Seas Events (season 4: 31-42)

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Return to Seas of Adventure

Session 31:  Shore Leave at Port Talp (4 Baston Sun 787 to 4 Coustus


  • For a month, the crew of the Pride remains in Port Talp deciding what their next move should be and finding new crew.  The crew finally decides to take a mission finding the Riptide.

  • Claude spends his time visiting friends and then making a new supple of potions for the next mission. 

  • After only a few days, Valdis flees, later sending a message that his father is in the city and he doesn't want to endanger his friends while they are in port.

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  • The ship is suddenly stopped one night as the look outs see a figure floating above the waves not far from the ship.



Session 32:  The Return of Lucian / Finding the Riptide (4 Coustus 788 to 9 Coustus 788)

  • After a tense conversation with a watery version of Lucian, the ship is freed from the grasp of the tentacles.  Nathan discussed what he discussed and they all agree to find the Floating Isle of Lakius after they find the Riptide.


  • The crew decides on a team to go to the pirate base and find the Riptide.


 Session 33:  Escaping the Pirates (9 Coustus

788 to 16 Coustus 788)

  • Tsunami pulls the row boat around the island and towards the Pride.  As they near their ship, Chase detects other ships approaching.

 Session 34:  Dragon and Slayer Duel (16 Coustus


  • Just before the group enters the fighting circle, Sas arrives and tells them what he has discovered.  After more debate, Claude decides there is no other choice and enters to fight the dragon.

 Session 35:  A Surprise Treasure Hunt (16 Coustus 788 to 21 Coustus


  • The group makes it back to the Pride and Chase tells the tale of what happened.

  • Rin, Claude, Sas, and Len go back to search the island.  Nathan prepares spells to put out the fire on the island.  The Pride circles the island and prepared for a fast departure.