside, Claude gives Rin a potion,  It is supposed to heal her, but instead turns her into an Umber Hulk.  Haas is able to revert her back, painfully, an hour later.  The group discusses its next move and talks to the mayor and later a friend of Claude's father.  Haas speaks with the dead hulk and questions it about the creature that hired the hulks to find Claude.


Session 18: The Next Path Takes Three Routes (28/2/785 - 13/3/785)

  • The day after the battle, everyone except Haas, Claude and Roland return to the Riptide and then to the port.  At the port, they meet with captain Evanni and Admiral Gno and explain what happened.  Back in the town, the others find the stash of gems the hulk told Haas about when he questioned it.  They discover that the other hulks have fled to the north east.  Claude hires men to excavate his family house and look for items so that Haas can attempt to scrye.  Haas' scrye fails later that day.  The three are visited by many people over the two days they remain in the town.  The clerics of the town, the mayor, workers, and finally investigators from the port.  They speak with all of them and give out some information.  Claude sends a man that Terrance had told him about a year before asking for help.  The man suggests Claude speak to him in person.  The three go to the port via windwalk on the 3rd day to meet with everyone.

  • The meeting involves the captains, officers, and the rest of the group.  After much discussion, they decide that the three ships will each go a different way and every crew member can deiced where he will go.  The Stormer will go about its trade business.  The Vigilant Seas will track down the pirate ship Sexy Treasure.  The Riptide will take Claude to find the man he seeks and at the same time continue to collect the former residents of Sefurie'Kegan.  Gno captains the Stormer.  Laz, Sas, and Yuri go to the Vigilant Seas.  All of the others go to the Riptide.  In the meantime, before the ships all set sail, Haas and Roland investigate Lowlas.  Roland returns before the ships leave and joins the crew of the Riptide, while Haas remains in Lowlas.

  • The crew is left with days in the city before they depart.  Claude spends time in his shops, brewing and crafting.  Lucien and Nathan spend their time at the temple of Lakius, visiting the plane of water.  The others mostly relax and prepare the ship.

  • They set sail from the port going at faster speed on the most direct route towards Magenthia.  For three days, they sail undeterred.  On the 4th day, a pirate ship of the gem clan tries to intercept the, but the Riptide proves too fast and gets easily away.  On the 5th day, with land in sight, Jamal spots five creatures flies towards the ship from the land.  Lyen recognizes them to be Sky Lions.  Nathan and Rin try to communicate with them to no avail.  The crew readies for battle.  Nathan flies into the sky as an eagle and leads one of the five away.  He then controls it with wind and over the course of a minute drives it into the water where Hamil drowns it.  On the ship, Rin sets her spear against a charging one and impales it, then backing away stabs it until it flees.  Two more are spelled and shot by Lyen and Lucien.  Roland drops down and finishes them off.  The last attacks and near gets away with Claude, before he extracts himself and Lucien's spells cause it to flee.


Session 19: Claude's Mysterious Contact (13/3/785 - 15/3/785)

  • The crew does its best to heal and clean the ship.  The bodies, including the one they fished out of the sea, are stored below deck for sale.  They continue their voyage towards Magenthia.  Several hours later, the sun as set and they can see the city.  A scream wakes the sleeping up and alerts everyone else.  Claude has been attacked by the Sky Lions, now zombies.  Nathan, Claude, and Roland get bitten are mauled for the next minute as the others try to destroy the undead.  For what seems like an hour, the crew attacks with everything they have.  Gnelson is knocked out and then revived by Horimoto as he fires his rifle.  Nathan turns into a polar bear and coats himself in lightning.  Claude tries every trick he has to get free, including engulfing the deck with smoke.

  • Above deck, Lyen spots what he thinks is controlling the zombies and attacks with his bow.  He hits once, allows Lucien and the others to attack.  The creature removes the arrow and gets away.  As fight drags on, and the group begins to worry that these undead cannot be destroyed.  Lucien calls upon a token he was given during his visit to the elemental plane of water in Port Talp.  A massive watery hand emerges and twice slams and crushes one of the zombies.  Horimoto tries to help Claude, as does Hamil.  Claude calls upon Tfop to smite one with lightning.  Lucien and Nathan finally destroy the third.  Lucien conceals the deck and gusts the ship towards the city.  They heal and remove the remains of the undead from the ship.

  • The Riptide reaches Magenthia an hour later and Lyen speaks with the shore to arrange a dock.  For the first day, they plan and rest.  Lyen sends crew out to gather some information and gets supplies.  After a day of rest, Claude, Roland, Nathan, Lucien, and Rin set out to find Claude's contact.  They reach a house and meet with Gameron Hilt, a dragonslayer.


 Session 20: A Nearly Intolerable City (15/3/785 - 18/3/785)

  • The meeting with Gameron gains the group some information about the clerics and others in the city.  Claude learns a lot about his grandfather and the circumstances of his retirement, as well as the possible reasons for the rest of his family's troubles.  As the meeting progresses, Roland and Rin group weary of Gameron's insinuations and statements.  The two leave before the meeting ends out of anger and disgust over his views about slaves and religions.  The others politely take their leave.

  • The group decides to make its way to see Raygen, the liberator of Tfop.  On their way north to see him, after finding Roland who had hid, they see a grassy path that seems out of place.  Rin, Lucien, and Nathan follow the path to the temple of Tommimao, while Roland and Claude continue.  The two soon find Raygen at his home and temple.  They tell him everything that has happened since Roland last was year years ago.  He agrees to help them by giving them information and the names of the establishments attached to the names they have of men who bought slaves.  He says it will take two days.

  • At the temple of Tommimao, the others encounter a magical watering hole attached to the temple.  The meet an acolyte, who then directs them to a cleric.  Lucien dives into the pool.  The cleric is friendly and a little off in the way most clerics of Tommimao are.  He talks to Rin about a water saddle.  The group leaves and goes to meet with Raygen.  They reach him with little problem and meet up with the others.  By the night, they are back on the ship waiting for news from Raygen.  They spot a Duo-tio-Shelleshe ship coming into port and plan to sabotage it.

  • Over the next two days as they wait; Rin is contacted by a small whale they wishes to speak with her.  She bonds with the young animal.  Roland spots and incapacitates a man that watches their ship.  Lucien continues to hit on Rin, and she does not appreciate it.  Claude works on his projects.  Gnelson pesters Lyen about his inventions.  After two days, Raygen arrives and gives them the locations of the remaining slaves.  He agrees to take them in if needed after they are freed.  The group plans for the rescue of the slaves.  They will try to buy the girls from two of the more reputable places.  The others, they will take by force.  Lyen agrees to go in and bargain for the girls.

  • The next day, the group heads out at daybreak, with Lyen, Rin, Lucien, Nathan, and Claude.  Lyen spends several hours at both the Gables of Sand and the Gentle Touch, negotiating and buying the freedom of four of the slaves.  He returns with them to the Riptide and Roland and Horimoto join the others in the city.  The group heads towards Gabroozle, where two of the salves are being held.  As they approach, Nathan turns into a seagull and watches.  The others wait for Roland to act from a distance.  They are in a poor area of the city, and few care about them.  Roland, uses some of Claude's concoctions, paralyzes the Vass guard.  The group rushes inside and Rin uses the same poison to paralyze the desk keeper.  Horimoto searches the room; Roland and Lucien go upstairs; Claude and Nathan go into the back; Rin stays in the entrance room.  Roland and Lucien find two Horarian girls upstairs with men, they incapacitate the men and take everyone downstairs.  Claude finds a pit with tow women and gets them out.  The group gathers and heads down to the basement.  A man calls out to them, but doesn't see the hidden Roland who kills him.  They search the basement and find coin and items.

  • Going back upstairs, the throw the men and Vass into the pit and break the lock.  One of the girls is one who they are looking for, and she says that the other has been sold to The Imported.  Horimoto takes the one girl back to the Riptide.  Nathan leads the other three to Raygen's.


 Session 21: Breaking the Rules of Recovery (18/3/785 - 19/3/785)

  • The group follows Horimoto back to the ship.  On the way, Roland sees kids following them.  He follows the kids after they stop following the group.  They head back to Gabroozle where they have an old man read the note.  The old man eventually begins to leave to tell someone of the note.  Roland confronts him and pays him off to not tell anyone.  He goes back to the ship.  Meanwhile, Nathan leaves the women with Raygen and goes to the ship.

  • They talk to Lyen and Jamal about what to do next.  Lyen offers to take Horimoto to the imported to try and buy the girl.  They go, and discover the price is too high.  They do, however, get a layout of the building.  The group decides to wait until after midnight to go and get the remaining slaves.  After midnight, the group with Horimoto go to Tawny, where the three men are held.  The group approaches slowly, while Roland sneaks up hoping to take out the guard.  The guard proves skilled and fends off Roland and the others.  Lucien accidentally hits Roland with a icy spell.  The others can't defeat the guard.  Claude silences the area.  Lucien covers the area with mist to prevent anyone from seeing what is happening.  Horimoto saves Roland from a beating.  Nathan turns into a bear and finally the guard retreats inside.  Nathan cannot pursue him.  The others move in and finally beat down the guard until he surrenders.  Nathan transforms back and enters.  The group searches the building.  They find slaves and free them.  Roland kills one other guard and the group locks away the owner.  The three men the group is looking for accompany Horimoto back to the Riptide, while the other freed slaves flee into the city.

  • The group moves toward The Imported.  They scout the building and climb a nearby roof.  Rin creates a magical bridge and calms the guard dog.   They move to the roof, where Claude drops a concoction on the roof, eating a hole in it.  Surprisingly, the room they were entering blows up, annihilating everything in it.  The rest of the building is intact.  The group enters and searches.  Lucien goes into one door, while the others go another way.  An invisible Lucien makes his way down into the Horarian section of the building.  He finally finds the girl they are looking for and announces to the rest that he will lead them out.  In the other sections, the group searches for other slaves.  An invisible wizard attacks them.  Claude and Rin engage him, and Claude can see him.  Rin miraculously grapples the wizard an head butts him until he is forced to magically flee.  Rin and Nathan leave.  Roland and Claude try to get as many others out of the magical rooms as possible.  Some come out and they all head to the front door.

  • Near the entrance, Lucien sees two guards.  Before the notice the slaves, he blasts them.  The wizard flees while the other attacks.  Lucien spells are too much for him and he flees as well, but not before Lucien takes his wand.  When the others reach the front, the way is clear and everyone rushes towards the dock where the Riptide is waiting.  Raygen sends a magical warning that the city is buzzing after the room exploded.  The city is magically lit up.  Wizards are on the resorts watching.  The group and the slaves make it to the ship, but just as they are about to finish, the sheriff and his guards charge towards them.  Nathan and Claude block them with ice and sand.  They group all but makes it to the ship.  Rin spots the sheriff, a Vass, swimming and warns everyone.  The Vass leaps on to the dock and ROland confronts him to prevent him from getting to the ship.  The Vass quickly severs Roland's arm.  Ataliss grabs Roland off the dock as the Riptide sails away.  The ship moves away from the city.


 Session 22: Calm Escape, Scary Delivery (19/3/785 - 30/3/785)

  • The Riptide sails towards Port Talp.  The five day trip takes seven days due to the large amount of people on the ship.  The days are difficult with the many extras on board.  They reach Port Talp with no problem.

  • Once their, they give most of the freed slaves coin and send them on their way.  One Horarian stays on the ship, wanting to earn his keep.  The residents of Sefurie'Kegan, along with a Horarian family that Rin has converted to the worship of Treetop stay on the ship and go to Sefurie'Kegan.

  • In Port Talp, the group does various things.  Rin visits the shrine of Treetop outside the city.  Nathan and Lucien visit the temple of Lakius, which they have been to before.  Claude goes to his home town for a day and also visits Agniclair.  Roland goes to visit the shrine of Gnarion.  Lyen has the ship restocked.  Lyen also trades many of the items the group found in for coin and different items.  Claude and Roland go to the high temple of Tfop and have Roland arm replaced.

  • After several days in port, the ship sets out of Sefurie'Kegan.  They reach the town in short order.  As the second group of Horarians are getting to the beach, A ship is sighting.  Nathan quickly identifies it as the Sexy Treasure.  The Riptide sets its sails and maneuver.  The two ships circle, getting farther from the coast.  As the Riptide is set to break the circle and head out to open water, Rin and Nathan see a dozen scrags swimming towards the ship.  They warn the others.  Most of the scrags jump to the deck and attack.

  • Underwater, Rin rides Tsu and attacks with arrows.  On deck, Gnelson is almost killed, and shortly after Ataliss is nearly killed.  Nathan turns into a polar bear and lightnings the scrags before he too is knocked out.  Roland hides for a moment.  Gabriel fends off one.  Horimoto holds one down until Roland charges to behead it.  Lucien uses his spells to chew and char the scrags.  The scrags begin to fall.  Roland kills three more.  Horimoto knocks one of the ship.  Lucien kills a few.  Claude lights one on fire and it flees.  Rin finds two more on the rudder and drives them away with arrows.

  • Finally clear, the Riptide sails full sail, trailed by the Sexy Treasure.


Session 23:  Capture of the Sexiest Treasure (30/3/785 - 7/4/785)

  • For six days, the Riptide leads the Sexy Treasure out into the Sea of Endless Isles.  They communicate with the Vigilant Seas, which is on its way to intercept the ships.  The group and crew plan and prepare for the coming battle.  On the second day, Haas arrives via windwalk on the ship.

  • The voyage goes well and on the seventh day the Vigilant Seas approaches.  The Riptide begins to zigzag and fire back at the slower Sexy Treasure.  For minutes they continue the bombardment until the Treasure has to slow down.  The Vigilant Seas is able to get into a prime position and as the Riptide comes about, the two ships broadside each other.  The Vigilant Seas takes the worst of it and the Riptide sets ahead to engage.  The two prepare for a combined boarding action as the Vigilant Seas puts up a wall of smoke to stop the bombardment.

  • The Riptide nears the Sexy Treasure.  Nathan and Rin both go into the water.  Right before the others start to move over to the Sexy Treasure, Nathan tries to create a wave and a storm over the deck.  The storm doesn't happen but the wave knock dozens to the deck.  Rin keeps an eye on the scrags and fires her bow at men on the deck.  Hass begins to make his way over.  Lucian, Roland, and Horimoto dimension door over to the Sexy Treasure.  Horimoto and Roland engage the captain, Hirojuni, but Horimoto is quickly taken out.  Roland and the captain fight.  Lucian is confronted by the first mate after his spells against the captain are turned away.  Lucian throws the first mate off the ship with a spell and Rin has her ocra drag him down and out.  Nathan leaps on to the ship in a hybrid tiger-shark-bear form and unleashes lightning on the crew.  All attacks turn to him, and he survives them.  Haas strikes the prelate and others with a comet, knocking them out.  The boarders from the Vigilant Seas arrive.  Camasi and the Ship's Master of the Sexy Treasure fight.  Laz takes on half a dozen pirates, killing most of them.  Sas cleans up the leftovers.  Evanni makes her way towards Hirojuni, shouting at him as she approaches.  Seeing his crew is disarray, his first mate gone, Ship's Master down, Prelate down, and Ship Mage no where to be found, Hirojuni leaps off the ship and soon disappears.  The crew surrender.


Session 24:  Final Claude (7/4/785 - 27/4/785)

  • For three days, the crews manage the now three ships and sail towards the nearest port, in Icefia.  Much of the pirate crew is imprisoned.  The officers are interrogated.  The slaves are freed.  The Sexy Treasure is searched.  While some of the treasure and valuables are gone, much remains.  Gnelson and Claude comb the ship, finding a fish basket and a tea pot in the kitchen, both magical.  After three hard days of sailing, they come to the Icefian line, where since the kingdom is at war, they are stopped.  Evanni meets with the ship's captain.  When she returns, unhappily, she says that they are demanding that soldiers come aboard and help take the ships to port.  While the Vigilant Seas and Sexy Treasure have no choice, the Riptide is fit and could sail off on its own.  After some discussion, it is decided that the Riptide will sail to Greymander Island.  During that discussion, Daane, Valdis, and Montaron arrive.  Montaron grumbles and quickly leaves.  They other remain.

  • Claude contacts Hutrim, but they are unable to arrange a meeting.  The crew begins to separate.  Yasuyasu goes with her townsfolk aboard the Vigilant Seas.  Haas stays with the Sexy Treasure to ensure it makes it to port.  Sas feels that he will endanger the mission if what Claude fears is waiting for the is actually there.  The rest of the crew of the Riptide goes, with the exception of Daane replacing the cook.

  • The voyage to Greymander Island is long, but without incident.  Cold weather, sleet, fog, and a flock of geese all look to slow the ship and prevent them reaching their goal, but Nathan navigates them through it all.  After seventeen days, they see an island that meets all of the criteria. and survey it.  After some discussion, they decide to go ashore.  Getting a rowboat for those that need it; Rin, Lucian, Horimoto, Claude, Nathan, Valdis, Roland, Laz, and Daane all go ashore.  Roland steps ahead of the group and looks around.  Finding nothing, the others make their was on land.  They follow Claude, who is allowing the Greymander sword to lead him.  It leads them to the top and center of the island.  Then it points up.  Above them, a familiar disembodied lizard mouth appears.  It tells Claude that they will trade his family for him and the sword.  Claude says, "You can have the sword when you take it from my cold dead hands."  Claude then flies up to attack the mouth.  The others prepare for battle below.

  • Roland hears creatures charging from the other side of the hill.  They run below him towards the others.  Claude is attacked by an invisible blue dragon, he believes it to be Flashel, although it is much larger than he remembers.  Claude is nearly killed and forced to get away.  Below, Roland defeats two of the creatures.  The others fight the rest of the group.  Leaving Claude, the dragon dives into the group.  Nathan has transformed into his four armed, tiger headed, shark skinned bear.  Lucian unleashes spell after spell into the charging creatures, which look like little blue humanoid dragons.  One which was knocked down is held down by Horimoto for a time, before is breaks free and crushes the doctor's skull, killing him.  Laz at first firsts off the smaller creatures, but turns his attention to the dragon after Claude makes it visible.  Roland flees at the sight of the dragon, but the others hold firm thanks to a flag that Claude had woven and that flies in the midst of the group.  Daane and Valdis hold off the smaller creatures, slowly defeating them as the others fight the dragon.  Laz and Nathan are saved only by healing spells.  Claude joins the fight, but the dragon is powerful.

  • Although the smaller creatures are defeated, the dragon remains and everyone is hurt.  Lucian calls upon the watery square given to him by Olhydra and asks the kill to kill Flashel.  A storm cloud forms over the island.  Meanwhile, at the ship, the crew sees a giant turtle head appear and the island begin to turn and move towards them.  They set sail as the storm cloud begins to form above the island.  The group struggles to move in the strong winds.  Valdis sees a large blue gem revealed by the wind and water in the dirt.  He grabs it.  Flashel moves away in lightning form.  the others begin to dimension door towards the row boat.  The island sinks, but the group can either swim or makes it to the rowboat.  They collect Horimoto's body.  Although Valdis at first tries to kill it, Nathan and Rin stop him and capture one of the creatures.  They all make it to the Riptide.


Epilogue:  27/4/785 - 24/5/785

  • Once on the Riptide, the group interrogates the creature.  It tells them some information and releases Claude's family from the cube.  There is a tearful reunion.  The Riptide sets sail for Port Talp.  Three days into the trip, Roland wakes up to discover the creature gone.  Soon after, they realize that Lucian is gone as well.  He incapacitated Tsu and several crew to escape with the creature into the sea.  Later suring the trip, Lyen communicates with Evanni, who tells him they are still stuck at Cape Tolya.

  • The voyage to Port Talp is uneventful.  Once there, Claude's family goes home to their town.  Claude purchases a new home for his mother, equipped with many fancy tinker things.  He hires a guard to protect her full time.  The group is told of a great sea battle off the coast of Icefia that they narrowly avoided.  They then discover that the battle has ended, and the Icefians have won a great victory over the elves.  The sea is clear to sail into again.  Bad news comes as well.  Gno's ship, the Intrepid, is destroyed by pirates out for revenge.  Gno is seeking them out for his own vengeance.  The Riptide will join Gno soon.  Lyen decides to sail to Cape Tolya to meet with Evanni before taking the ship to join Gno.  They again have a quiet cruise.

  • After only a day in the city, Captain Evanni asks everyone to choose where they are going.  Claude has business in Icefia, as does Haas.  Roland decides for now to accompany them.  Laz and Xavier decide to go aboard the Vigilant Seas.  Nathan, Rin, Gabriel, Valdis, and Sas choose the Riptide.  Gnelson wasn't given a choice, he stays on the Riptide.  Claude bids a sad farewell to Gnelson, Laz, and the others.