Seas Events (season 7: 68+)

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Session 68: Escaping Undrile in Search of the Ship (4 Baston Son 789 to 8 Baston Son 789)

  • After fortifying themselves inside the abandoned temple of Lakius, the crew sends to Valdis and Claude in Port Talp for help. Overnight they communicate until the two get teleported to Undrile and hear the story of what happened.
  • All efforts to quickly find and go after the ship fail to pan out and they are forced to the next effort, getting the crew to safety. After much debate, they decide to send nearly everyone to the Plane of Air, thanks to the Crown of Air. However, Nathan cannot step through with them and flies on his own to the closest safe city, Newporton. Rin and Tsu swim on their own.
  • When Nathan brings all of the crew back from the plane of air to Newporton, the group is confronted by a teleporting team of wizards from Iott that questions their use of a gate for so many. After some discussions, they leave.
  • Once in the Yellowian city, they find lodging and send to Gabriel, who can begin sailing here to collect everyone. It will take some time for him to arrive, and the officers begin to plan a way to recover the ship. They find it sailing east towards the Sea of Many Isles via a scrye.
  • While planning at a rented room, they are interrupted by a knock and another Claude pretended, this one a Gatori. Luckily, they subdue him and convince him to help them, and when that is done the impostor Claude will disappear.

Session 69: A Long Way to the Ship (8 Baston Son 789 to 13 Baston Son 789)

  • For a day, the group plans on how to get to the ship. Rin teleports near it and gives a report. Using Nathan's many spells of air, they finally decide to take a group after it. Ritvali, Sir Charles, and Klad the Gatori join them.
  • Once near the ship, Valdis rushes on board to disable the sails. This allows the others to catch up to it.
  • The group descends on the ship, after Sas and Rin investigate finding no crew crew, although they suspect a dragon inside. The ship is possesses and moving on its own.
  • Chase and Sir Charles remain above, and Nathan is forced to leave the crown with an elemental as a spell prevents it from approaching. They land and begin to look around. Ritvali goes below deck briefly before fleeing and yelling. The group begins to prepare when they are hit with a barrage of breathes, forcing Klad to flee and hurting the rest.
  • While the others tactically retreat, Claude stands unharmed and now surrounded by three dragons.

Session 70: A Long Way to the Ship (13 Baston Son 789)

  • Fors.

Session 71: A Long Way to the Ship (13 Baston Son 789 to 17 Baston Son 789)

  • Foons.

Session 72: A Long Way to the Ship (17 Baston Son 789 to 1 Smofena 790)

  • For gons.