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Evanni - The former captain of the Vigilant Seas.


Brom - Known as the Beast of the Endless Seas, he is a former member of the crew that now captains the ship called the Beast's Hammer.  He brought several new crew members, from Aggent to the Vigilant Seas.


Treenya - Another former member of the crew, she is also now a captain of her own ship, the Lady Sureshot.  She brought many new crewmembers from Upflou to the Vigilant Seas.


Gazen - A third former member of the crew that is now a captain.  His ship is the ironclad Iridescent Angel out of Port Talp.  He brought the most new crew members to the Vigilant Seas.


Amari - The first mate of the Vigilant Seas.  When Daane saved the ship, Amare became captain.  For nearly a year he was captain, and he did a fair job.  When the Vigilant Seas returned to Icefia and Evanni was able to fulfill her duties as captain again, he returned to the role of first mate.  As first mate, he is jovial and good spirited.  As captain, he is less sure and less friendly.


Daane - The new captain of the Vigilant Seas.  In the first encounter with the Sexy Treasure, he was able to board the enemy ship and distract it for long enough that the Vigilant Seas escaped.  His fate remains unknown.


Cama'si - The new Ship's Master of the Vigilant Seas.



Someone that everyone has met is the Doctor, the cleric of Falan, Falsim. He is originally an Icefian, but left the nation about 9 years ago. He is in his early 30's. He takes interest in his work and is concerned about everyone's well-being, but not in a touchy-feeling Hemator way. More of an old fashion wild west doctor way. He is physically very fit and mocks anyone on bard who is not. He is of average height and weight. He has short dark hair. He is dressed for efficiency. At night and when its cold, he wears a black rain coat that has a silver wheel of swords brightly emblazoned on it. He is the ship's best healer, most powerful cleric, and a fine tailor. He is a veteran of 8 cruises. This is his first aboard the Vigilant Seas. He often calls attention to the fine physical fitness of Yuri. He talks a lot with Gabriel, as they seem to have had a similar youth. He does not like Gnax, "Falan's Blood, no questions." The others are has notable relationship with.  


A younger human, Steven says less than almost anyone else on the ship. No one says they knew him before setting sail, although they know that he came onboard at Port Talp.  He is a man of average height and weight. He has short black spiky hair that looks oily. His black hooded cape is always present and the hood is usually up.  By his manner of speaking and by the guesses of the crew, he is likely from the main continent.  He doesn't appear to help do anything, such as a specific craft. He says he is able to cast a Gust of Wind should the ship need it. He has not been seen casting anything more powerful than a detect magic.  He stays to himself and is more pleasant with those who ask the fewest questions.  Steven is dismissed from the ship when Captain Evanni returns.  His performance and attiture given as her reasons for not keeping him on as ship mage.



A human from the main continent, he joined the crew in Port Talp. He has been on seven cruises before this, one on board a corsair ship of considerably less repute. He is near 30 years old, and has spent much of his life, even before he was a crewman, at sea working for his family business.  He is of average height and build. He is fit and can outrace anyone to the top of the mast. He is long and lean and keeps short hair. His skin is tanned and getting on looking quite worn. Everything he wears is what you expect from someone working the rigging.  He gets along with most of the crew, never stirring the pot. He ably leads the riggers ably. He likes Gnax but is often frustrated by him. The rest he doesn't interact with much. His knowledge and skills are his his biggest assets. His combat skill is clearly lacking, and he is not an excellent shot. Henry

He joined the crew out of Port Phiam, and is clearly Icefian. He is about five and a half feet tall with olive skin and black hair which he keeps slicked down and at a modest length. He does not stay clean shaven and has dark eyes. He wears typical sailors clothes, but unlike most constantly has a short sword tightly wrapped and attached to his waist. When he has been called to action, he changes into a well made, waterproof covert ops suit. It is of Icefian design.  He is a master mariner, a veteran of over a dozen cruises and over 30 years old. He talks of his time in the Icefian military on occasion, and he talks about his other cruises often. He has been on several corsair ships and merchant ships. This is he second cruise on the Vigilant Seas, although his first was three years ago.  He talks to every human, and Horarian, but its clear to those that pay attention he avoids the rest. That being the case, he does not disparage the other races. He does not regularly speak to any of you, but talks on occasion to the humans. He has very recently come to dislike Gnax.  He appears to be able to help in most every role on the ship, but is a master of no one in particular.  


An average Horarian man in size, he sports long black hair which is often tied back and frazzled. He has a thick uni-brow and doesn't shave often. He seems to care little for his hygiene, less so than most on the ship. He wears standard sailor's attire, but appears to have a rather expensive cutlass. It is clear that he is a skilled sailor. He claims to have been on dozens of cruises, and the crew gets the feeling some were as a pirate. He has some prison tattoos from Icefia. He is over 30 years old. He came aboard in Port Phiam.  He has a dislike for the scaled crew members, but is clever and wily enough to have avoided any fights so far.  Despite his background, he gets along with the seamen and all non-officers very well, and is liked highly by the other Horarians. Gnax, Claude, Yuri, Valdis and Raketomi all find him crude and funny and a good man to have on board. Gabriel dislikes his lack of discipline, and obviously the Vass dislike him.



A quiet Nipit with long brown hair, sea tanned skin, and deep blue eyes.  He blends into the crew amazingly well for being one of a couple nipits. He has a finely crafted short sword that gives off a moon-like glow at night.  His dress is not notable, but kept well.  He gives orders when needed. His is not loud, but has a surprising level of command to his voice.  He is generally well liked.  It is known by everyone on the crew that he is an arcane spellcaster, but there is debate over whether he is a wizard or a sorcerer.  This has led to a bit of angst from some of the crew, but nothing that has amounted to anything but backroom grumbles.  His background is as a seaman and able seaman who was seen as skilled enough at what he did to be made into a midshipman.  This is his first cruise as a midshipman.


Lyen A blonde-haired elf of barely five feet in height.  He is one of the best dressed and outfitted individuals on the ship.  He shows no wear in his face or hands. He has no scars and if there were any females on board they would call him handsome and beautiful.  Despite that, he has some skill as a sailor. He has been on a dozen cruises, all of them as a midshipman.  He is a distant cousin of Evanni's, but he never uses that to make himself more important.  He is a skilled ranger and an excellent shot with his bow.  He talks to anyone that talks to him.  He seems content and interested.  His main charge is to train spotters and archers on the ship.  He gives orders easily as long as they involve areas in which he is skilled; such as combat and crafting.  Otherwise, he defers to others.  Although he is older than every non-elf, he gives off the vibe of a younger man.  He gets along well with the crew, especially the borderline sailors.  The ones that don't like him are the hardcore sailors.  Ashimi and the rough and tumble life time sailors find him soft and foreign.  He is given the command of the Riptide when it and the Vigilant Seas part ways.


Joshua He is one of the least known of the crew.  Despite the fact that he speaks well and talks to whoever approaches him, he is a master of speaking a lot but saying nothing.  No one could say with certainty where he is from or what skills other than speaking, he has.  Joshua has mid length black hair with dull streaks of red. He has tanned skin.  His age is difficult to determine, suffice it to say he is neither very young or very old.  His eyes are a strange maroon color.  He wears finely made but sensible clothing for life on a ship. He carries no visible weapon and wears no armor.  He is of average height and average weight.  His role on the ship as purser means that he interacts a little with everyone but a lot with a select few.  Only those select few; the captain, the steward, and the quartermaster, can rightly say they 'know' Joshua.  The rest of the crew know of him.  When something hard has to be said, it typically falls to the dwarven steward to say it, he plays a great foil to Joshua's temperament.  It is near impossible to say who Joshua likes and dislikes.  His demeanor towards almost everyone is business-like and even.  He has shown no religious allegiance.  He speaks many languages, and makes a point great each crewmember in his native tongue.


Captain Hirojuni The captain on the Sexy Treasure.  He attacked the village of Sefurie'Kegan and kidnapped the population, selling them to Duo-tio-Shelleshe slavers.  Before that, he managed to defeat the Vigilant Seas with the former captain Evanni.  He nearly destroyed the Vigilant Seas and killed all of the crew except for Evanni, who he set adrift.  When he learned that the Vigilant Seas was on the sea again, he set out to destroy the ship and its new crew.  He tracked it to Sefurie'Kegan and nearly sank it.  He sent out bounties on the ship and set all of his contacts to find and destroy the ship.  When it returned after months aboard, he once again tried to sink the Vigilant Seas.  This time, he was driven off by Captain Gazen and the Iridescent Angel.



Hired as a master mariner for the Riptide in Port Talp, he is a Intorian man in his fourth decade.  Clearly a skilled crewman, Jamal was hired in part because he is from Intoria and has spent a great deal of time in the city of Magenthia, where the ship sailed first.  The idea of working for admiral Gno is what caused him to seek out the Riptide, as most know that working for the admiral is one of the best paying jobs out of Port Talp.  He is a member of the Sailors' Guild, which is another reason that he was hired, so that the Riptide could have some representation in the guild.  He gets along well with other true sailors.  He listens to and respects Roland, while disliking Gnelson and Claude.



A short Vass with dark green and blue scales, he was hired in Port Talp to be the quartermaster of the Riptide.  He has been on dozens of cruises and is well versed in the role of the quartermaster.  He speaks with a thwapping tongue instead of a hiss, an odd accent for a Vass or any lizardfolk.  He is talkative about seafaring matters, but not about most other affairs.  He has many talents, from speaking several languages, to being able to handle the rigging, to tracking the crew and the supplies accurately, to fighting with a spear.